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Five Star P.B.W. Cleanser - 4 Pounds
PBW is an alkaline, non-caustic, environmentally and user friendly cleanerCleaner is very effective in removing thick, difficult, and caked-on organic soilsEffective substitute for caustic soda cleaners and household cleanersCan clean items that cannot be reached with a brush or sponge by simply soaking and rinsingSafe on skin as well as stainless steel, rubber, soft metals, and on plastics
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u/clocktowerMXIX · 10 pointsr/cocktails

I use
PBW - Powdered Brewery Wash

mostly for beer homebrew purposes but it also works well for glassware that's otherwise inconvenient/impossible to scrub

u/KEM10 · 7 pointsr/Homebrewing

> $549 retail

Damn it, I have to do math again....

For $550 you can also purchase the following:

  • Home brew starter kit w/ 5 gallon kettle - $90 (this is essentially what I started with 6 years ago and still use everything)

  • A free extract kit with the above purchase

  • You'll need something to put that homebrew in. 2 cases of 1 L flip tops - $76

  • Cleaning supplies, both PBW and StarSan - $40

  • Everyone's favorite brewing book - $12

    That's really everything you need for one batch and we're only up to $218...
    To fill the gap of $282, how about 7 extract kits estimating about $40 per kit?

    So with my plan of $548 (that's one dollar cheaper!) you get 40 gallons of beer! How much does the competitor make per batch?

    > The newer keg, which is the same volume (1.75 gallons) as the old keg will have simplified connectors.
u/SuperQue · 7 pointsr/sysadmin

For coffee oils you want something alkaline, not acidic. Breaks down the oils.

Most diswasher detergent, or a brewers wash should do the trick.

u/dekokt · 3 pointsr/Homebrewing

There is a general "DIY" PBW thread that a lot of people claim to use successfully:

I personally have the best luck with PBW (it seems to do best on my stainless equipment, compared to oxiclean/TSP blend), so just bite the bullet and buy it in larger quantities. Amazon has 4lb for ~$25 or so. I'll try to make it last longer by cleaning other items (tubing, fittings, ball values, mash tun, etc) with oxiclean, though.

u/3Vyf7nm4 · 3 pointsr/Homebrewing

I'm not sure glass is a logical step. It's nice for sanitation reasons, as brewsky points out, but that's basically where the "plus" column ends. It's heavy, fragile, and very temperature sensitive. Glass fermenters aren't safety glass (e.g. like a car winshield), so when they break (and they do break), razor sharp pieces of glass and 5 gallons of sticky warm liquid go everywhere. If you DO get glass, get a brewhauler.

I used to use glass, but I have transitioned over to plastic Speidel fermenters. They're lightweight, easy to clean, and have carrying handles.

When you clean, use an Oxygen-based cleaner. Don't scrub. Let it soak - for tough soil let it soak overnight. You don't want to scrub because you will scratch the plastic. Scratches (even those too small to detect) will harbor bacteria and will infect your beer. Use a soft cloth and if that can't get it clean, let it soak longer.

Don't worry about crap going into your fermenter. It won't hurt your beer. In fact, it will provide nutrients for your yeast (and they, in turn, will "scrub" out off flavors if you leave them to their work long enough).

When transferring to your bottling bucket, an autosiphon will leave the trub behind (it will work even better if you cold crash your beer before bottling).

For bottling, I'd use a plain old racking cane and a bottle filler

u/notpace · 3 pointsr/Kombucha

I used to go at them with a bottle brush, but took some advice from r/homebrewing and bought some PBW, which is a huge time saver. Add it to the bottles with some warm water, wait a half hour, then rinse them out. Clean as can be.

u/rosspod · 2 pointsr/hookah

You could also look into this stuff, I use it to clean bottles and carboys when home brewing. Really simple to use.

u/BoondockRanger · 2 pointsr/ThriftStoreHauls

It stands for powdered brewing wash. It's commonly used in commercial brewing applications. You mix an ounce or two per gallon depending on the level of soil.

[$28.66 for 4 lbs on Amazon](Five Star PBW, 4 lbs

But you could probably get it cheaper if you have a local brewing supply. Oxi-clean probably works great too, but I have this around for brewing.

u/MookSkywalker · 2 pointsr/firewater

Yes, PBW is like oxy clean for your still

u/IrwinMFletcher · 1 pointr/CannabisExtracts

Get a drop-down for the reclaim then get Five Star PBW Cleaner to clean all your glass. I have tried ISO + Salt, 420 cleaner, darkstar...and tons more. This is the best hands down. Soak overnight and it is perfect in the morning.

u/f-eather-s · 1 pointr/saplings

I purchased PBW and it makes my bong look sparking clean. You add less than a tablespoon (depending on the size of your bong), mix it with hot water, and in two hours or less it'll be super clean. Its also really fun watching it lift all the gunk away

u/werdnum · 1 pointr/slowcooking

My secret is Powdered Brewery Wash.

u/holyteach · 1 pointr/Homebrewing

Note: in this instance, PBR is Powdered Brewery Wash, not Pabst Blue Ribbon.

u/WhatsUpBras · 1 pointr/AMA

Five Star PBW - wear some gloves, sprinkle a teaspoon or two into your bowl and let it dissolve in hot water, you can shake it or let it sit overnight

Cleans the fuck out of the most stubborn resin and especially stubborn wax and leaves your pieces looking like they are brand new

Best part is no buying expensive cleaning solutions, no need fucking with rubbing alcohol and scrubbing with brushes. It literally is magic

Best $25 you will spend

u/123rdb · 1 pointr/electronic_cigarette

Being a homebrewer, I recommend a soak in Oxyclean/PBW and then some Starsan for good measure.

u/photomike · 1 pointr/cider

Powdered Brewery Wash. I actually use pure Sodium Percarbonate (an ingredient in PBW that I can get at my homebrew store) and a bunch of other people use OxyClean FREE--all are excellent cleaners for cidermaking equipment.

u/Haterbait_band · 1 pointr/pics

The best! You are meant to clean brew kettles and kegs with the stuff, basically oxyclean, but it's cheap and the layers and layers of resin will just fall off with a good soak at the proper concentration. Too strong and I heard it'll etch the glass, but it gets in all the little cracks really well.

u/beermeblazer25 · 0 pointsr/Homebrewing

About 48 bottles worth!

-You need to buy bottles
-Need caps
-It comes with cleaner but I’d suggest you buy more. I use PBW - Five Star PBW Cleaner (Powdered Brewery Wash), 4-Pound Jar
-Need sanitizer. I use Starsan