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F300 Elite Arcade Stick F300 Elite for PS4/PS3/XBOX ONE/Xbox 360/PC/Android/Switch
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14 Reddit comments about F300 Elite Arcade Stick F300 Elite for PS4/PS3/XBOX ONE/Xbox 360/PC/Android/Switch:

u/olbaze · 4 pointsr/Tekken

With a budget stick, you're going to get the following:

  • Shitty parts that will fall apart quickly.
  • Shitty parts that you cannot swap out.
  • Missing functionality like L3, R3, Touchpad buttons, inability to switch stick to left stick or right stick mode.

    Buying a budget stick is kind of like trying to play a PS4 game with a PS2 pad: You can play for the most part, but there are going to be times when you'll be forced to grab a PS4 controller.

    Now, that being said, you can get decent sticks in the sub-100$ category, such as:

  • Mayflash F300 Elite. Has quality parts, but missing L3/R3 buttons.
  • Qanba Drone. Shitty parts, but can be modded with better ones. There's an EVO edition that comes with good parts. Surprisingly, has all the functionality of a higher end stick.
  • Mayflash F500. Big brother to the F300, comes with a plexi. Requires that you plug a controller into it to use. Missing some functionality (L3, R3 buttons). Easily upgradable with better parts.

    If you want a stick that has quality parts and is not missing any functionality, your best option is a Hori RAP 4 Kai. They are often on sale at prices near (or below?) 100$.
u/Lorben · 3 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

A Mayflash F300 Elite would be a good choice. It's standard Sanwa arcade parts inside. You'd just need to open it up and turn the restricter from 8 way to 4 way.

u/huxt592 · 3 pointsr/dbfz

I see that you're not having a good time with the PS4 controllers although they are toted as one of the better controllers for fighting games. If you're looking to get a more serious controller, something custom could be what you're looking for. I've personally never gone that route so I don't have any personal suggestions. I do know that SonicFox uses Battle Beaver Customs so do what you will with that information.


I first bought a fightstick because I thought it would be more fun to use than a controller. To an extent, it is. There is a whole learning curve that goes into it. If you think you're half decent now, you'll be trash on the stick until it becomes as comfortable as using a controller. It took me a month to be able to play semi-efficiently and another 2 weeks after to get back to my previous playing level. I researched a bit and picked up a Hori RAP N from Amazon because the NOIR button layout better accommodates large hands. I suggest you don't skimp out and buy a really cheap stick. The parts matter a lot. The cheapest I would suggest would be the F300 Elite since it still uses Sanwa parts. My issue ended up being not able to consistently hit diagonals.


I then discovered the hitbox after purchasing the RAP N and being a keyboard warrior / PC gamer, I had to try it. I checked out both the hitbox and the mixbox and without trying them out, I didn't know which one I'd prefer. I reached out to Aaron from AllFightSticks and he made me a custom layout that includes both the WASD layout from the mixbox and the "space bar" from the hitbox. I also managed to maintain the NOIR layout and keep the larger button size (official hitbox uses smaller buttons). It wasn't cheap but it's been well worth every dollar spent on it. I can use it on any system without added accessories, it's completely metal so it's durable, and it was made to my exact specifications. Ever since I got my hitbox, I haven't gone back. Added caveat of a hitbox / mixbox is that to do an IAD is essentially pressing WD>D or spaceD>D on your keyboard.


If you have any questions or want to see pictures of the box, let me know and I'll send you a link

u/samus12345 · 3 pointsr/RetroPie

I'd recommend the Mayflash f300 because it works with pretty much anything and can be upgraded with more high quality parts later if you want. the elite version already has high quality parts if you want to skip that step.

u/EricICX · 2 pointsr/Tetris

It depends how much money you're willing to spend.

Are you okay with emulation? If so, you might want a stick like this or this one with Sanwa parts, and use a monitor that you already have.


I don't really know much about getting the daughter board for the ZN-2 motherboard (maybe someone else can help out with that), but check out these sites for the ZN-2 motherboard:


This YouTube video shows all the games that you could get with the ZN-2 motherboard itself.


If you are also okay with playing the original board on (preferrably) a CRT, you will need a JAMMA supergun. You can find those on eBay fairly easily.


If you want to play on a cabinet, you will need to find a candy cabinet. Again, I am not well-versed in this and don't know much about finding these, but check out this video about candy cabs from KevinDDR for more about them.

u/gongfuren · 2 pointsr/fightsticks

The F300 is fine for your purposes. There is also an Elite version available ( that already comes with Sanwa parts and costs about the same if you were to mod the non-Elite model.

I recommend the Hori RAP N ( as well, since it's about as as cheap as a new F300 Elite, has a better button layout, and already comes with quality Japanese arcade parts.

u/shitpostingerryday · 2 pointsr/Tekken

What platform are you on.

If you're on PC - you have a ton of options that are cheap + good largely because the used market for like Xbox360/ps3 branded sticks from top manufacturers has a literal ton of available sticks for cheap. Like you can literally pick up a Mad Catz Street Fighter IV stick for like $30, and I think most of these will just work on PC OTB, or at most requiring just software dl (e.g. Joytokey / x360ce) etc.

If you're on PS4/XB1 your options are a bit more limited. The F300 option noted below is ok, but you'll need to swap the stick/buttons/harness which is like ~$35 + the stick itself which ranges from $25-$55 depending on if you get it new/used. DIY will only really save you $$ here if you get a used f300, otherwise the price for a new F300-Elite (which uses the JLF + sanwa buttons) is basically only $5-$10 higher (~$90). (

You could also just build one yourself which isn't that hard honestly. If you build the case yourself out of an old cigar box, this is more problematic tho with PS4/XB1 as the encoder/pcb price is $$$ compared to PC. Check /r/fightsticks for details. One of the cool things about DIY is you can play around with a bunch of different sticks. I for example am much more used to using Happ Competition sticks so I got a couple of those (which are cheap comparatively at ~$10), plus a bunch of others I've collected over the years.

u/Goliath--CZ · 1 pointr/fightsticks

soo. i also found this bad boy, although i saw in the comments that the dinput mode is not working. i like to tinker with this kind of stuff and i could prolly make it work, so i don't really mind. it's a mayflash f300 with sanwa buttons already installed

u/Xphiar · 1 pointr/fightsticks

Hey, bit late, but if you're still looking at these sticks, one of the newest "best cheap sticks" is the Mayflash F300 Elite. It's basically an F300 with sanwa parts already installed which is nice. I've had mine for a few weeks now and it's held up fine. It's pretty compact too which is nice for travel (which I currently am), but not quite as heavy as I'd like. About the same weight as the Qanba Drone (the same "tier" of fight stick) but with better parts. The standard Drone uses Qanba's own buttons and stick though and the Elite is all Sanwa.

If you can wait, they're making an F500 Elite as well, but I'm not sure when that's dropping! Your last, best bet is the EVO Drone on sale right now that comes with all Sanwa parts as well! It's really between those two in my opinion! Hope this helps!

u/NintendoFan388 · 1 pointr/fightsticks

After doing some digging, I actually found an "Elite" edition of the F300 which comes with a Sanwa joystick and buttons. Although I'm not as experienced as you are, it's relatively cheap and works on both PC and Switch. What are your thoughts on it?

u/yoimdumbsry · 1 pointr/fightsticks

The F300 Elite is what you are looking for. I personally have a F500 that I swapped with sanwa stick and buttons which I love. Size and weight are probably going to be the biggest factors. The F300 is a bit smaller and weighs less.

u/Zauuo · 1 pointr/fightsticks

F300 Elite Arcade Stick F300 Elite for PS4/PS3/XBOX ONE/Xbox 360/PC/Android/S... via @amazon

u/kemosabeChiba · 1 pointr/fightsticks

Thank you. According to Mayflash the joystick & buttons are all Sanwa. Here’s the amazon page:

I am pretty sure Amazon would not sell it if it was not genuine. There a quite a few positive reviews too (Amazon & YouTube). This stick was the perfect option for me, Sanwa components without modding for under £100. Only other options would be the Razer Panthera which is £200 and which I don’t like as it has the 8 way octagonal gate which is not standard in Japan.. or, the Qanba obsidian which is same price but has the standard Japanese square gate (which I am determined to get used to & have always used with my old Hori sticks). I will probably go Qanba in the future.

For now I will get a replacement from Amazon and hope for the best. The one I have at the moment, other than the popping and momentary button failure (which has happened once so far), has been good. I just don’t feel it is acceptable with Sanwa’s status & reputation. I understand the button issue may be a PCB problem- which won’t be Sanwa then (I guess that what you meant by it being Mayflash also). But the joystick issue is odd then, unlucky as it will be a Sanwa issue probably.. Maybe I should have just modded a fightstick, but then if any issues I could not return it, unless I paid double for the razer panthera or Qanba Dragon, which allow modding without voiding the warranty I think.

Anyhow getting into my fightsticks seriously now, so won’t give up. Back to my Hori’s until I resolve this issue.

u/Gitaroobear · 1 pointr/fightsticks

I can't think of a decent Xbox One stick at that price. Maybe EVO weekend something may go on sale, but you may be best off getting a Mayflash F300 and upgrading the buttons and stick when you see fit or getting a Mayflash F300 Elite which already comes with Sanwa parts.

Mayflash F300 Elite on Amazon