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Fifty Shades of Chicken: A Parody in a Cookbook
Fifty Shades of Chicken A Parody in a Cookbook
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16 Reddit comments about Fifty Shades of Chicken: A Parody in a Cookbook:

u/allrattedup · 197 pointsr/shittyfoodporn

Oh man, this is good. Where do you get your ideas?

I also work in a conservative environment and always struggle with white elephant at Christmas because they make it soooo boring with like 5 different blankets and candles etc. I've moved on from the safe gift of wine because if I'm gonna waste a whole evening I need something more entertaining. Last year I did the 50 Shades of Chicken cook book. It was hilarious until the poor lady that barely speaks English picked it and no one would trade with her. :(

u/butterbal1 · 33 pointsr/Cooking

Nothing says fun like a bird with a nice tight tie!

u/souldeux · 6 pointsr/swoleacceptance

Brother, you will think my answer in jest - but my words come from a place deeper than parallel in mine heart.

Purchase for thine self the cookbook "Fifty Shades of Chicken," for therein lie many easy and wonderful rituals by which birdflesh may be transmuted into gains.

With this and the Modern Encyclopedia of Bodybuilding, your swole will resist all attempts at control. Wheymen.

u/purplepunkin · 5 pointsr/funny

I got this one last year. It's great.

u/bigtcm · 5 pointsr/AskCulinary

> discipline the parsley with a knife and mix it with a salty, acidic mustard dressing that complements the bird.

Reminds me of passages from this book:

The recipes are mostly simple and straightforward. The introductory passages that precede each recipe are uh...not. This book is my go-to gag gift for anyone culinarily inclined. Here's a passage from the book, copy, pasted from that amazon page.

> The way his apron hangs from his hips already has me all wobbly. But as he coats my thighs with sticky liquid I can hardly contain myself. Is it the wine, or is my aroma starting to drive him crazy too? He heats me up fast, it won’t take much too?

> He heats me up fast, it won’t take much to finish me off now. His lips quirk up to a smile. My own juices are mixing with the coating and running all over the place. I get the strangest, sweetest, hedonistic feeling up and down. It’s epicureanism run wild!

> He spreads my thighs out on a plate. Sticky hands and at least five wet napkins. What will the housekeeper think? Who cares?

u/MegaThrustEarthquake · 3 pointsr/todayilearned

Fifty Shades of Chicken is one of my favorite food novel/cookbooks.

u/the_sneaky_santa · 3 pointsr/santashelpers

Fifty Shades of Chicken.

Apparently it's pretty funny, and a completely useable cookbook.

u/fallingbrick · 2 pointsr/funny

It's not just a German book.

The first recipe is "Plain Vanilla Chicken" which I know because I got it for my mother for her birthday in 2012.

u/bljjlb · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon


So this is a short, but predictable story. Sexy time with my man. Things are going great. Wonderful. And then, I feel a burning in my bubble gum by the bum. It's okay, keep pushing. I got this.

I had to stop. I'm burning. Wtf man. Well, turns out he still had pepper oil on his hands from dinner earlier. Didn't even remember. I made him poor milk on my sausage wallet while I sobbed in the tub.

It's funny now that it's over, but use gloves people. For your hands and your flesh flute.

This may not even count, but I thought this was entertaining for my "NSFW" themed item: Fifty Shades of Chicken: A Parody in a Cookbook

u/unthinkableduck · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Everyone (especially me) should Do One Thing Every Day That Scares Them or if you prefer a more "traditional book", I can always use a 3 A.M. Epiphany. (I could use sleep too but that doesn't come in a book format.)

No e-books on my wishlist though. The ones I want usually wind up more expensive than the hard copy version!

Oh, If I were a book, I hope that I'd be a great one. (Or a sexy one. ;)

u/wolfgame · 1 pointr/funny

While not as awesome, it would appear that there's a sequel ... Fifty Shades of Chicken

u/Korrin · 1 pointr/videos

The last fact reminded me of this book.

u/High_Speed_Chase · 1 pointr/smoking