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Field Logic Block Classic 18 Archery Target, Black
2-SIDED ARCHERY TARGET - Measures 18" x 18" x 14" – Also available in a 20” and 22” modelEASY ARROW REMOVAL and INCREDIBLE STOPPING POWER - Patented open layer design stops arrows with friction not force allowing for easy arrow removal and less shooter fatigue; also stops all broadheads and field tipsGREAT VISIBILITY - High contrast white-on-black aiming points offer great visibility to help shooters at short and long distancesPORTABLE – With a built-in handle, the BLOCK Classic is easy to transport. It is also light-weight!MADE IN THE USA
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3 Reddit comments about Field Logic Block Classic 18 Archery Target, Black:

u/WalksByNight · 3 pointsr/airguns

Edited, wrong link...

The p13 (actually it’s the p17), on Amazon; you can find both of these products elsewhere as well, for comparable prices, but these are the easiest way for me to link you to them...

I use this foam target; holding up well so far;

u/gunslinger_006 · 3 pointsr/Archery

I bought "The Block Classic" target and its been great.

I have put about 50 arrows per day into it, every day for almost a month now and its holding up well. In another two months or so I'll have to flip it around and start shooting the other side. When it wears out in the middle, I intend to just strap some puzzle mats to the back of it and keep shooting it. I shoot it with everything from a 30lb ILF recurve to a 50lb horsebow to my 60lb compound. It handles broadheads nicely too but you tear hell out of it pulling them back out. In my garage I have a concrete wall that I shoot against, with the car out I can shoot at 10 yards from the privacy of my home. :-)

I like The Block's design and my club uses them exclusively so I'm just used to them now.


If you want cheaper solutions....

  1. You can stack about 5-6 puzzle mats and they make an excellent target if you backstop them with something so they don't move on impact.

  2. You can hang carpet back to back, vertically. A 50lb bow will push a normal arrow through only about 2-3 layers.

  3. You can stack and compress squares of carpet horizontally (just like a large The Block Classic target) and once compressed, the layers use friction to stop your arrows. Harder to make but very effective.

  4. Bales of straw/hay work really well, but I don't love them for indoor use because they are messy.
u/xPenguinzx · 1 pointr/Archery

I would think straw bale is just fine, if not I got this target, but i only tried practice broadheads a few times so I'm not positive but it's got a serious vice grip on my fieldpoints from 30m @ 52lb.