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Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote, streaming media player - Previous Generation
Our best-selling Fire TV Stick, with the 1st Gen Alexa Voice Remote.Enjoy tens of thousands of channels, apps, and Alexa skills with access to over 500,000 movies and TV episodes. Enjoy favorites from Netflix, Prime Video, Hulu, HBO, SHOWTIME, NBC, and more.Access millions of websites such as YouTube, Facebook, and Reddit with browsers like Silk and Firefox.Launch and control content with the included 1st Gen Alexa Voice Remote. Simply say, “Play Game of Thrones” or “Launch Netflix” and Alexa will respond instantly. Plus, play music, find movie show times, order a pizza, and more—just askNo cable or satellite? No problem. Watch the best of live TV and sports from AMC, HGTV, ESPN, FOX, and others with a subscription to DIRECTV NOW, PlayStation Vue, or top-rated primetime shows with CBS All Access.Amazon Prime membership unlocks thousands of movies and TV episodes, including "Thursday Night Football", Amazon Original Series, Prime Video Channels, and ad-free listening to millions of songs with Prime Music.Pick up where you left off. Bring hit shows and movies with you when you travel. Plug Fire TV Stick into any TV’s HDMI port, connect to Wi-Fi, and continue streaming.Play current favorites or quickly discover what to watch next directly from the Home screen.
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46 Reddit comments about Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote, streaming media player - Previous Generation:

u/sarowen · 11 pointsr/femalefashionadvice

[Amazon Fire TV Stick] ( -- A great gift for people who don't yet have a "smart TV." Our TV is almost 10 years old, and there's nothing wrong with it, so we don't want to waste money on a new television. For that reason, the Fire TV Stick is perfect for us!

u/binaryfnary · 5 pointsr/cordcutters

Fire Stick $29.99 ($39.99 normally)

u/WarpSeven · 5 pointsr/cordcutters
  • Roku stick $39.99 and right now you get two free months of Hulu ($7.99). Quad core processor and has a dorm and hotel mode for easy dorm set up.

  • Or the Roku Premiere now on sale for $59.99, 4K video, 4 quad processor, same Hulu offer. Not sure about dorm mode.

  • For truly budget option, Roku express. $24.99. Not great for live streaming services but should be fine for on demand type services. Same Hulu offer.

  • Fire tv stick on sale for $34.99. The Amazon Fire TV box has been discontinued (new model coming) but you could check local stores for it.

  • Chromecast. $35.

  • Look for free or discounted device offers from a live streaming service. Typically Sling TV or Directv Now or YouTube TV are your candidates for this. I don't recall FuboTV ever doing so.

  • Look for refurbished boxes. Roku and Amazon both have pages for refurbished deals.
u/ThisRaviolisTooSpicy · 5 pointsr/oklahoma

Our current Cox bill is $84 because we do internet only.

If he'd able to get the hang of using a firestick or chromecast, you could hook him up with a Netflix and Hulu account and he could have more options than he'd know what to do with (and get some bunny ears for his TV so he could still watch local news, PBS, sports etc).

May not be the answer you're looking for, but it's a very good way of cutting that bill in half!

u/spacefairies · 4 pointsr/pathofexile

Heres a Fire Stick

u/jscythe · 4 pointsr/linuxmasterrace
  1. Youtube has never been a stable form of income. That's why most long-time, big-name Youtube channels also have Patreon pages and are constantly shilling either their own merchandise or a sponsor's merchandise.

  2. I don't evangelize Linux anymore because most people don't own computers anymore. The vast majority of ordinary folks center their entire digital life around their cellphones. These same people have jailbroken Fire sticks to watch Netflix and pirate video off of Exodus TV.

    The only people that are still stuck with personal desktops and laptops are students, engineers / developers, and hardcore gamers. Engineers and developers don't need to be sold on Linux. Students are just going to use whatever is already installed on their University mandated laptop. And hardcore gamers are locked into Windows because it's more convenient than dual booting, keeping two versions of Steam installed and still not being able to play half of your games because of Wine incompatibilities, or GPU passthrough.

    Desktops and laptops aren't dead, but they've certainly retired to the dual status of office equipment and hobbyist toy.
u/AFTVnews · 4 pointsr/cordcutters

Amazon says that 4K streaming requires at least a 15 Mbps connection. Streaming at exactly 15 Mbps for 1 hour comes to 6.75 GB, so the "about 6.84 GB per hour" estimate you're seeing on your laptop is probably for 4K video. Amazon recommends at least 3.5 Mbps connection for 720p HD video, which comes to about 1.5 GB per hour. Double that to about 3 GB per hour for 1080p.

Of course, this can vary greatly depending on what you're watching because the streams use a variable bitrate, not a fixed bitrate. Videos with many small and fast moving components, like rain, will use a lot more bandwidth than videos with many static images, like a space documentary. The values of 1.5 GB, 3 GB, and 6.75 GB per hour for 720p, 1080p, and 4K are likely the minimum amounts to expect, since those values correlate to the lowest connection requirements for each stream quality.

If you're concerned about bandwidth usage, be sure you're using a streaming device that supports HEVC H.265 video decoding. Such a device will consume less bandwidth than an older device that only supports H.264, while producing the same image quality.

The current (2nd-gen) Fire TV Stick is a good option for a low-cost HEVC H.265 device. Amazon also added new quality settings and bandwidth monitoring last year to all Fire TV models. They let you reduce the quality setting from "Best" to "Better" which will reduce the bandwidth usage by almost half without affecting the image quality much. You can drop the quality to "Good" for a 90% reduction in bandwidth usage, but the image is noticeably worse. You can also set a bandwidth limit in the OS so that it warns you, or even cuts you off, when you exceed a certain amount. You can also set what day of the month your billing cycle resets, so that the bandwidth tracker automatically resets.

u/Dzmagoon · 4 pointsr/NoStupidQuestions

Get this, and this, along with some basic a/v cables, and you should be set.

u/youmes · 3 pointsr/LifeProTips

Or a smart box. You can get this Amazon Fire Stick for only $40.

u/theinfamousj · 3 pointsr/AskWomen

Okay, since you asked, I present "J's Other Purchases V. 1" (I'll answer other comments with other volumes):

Tired of constantly wearing through scrubber sponges and steel wools, I was surprised to encounter chainmail as a kitchen implement, but despite how odd it sounds, this was a Buy It For Life solution to all my stuck on, baked on food problems. I don't even have cast iron to use it on. I just use it on my regular dishes and it works the same as steel wool (actually a tiny bit better) and never, ever wears out. It gets gunky as anything, but I can just dishwash it back to clean. Fair warning though, it gets slippery to hold when wet.

When I travel, I bring along my Fire Stick which I much prefer to a Chromecast or a Roku Stick for a variety of reasons, almost all of them being that the Fire Stick runs on Android which is just Linux and if you know your way around either of those, as I do, then you are basically walking around with a spare computer - inefficient thought it may be to type with the remote. Anyway, rarely do I encounter televisions which are placed in a space where I can easily access the HDMI ports to plug my stick in, but they usually have a long HDMI cord coming off of them plugged in to something else like a cable box or a DVD player. Sadly, that cord has a male end and the Fire Stick has a male end so it would seem that it is just a cruel tease ... until ... this coupler which allows me to connect my Fire Stick to that long cord with ease.

u/Cloudrealm · 3 pointsr/TerrariumTV

fire sticks are on sale for 29.99
ends today so if you want it buy it now.

u/balomus · 3 pointsr/financialindependence

I'm a big fan of the Amazon Fire Stick. It's $39.99 but runs an Android OS. You can sideload apps on it, which means you can install pretty much any Android app you'd like.

It's a little pricier, but I like the fact that it comes with a physical remote. Don't get me wrong, I love the Chromecast, especially for the price. Just wanted to drop another option in the mix for you.

u/belarged · 3 pointsr/eulalia

Well, I'd be willing to buy them and mail them to you. The only hang-up being giving your address to an internet stranger.

Also, relating to our convo one comment up: you could try getting an Amazon Fire Stick or Chrome Cast. Then you could watch the YouTube versions without having to plug in your computer every time. Unless you have to use a VLAN or something to get access to the YouTube videos.

Also, if you have a DVD burner you could download the YouTube videos then burn them to a DVD.

u/shdarren · 2 pointsr/gadgets

What device are you planning on using to stream? If you have capable hardware, you could get a FireTV Stick, load Moonlight, and use the GeForce Experience to stream your desktop.

u/sammydizzo · 2 pointsr/DunderMifflin

It’s basically a small stick with an HDMI plug you put in your TV that you can download Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, etc. on to. I’m in the US so I’m not sure if this link will work for you or not:

u/pslickhead · 2 pointsr/kodi

I did this on the new firestick with Alexa and put it on the TV at my sweetheart's house. It works wonderfully for streaming apps but there is not much memory for media to be stored on the device or any way to add local storage. I haven't connected any network storage at her house to see how well that works but I imagine it is fine. The firestick runs KODI like a champ. It also has Netflix and Amazon apps.

u/darthrothgar · 2 pointsr/Austin

The Amazon Fire Stick is on sale this weekend for $30 on [Amazon](All-New Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote | Streaming Media Player

You can install Kodi from following method 1.

I just did this the other day and I'm about to cancel my U-Verse TV.

u/tb21666 · 2 pointsr/AndroidTV

Maybe they'll improve them one day, but ATM AndroidTV's/SmartTV's are rather lacking overall IME.

I have HTPC's & ATV boxes on dumb monitors myself.

If you really need something that's powered off the USB port, check out the Amazon Firestick & see if it suits your needs..?

u/nomotivationandtired · 2 pointsr/CasualConversation

Sure. Amazon has two types, the cheaper stick for $30 is enough.

u/Clynn209 · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

The remote to my Amazon firestick

u/nickynorka · 2 pointsr/kodi

Does this work on the new Firestick

How would you put it on using a Mac?

u/ptwenty · 2 pointsr/slowcooking

When it says "Ships from and sold by Amazon" like this, I agree that Amazon sets the price.

But when it says "Sold by Fulfilled by Amazon" like this, Amazon does not set the price.

So, I only responded to point out that being fulfilled by amazon does not mean that amazon sets the price.

u/figshooting · 1 pointr/firetvstick

8 Gig is not too shabby. You would think they could do a better buffering.

u/M_A_X_77 · 1 pointr/PleX

You can add the Amazon Fire Stick to that list of devices that will not work without an internet connection.

We lost internet for a few minutes and all it would display is something about it cannot load "Home".

Although, the internet came back on long enough for me to get Plex started. When we lost connectivity to the internet again, it stayed connected to the Plex with no issues. So, I wonder why it needed the internet connection in the first place and if there is a way to fake the connection.

u/NormalNormalNormal · 1 pointr/criterion

Honestly I was just gonna get the regular $40 one. I figure I don't really need the more expensive features.

u/Matttatron · 1 pointr/BlackPeopleTwitter
u/appel · 1 pointr/Roku

Plenty of decent options.

u/kenmacd · 1 pointr/raspberry_pi

I like that they provide such specific specs (although they don't link to that from the 'technical details' on their product page).

That Shield TV looks interesting, and on a quick google it looks like the bootloader is unlockable, so it might be a contender. Thanks.

u/zeller123 · 1 pointr/buildapcforme

If only being used for streaming music, I would recommend an Amazon fire stick, does all the same job from a portable remote and/or your phone.

u/kurizmatik · 1 pointr/vegaslocals

$40 amplified antenna

$40 Amazon FireTV Stick
$90 FireTV





The antenna will give you free local channels

FireTV can give you streaming channels + apps for streaming from channels if you have someone generous enough to provide their cable/satellite login. So we have live streaming of Fox Sports, ESPN, CNN and some more.

and Kodi for every TV Show/Movie. There's add-ons for live tv that's hit or miss but definitely improving

Right on the Vue page it lists what local channels are available. Same with Sling and it's not many

Edit: I don't get your point of trying to cut cords if you're still subscribing to every streaming service available? At that point wouldn't satellite be cheaper?

u/hewkii2 · 1 pointr/technology

not 10 times but a fire stick is $40 on Amazon so between 3-5 times the price.

u/HouseOfBrick · 1 pointr/DailyTechNewsShow
u/villakillareal28 · 1 pointr/Krypton

If you live in the US you should try getting and Amazon fire stick. That way you can watch most shows for free.

Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote | Streaming Media Player

u/Zahir_SMASH · 1 pointr/androidapps

Chromecast will not work with a Kindle fire, just fyi.

Try these steps with a Fire TV Stick instead

u/TheBryanJD · 1 pointr/DirecTVNow

Looks like the 2nd Gen Fire TV Stick does support up to 60fps: tech specs from Amazon.

u/DantasticFour · 0 pointsr/pics

The Fire TV Stick is ~$39 usd and supports chrome cast and all of the popular streaming apps. The remote has Alexa voice too.

Very impressed. I rarely use my Apple TV now, which might not ever get the Amazon video or music apps.

u/kennyj2369 · 0 pointsr/Android

The normal price for a Fire Stick is $39.99. If you bought it for $20 it was on sale.

Edit: Downvote all you want -

u/king_kong0_o · 0 pointsr/firetvstick

if u bought it on amazon within the last 3 weeks u have a gen 2, they stopped selling official gen 1s around the beginning of October

gen 1