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Fisher-Price Sweet Snugapuppy Dreams Cradle 'n Swing
2 ways to swing; Side to side or head to toe2 comfy recline positions6 swing speeds, 16 soothing songs & nature soundsEasy to convert to different positions—just press button and turnMachine washable, plush seat pad with deluxe Sweet Snugapuppy Dreams body insert & head support
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5 Reddit comments about Fisher-Price Sweet Snugapuppy Dreams Cradle 'n Swing:

u/Marionberri · 1 pointr/TFABGrads

this swing is the bomb! Reasons why I like it:

  1. Plugs into the wall so doesn't suck up batteries

  2. Can either swing side to side or forward and back. Babies are picky, and it would suck to get a swing that doesn't swing in the direction they prefer

    It took R until about..uh...3-6 weeks into her life to dig the swing, but it was amazing once we got to that point.
u/ecrm28 · 1 pointr/beyondthebump

A friend let us borrow this swing and it’s been a huge hit. My fiancé swears it’s the best baby product we have. It’s also the one that pops up again and again when I search for baby swings on Craigslist, so we’ll probably just buy our own from there for the next baby.

We also have a few vibrating seats that work but not as well. I usually use those for putting her down if I need to go to the bathroom or quickly unload the dishwasher.

My ktan has also worked really well for us and I bought it around the same time for the same reason. It relieves a lot of the discomfort from walking baby around and frees up my hands for cooking or whatever else. It’s also the only way I can transition from standing to sitting. I have a more structured carrier but when I try to sit in it she wakes up immediately. The ktan is comfortable enough that I can stand up and sit without disturbing her sleep.

u/puckbeaverton · 1 pointr/AskMen

Congrats man!

I have 2 girls, 3 and 5, and I am 32.

So read the book and watch the movie what to expect when you're expecting.

Seriously it helps, and the movie is pretty entertaining and funny.

Here's some things I think others aren't going to point out since I'm late to this thread.

Most women have no idea how to breastfeed. My wife and I attended two 3 week courses offered by the hospital we were delivering at. They were actually covered by insurance! One was on the actual birthing process, which, lets face it is going to happen one way or another. The other was a breast feeding course. It laid out not only techniques for breastfeeding that subverted the common knowledge (and REALLY work), but also pointed out that you are given access to a breastfeeding assistant in the hospital (I forget the technical name for her position but she would come in and work with the mom on initial breastfeeding.) Colostrum, immune system, bonding, none of these things can be found in formula. All the same there's no shame in it if breastfeeding simply doesn't work. But it is WAY cheaper than formula as well.

You'll also want to invest in a shit ton of nipple pads (nipple shields) and nursing bras and a good pump if you're going that route. Shit ton of nipple pads. They're basically maxi pads for your nips for when you spring a leak.

I point out all the stuff about this because I knew NOTHING about what all goes into breast feeding before my first kid, and I was shocked by a lot of it.

I would definitely plan time off, at least a couple weeks after the baby is born if not more. Take as much time off as you can. You'll always have work.

There's the possibility of a c-section, which is what my wife had. If that happens, she'll be prescribed narcotics to take home. You should control how many of those she has and when she gets them, she should also get laxatives. Every single time. Because narcotics block you up, and the last thing you want is to be constipated with a c-section scar healing. And if she takes too much (which is why you should be doling them out) she's definitely going to get constipated.

Get yourself whatever coffee maker is easiest to use. I prefer a keurig because it's so damned instant. Gonna be a lot of sleepless nights right off the bat. My wife takes over after I go back to work but the time I'm off we're basically bleary eyed half dead 24/7. So also have some shit to binge, and make sure you have a COMFY bed. My wife and me and my baby all just hung out in the bedroom for a week straight watching OITNB while she recovered from her c-section.

Your wife poops. You may have to witness and/or clean up after that depending on a lot of things. My wife got constipated and couldn't twist to wipe herself because of her c-section scar after she finally got it out of her. You just gotta man up and do that if it comes down to it, and don't make a face, and maybe make a stupid joke about it.

This is the single most important thing you'll buy:

Seems dumb and gimmicky but this thing has all the science man. Great way to transition a baby into the world of the real and out of the womb. It actually plays a muffled heart beat like she would hear in the womb, while mimicking womb movement. It rocks back, forth, and most importantly SWINGS. Which gives the baby the sensation of being back in the womb. This is the babie's sleepy time chair. This keeps the baby asleep when it needs to sleep instead of screaming because it doesn't feel like it's in the womb.

Learn how to do a badass swaddle. Burrito that baby up. It doesn't like free motion in its hands and legs. It likes to be in a tight little wad, because it has been for 9 months. I don't think babies are fully cooked when they come out yknow? They still want to be in.

Go ahead and get that RIDICULOUS pillow right away. I'd get it today. My wife....adored hers. It took the pressure off her hips at night and she could sleep like a baby on it. It's also GREAT for nursing. You will hate it. It eats the bed. But...this is about her.

It won't be long till you need the baby to have mobility so they don't freak out, and you'll want to keep them in a relatively small area. So get one of these bad boys:

Hot damn they're awesome. The kid is trapped, but they can jump around like crazy and it's fine. Probably won't need it until 6 months to a year after birth me it's awesome.

That's all I can think of man. Good luck. Have fun. It's a crazy adventure.

u/MrsSpunkBack · 1 pointr/bigbabiesandkids

We had to ignore the weight limit on the swings (the things that rock them to sleep). They did wonders for all of us to get the sleep we needed.

At a certain point I just said " we are going to push this thing to the limit, if it is worth it." It never died. One swing we had in the livingroom just stopped swaying him when he got too big. The one in our bedroom kept on keeping on, so we made the most of it. We just transitioned to the crib after 11 months and he did great.

We had 2 different types of swings. 2 different brands. So maybe just change the swing out.

This one was great...
Fisher-Price Sweet Snugapuppy Dreams Cradle 'n Swing

...but didn't handle the weight as well as this one:

Graco Soothing System Baby Glider, Abbington, One Size