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Falcon Safety Sound Alert Compact Mini Pocket Size Horn 1 ounce
Compact - only 4-1/2" tall Pocket Size 1ozStainless steel, non-corrosive diaphragmThis item is not for sale in Catalina Island
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11 Reddit comments about Falcon Safety Sound Alert Compact Mini Pocket Size Horn 1 ounce:

u/n0esc · 8 pointsr/securityguards

Two words: Air Horn

u/aclarkc · 6 pointsr/humansvszombies

That would explain the fairly intense argument I saw Erin and Darin having at one point. Darin was great when ever I spoke with him btw! It was frustrating when Eric was an npc and didn't even know his own role/rules. He got tagged and was suppose to be stunned but kept moving, that doesn't inspire much confidence. I can understand the frustration by MSU players, now that you point that out, still some scary anger out there. I'll also not be attending NvZ Athens unless there is some changes coming.

I hate bitching without offering suggestions so here are some improvements I'd like to see be made next year.

  1. Get a megaphone. I want to hear you talk and you probably have no voice at this point.

  2. Get an air horn everyone can hear First mission had a limp start when team can't hear the start.

  3. Mods need walkie talkies. The struggle was obvious to may, and players already pooped payed the price get marched around unnecessarily because no one was on the same page.

  4. Made it actually HARD for humans, more open world, more risk. Seriously humans will have the easiest last stand tomorrow, it's going to be 100% lame unless the mods do something crazy.

  5. Prep more! Seemed a lot of work had to be rushed the week of, if not the night before. Like rewriting the side mission cards, they had people freaking out trying the write them this morning! Get that shit done weeks before, you're setting yourself up to fail if that's the kind of stuff getting done the day of.

    Raise money, maybe charge $5 (I know people will freak about that). It's obvious cash could help in parts, better management in others.
u/yearofthecat · 5 pointsr/breakingmom

Oh fuck that. Disconnect your doorbell and never answer the door.

Wait. Scratch that. If your kids are already awake, next time she comes, blast her with one of these!.

Actually, I need to order myself one now too.

u/milomidnight · 3 pointsr/UnresolvedMysteries

> A sincere and honest question: since the AT goes through black bear territory, would you carry a firearm on the AT (for those sections where it is legal)?

Probably not a firearm (but im from the UK so any firearm is alien) but i would seriously consider bear spray as its a light can that shouldn't affect the load.

At the very very least i'd carry a compressed air horn similar to this as it can be used to scare off wild animals, has no licensing need, and can be used to signal in an emergency. Like a laser pen its something that is incredibly useful for signalling that people don't think of.

As for maps/compass, everyone in the UK would take an OS map and compass (as well as gps if only via smartphone).

Considering how different a landscape can appear depending on weather conditions i'm just flabbergasted at the fact people in the US would even consider not taking a map.

u/ShamrockShart · 2 pointsr/news

Life Pro Tip: Carry a small fog horn when out and about. They are very effective at putting distance between you and an aggressive dog. This has saved my life. I have this one. Way better than pepperspray which can miss the target or float back at you.

u/spiller37 · 1 pointr/ChronicPain

Forget the bell try something like this.

u/mneptok · 0 pointsr/guns

You might consider a handheld compressed air horn instead of the mace. You can fly with it.

And experience tells me making noise like this is going to deter just about anything you'll find in the Big Blue Room.