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u/firexcracker · 5 pointsr/ferrets


Pick up a copy of the book Ferrets for Dummies (2nd edition). This is pretty much touted as the Ferret Bible and has soooo much information. It's an invaluable resource.

Next, you should decide whether or not you want to buy or adopt. For a first time ferret owner I really can't recommend buying a baby. Babies are crazy and a new ferret owner can quickly find themselves overwhelmed. I highly suggest finding a local shelter and adopting a ferret that's at least a year old.

Most people will suggest a pair of ferrets.. or more! This is because a bored ferret is a destructive ferret. If your ferret relies solely on you for its entertainment, and you become busy.. your ferret is going to start destroying stuff. Having another ferret to play with and snuggle with is a good idea.

Please keep in mind before considering ferrets that vet care for them can be expensive. They are considered exotic animals and as such, many vets charge extra for treating them. You will need to find a vet who is knowledgeable when it comes to ferrets. This is important! Ask around.

Set aside a special savings account just for your ferrets. I'm not joking. You should keep around $1000 saved at all times. The reason for this, is ferrets are stoic animals. This means they cannot communicate pain or illness to you. You have to recognize the signs and sometimes those signs are difficult to see. By the time a ferret can actually show you that he/she is ill or in pain, it is often too late. Vet bills can skyrocket astronimcally, very quickly when it comes to ferrets. Do NOT mess around with this.

In a related note, I cannot stress enough how important it is to feed a good diet. Feeding raw meats is best, but isn't always for everyone. If you cannot feed raw meats then please feed a grain free and starch free kibble like Wysong Epigen 90. You can buy it online from,, (casey's ships internationally), amongst others. This is probably the best kibble you can possibly give a ferret.

Feeding the best diet you can will not only help prevent insulinoma, but it will also reduce the amount that your ferret smells, the amount that he/she poops, and will keep his/her coat soft and shiny.

Ferrets require an absolute bare minimum of 3-4 hours out of the cage each day. The more, the better. You do not need to interact with them the entire time they are out, of course, but you can't keep them locked up all the time. If you decide to let them free roam, then don't just let them loose into the house when you get home - start out with keeping them in one bedroom until they prove reliable with the litter box.

Most people find that ferrets cannot get adequately hydrated from a water bottle, and will suggest using a water bowl. I suggest this too, but remember that ferrets are terrorists (they are like owning furry toddlers) and many will try to spill or snorkel in the water. A spill-less bowl is awesome for this.

Alternatively, lock-on crocks work well also as the height can be adjusted. They work great for food, too.

Many people find their ferrets are not reliable with corner litter boxes. Ferrets like to be able to get their entire body into the box and then turn around. If you are having litter box troubles and are using a corner box, consider switching to a high-back litter box instead.

When you bring your ferret(s) home, remember that it will take about a month or so for them to start settling in. In that time the ferret will poop all over and bite you a lot. It's completely normal while they adjust. Just keep handling them, cuddling them and talking to them. The biting will eventually stop. Whenever they poop on the floor, put the poop into the litter box and wipe the area down with 50/50 vinegar water.

Lastly, when your ferret misbehaves (and believe me, they will), don't put them back into the cage. Pick up a plastic cat carrier crate and put the ferret in there for 3-5 minutes. No longer - they have short attention spans and quickly forget why they are being punished. Also, if the ferret is displaying "cage rage"..aka rattling the bars of the cage with their teeth, do not give in and open the cage or give them any kind of attention. Just like a toddler, you have to let them ride it out. The very second you give them attention they will know and they will not stop.

u/bluesbird · 3 pointsr/ferrets

Ferrets for Dummies was a lifesaver for me when I got my first ferret and I still consult it. Also, they are so very inquisitive so ferret proofing your home is an ongoing task, even the smallest hole can be scratched into a larger one. And congratulations! You can never stay in a bad mood when you have ferrets in the house.

u/gwenafra · 3 pointsr/ferrets

Congrats on your new ferret! I highly suggest you pick up Ferrets for Dummies to help you learn all about being a ferret owner!

  • For the boxspring, you just need a fitted sheet or 2. Put one on the underside of the boxspring. If it does not stay very well on its own, then put the other fitted sheet on top to hold it on. This worked for me and my 5 ferrets when they had access to my bedroom :) Go to a thrift store and buy the fitted sheets for cheap!

  • As for the fridge and stove, that gets a little trickier. You can use scraps of wood to block off the underside and spaces on the sides of the units. Most home improvement stores have a scrap bin that has tons of pieces that should work well for incredibly cheap.

  • Something else that tends to be forgotten is the spaces under your cabinets. Some cabinets have space under with a gap that ferrets can easily fit through. There can be unknown holes for pipes that go into the walls/floors/outside. You may also want to block this off with wood, or just block access to the kitchen all together.

  • Your other option is to get a ferret playpen to block off the kitchen. You can get one like this. I know it may seem expensive, but its so versatile, I couldn't imagine not having one. The kitchen can be a dangerous place for ferrets, so my business has no access to the kitchen because of this.

    It's a dangerous game to play having a pet when they are not allowed. Hopefully your complex gives notice when they plan to come in. Recruit a friend to be your ferret sitter in case you need to house him temporarily somewhere else. Have a plan before you need it!
u/FerretPantaloons · 3 pointsr/ferrets

I'll echo the other posters here - ferrets will get sick more often than a dog, in my experience. I think of it as their life is condensed to 7-10 years compared to a cat or dog's 15-18 years. A dog will have a good 10 to 12 years before it might have cancer or die or old age, whereas a ferret will run into problems around the age of 4 to 6. Ferrets are such sweet, joyful, punchy-personality & heart-capturing creatures. I imagine it must be equally tough with rats not living very long?

If you haven't heard of it already, read Ferrets for Dummies. Yes really - it's THE ferret book, and explains all their conditions and risks.

We try to always have $1k emergency money that we can use on ferret vet bills. We feed them the best food we can find, and keep up on their hygiene. Make sure they don't eat anything they shouldn't - fabric, rubber, plastic - due to risk of intestinal blockage. This should cover your bases fairly well.

Edit: out of curiousity, I looked it up: black footed ferrets live 8-9 years in captivity, maybe up to 12. Polecats live up to 14 in captivity?

u/palex · 1 pointr/ferrets

You should check out the FAQ section and grab a copy of the ferret bible