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Fanta Shokata (Elderberry-Lemon) 1.5 Liter
Bottle contains 1.5-litersBased on the elderflower blossoms extract drink, traditional in RomaniaImported from Europe
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6 Reddit comments about Fanta Shokata (Elderberry-Lemon) 1.5 Liter:

u/crumb619 · 40 pointsr/IRLEasterEggs

Lemon and Elderflower it can be found on amazon

u/Overcriticalengineer · 6 pointsr/mildlyinteresting
u/eagr · 2 pointsr/snackexchange

I live in the UK so I was interested to find out about this as I've never seen it. Is it this?

We have some fizzy elderflower drinks and elderflower cordial but not fanta branded specifically.
Anyway best of luck, I hope you find some :)

u/B2TheSodaGuy · 2 pointsr/Soda

Aye. I never got to try Pepsi Blue, but Elderberry Fanta is probably one of the best Fantas ever.

u/onlinesecretservice · 2 pointsr/snackexchange

Hello fellow UK dweller too nice 59p drinks.

It’s honestly the best flavour of Fanta I have ever had. It comes in a red bull style tall can and is from Poland!

u/Fil_Swift · 1 pointr/Soda