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Filter Flask Set, 500ml with Funnel, Stopper and Filter Paper
For vacuum filtration, 500ml borosilicate glass fiter flask with porcelain funnel9cm Porcelain Buchner funnel with pre-drilled no. 7 rubber stopperMatching 9cm filter paper, pack of 100Vacuum tubing with adapter sleeve, will fit 3/8 or 1/4 in. hose fittingsHook up to your vacuum source and you are ready to go
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7 Reddit comments about Filter Flask Set, 500ml with Funnel, Stopper and Filter Paper:

u/paladiumsteve · 4 pointsr/StonerEngineering

There wouldn't be need to be much engineering involved, but this set is basically a starter kit for DIY stoners

u/etownrawx · 3 pointsr/CannabisExtracts

You really do need to get all these factors right for light colored oil. The colder the initial wash, the cleaner the material, the fresher the material, the quicker the wash... the less necessary filtration will be. That said, if you need to filter it, pouring through a coffee filter doesn't really do much for color.

Take it easy on the AC, it can color your solution a bit red. Use it sparingly just to remove the green.

Freeze everything. If you can run the filter inside a freezer, do it.

-Bentonite catches water soluble stuff like lipids and waxes.

-Activated Carbon bonds to the chlorophyll

-DE/Celite catches the AC which holds onto the chlorophyll, along with other smallest contaminants

-The filter disk retains all this material in the funnel

Edit: Here

Also this

u/Suttone73 · 1 pointr/CannabisExtracts

Would THIS set up work for small personal runs?

u/Bigbabybutthurt · 1 pointr/CannabisExtracts

Just winterize it, use a cheap vacuum pump and get a 40$ Buchner off Amazon they come with the filter paper, hose and everything you’ll need, dissolve the finger hash into warm ethanol let it cool and add dry ice when it’s done reacting run it through the filter. Evap the ethanol and you’re left with a concentrate that is plant matter free.

There are much better methods to do this, like freezing the material over 24hrs with dry ice, but, this is super fast and you’ll be done in just a few hours.

Here’s a link to a filter on amazon super cheap and easy.

Filter Flask Set, 500ml with...

u/grated_dickcheese · 1 pointr/CannabisExtracts

This is the complete set up.

And here is how to use it.

Bret Maverick has some good info on dewaxing.

As for those screens, i tend to question anything that i can see through. I cant tell you that those wont work. If they really are 25 micron then there is no arguing with that. The best reusable filter medium ive used is boro wool. As well as that i use the ashless paper filters.

Im honestly not sure what the exact ratio is for alcohol to oil but its an easy google search. Just make sure you use enough alcohol. Which is easy. Just use a bunch lol. Too much won't negatively effect it where too little will. Check out a few of those videos though. Buchners are easy to use but also easy to mess up.