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9 Reddit comments about Fighter Pilot: The Memoirs of Legendary Ace Robin Olds:

u/NotOSIsdormmole · 6 pointsr/AirForce
u/bejeavis · 4 pointsr/hoggit

PSA: If you recognize the picture, read this book. If you don't, read this book.

u/Production_super999 · 3 pointsr/AirForce

Read this and this

I'm not an officer, but I have a good idea of what you guys go through, and as a SNCO I get to see and try to positively mentor a lot of new 2Lts. You're going to see lots of literature regarding how to lead and how to "Air Force", but the best things you can internalize to be a good leader are 1) Take care of your people. Airmen aren't your buddies, and you don't need to coddle, but have understanding and common sense and know that things that happen in their lives are sometimes more important than things that happen at work 2) Use common sense. When you have to make a judgement on a situation, you should use the AFIs and go by them to the maximum extent possible. However, remember that AFIs are not people, and can't make judgements so you ultimately have to determine the right thing to do, which is often not black and white.

Good luck in COT!

u/keyhole_six · 2 pointsr/OldSchoolCool

Funny, I read it and that's what inspired the post. Here's the link:

And yes, awesome read. I thought the World War II chapters were just amazing.

u/240ZED · 2 pointsr/todayilearned

For Olds, I'd start here:

Another bit of trivia, Olds was an ace WWII fighter pilot who had 12 kills before Vietnam.

u/eyeinthesky45 · 2 pointsr/flying

Along with the others mentioned, I liked this one about Robin Olds a lot.

u/Orlando1701 · 1 pointr/WWII

These assignments were usually made at the end of primary based on the cadet's personality. Aggressive, loner types normally got shunted to fighters. Cool, team players ended up in bombers. I've read both Robert Morgan (Pilot of the Memphis Belle) and Robin Olds (Air Force Ace in WWII, Korea, & Vietnam) autobiographies and they both echoed this. So far as specific airframes, who got a B-17 and who got a B-24 as best as I can tell it's just whatever they happened to need more of that particular day.

u/V1VrV2 · 1 pointr/aviation

Currently reading listening to Fighter Pilot: The Memoirs of Legendary Ace Robin Olds and it is awesome. Highly recommended.

u/Dynascape · 1 pointr/TotalReddit

I read a lot of military history/biographies, which probably isn't your thing. With that said, here's the book I'm trying to finish:

I've also been reading a random chapter from this: