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Evoluent VM3R2-RSB Vertical Mouse 3
Resolution - 800-2600 dpi true optical hardware resolution5 programmable buttons with dozens of selectable functionsAuto click - automatically perform a single or double click by pausing the pointerClick lock - Press and hold button momentarily to simulate continued pressing without holding down the buttonAdjustable time delay for activation of Auto click and Click Lock features
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8 Reddit comments about Evoluent VM3R2-RSB Vertical Mouse 3:

u/soullessbastard · 3 pointsr/badcompany2

If you have larger hands, I would suggest Evolutent vertical mouse or MX1100. I love using the MX1100 for BC2

u/uhuruguru · 2 pointsr/Art

No, I haven't heard of such a switch, although some of my friends at the university I study animation at have developed the same issue you describe. One of them now always brings this mouse to uni when he's working on some mouse heavy stuff like Maya... Apparently it helps. If you're using a Cintiq a lot, I could image adjusting the sensitivity of the pen might help?

u/MertBot · 2 pointsr/pcgaming

If you are getting pain in your wrist then a vertical mouse for non-gaming use could help a lot.

Not sure I'd fancy such a thing for playing twitchy games really, but if you've a spare USB socket you could always just have both your gaming and desktop ones plugged in and switch depending on use.

u/darksirine · 1 pointr/Guildwars2

I have carpal tunnel and tore my ACL and MCL in my knee (but that's different).

Did the doctors say it's RSI? Because it sounds like they aren't sure what it is...

I have ways of dealing with my carpal tunnel if that helps. I wear a wrist brace most of the time. I also use a vertical mouse like [this] (

Have also rearranged my entire work station to keep my posture proper.

I have a guildmate who plays with a trackball instead of a mouse and he can still play PvP and raid.

Changing the mouse might make it so that you use different parts of your body instead.

I don't know what to say about fingers and typing though. If it gets really bad you might want to ask for a recommendation for a good physical therapist. I had to see one for my knees, but never for hand related injuries.

u/anarchman · 1 pointr/AskReddit

Try this:

Take one and thank me in the morning (actually thank me 2 weeks from now when it has worn in and everything feels better).

u/ImpatientPedant · 1 pointr/pcmasterrace

Do you mean something like this? I have not used them myself.

What I would recommend is, first off, getting a wrist cushion, it helps me some. And secondly to go to a big electronics store and trying some mice out.

u/Borgerservice · 1 pointr/Denmark

Jeg brugte en "vertical" mus (den her) i 14 dage, da jeg døjede med museskade i håndled og albue. Så gik det i sig selv igen.

Det var overraskende nemt at vænne sig til at bruge en mus på højkant. Mousetrapper gjorde ingen forskel udover at alting tog længere tid og var virkeligt upræcist. En mousetrapper er også dobbelt så dyr.

u/Illusive_Man · 1 pointr/apexlegends

these kinds of mice work fine, not sure there is a “dire need”