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u/motivationascending · 3 pointsr/Endo

I have had the same experience with my back pain in recent months. I read a book called Explain Pain by a specialist in chonic pain who talks about the interaction between pain, threat signals in the brain, and stress. Educating myself helped a bit, because the truth (for me) is the pain was always there, but now i can learn coping skills to deal with it. Its not easy though, part of my current coping skills involves antidepressants to break some of the connection between stress amd my pain. Heres a link to the book if it helps.

u/AlbanySteamedHams · 3 pointsr/physicaltherapy

You might find this book worth reading:

It's expensive, but you might be able to track down a copy at a library.

u/Jawzper · 1 pointr/ChronicPain

You may be able to get it cheaper elsewhere, though.

u/animalcub · 1 pointr/physicaltherapy

Not to be snarky, but the cutting edge research says it's all placebo or neurophysiologic at best. Meaning nearly any novel stimulus could have resulted in the same response.

The alternative hypothesis that everyone hates can be found on and in the book explain pain as well as aches and pains. If read those resources you will never go back to manual therapy as a mechanical means of alleviating pain and restoring function.