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Flagpole-To-Go Portable Flagpole, 17' 2
Extends 4' to 17' 2" and any height in betweenAdjustable clips allow you to up to two 3' x 5'Use at parades, stadium events, tailgate parties, graduations, campsites, picnics & more!Collapses to 4' for easy transit and storageWithstands winds up to 35 MPHDiameter of pole base is 1. 5"Not intended for use while vehicle is in motion
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12 Reddit comments about Flagpole-To-Go Portable Flagpole, 17' 2":

u/acousticrocks · 4 pointsr/ElectricForest

I believe they are using an extendable flag pole.
Here's an amazon link. You can find more by searching "Extendable Flag Pole"
Flagpole To Go 17-Foot Portable Flagpole

u/wowlookatit27 · 3 pointsr/electricdaisycarnival

Just order one of these puppies -
Flagpole-To-Go Portable Flagpole

u/abgtw · 3 pointsr/AboveandBeyond

I had considered this one:

One review said he used it at tomorrowland and it worked great, so seems like a really tall pole. The problem will be with Gorge security saying NO METAL POLES even though this kind of telescoping pole is specifically allowed - but try proving that to the asshole with tiny tyrant syndrome denying your way in!

u/jleviathon · 3 pointsr/ElectricForest

Right on man CO born and raised! The UC flag was 3ft by 5ft I believe. This was the flag pole I got. Can't say enough about the quality. This one is 17ft with the 3' x 5' UC flag and a 1-1/2' x 3' CO flag. Both flags are very light material. I duck taped every section to the fitting so it wouldn't collapse on its own. This pole stayed up in a monsoon! 30mph winds and sideways rain last year! Until the canopy it was attached to collapsed anyway haha. You could go 20ft but it may be too much. I think a heavier cloth flag would be too much as well. Good pole though. CO represent! The clips that come on the pole are strong too. Here is where I put the tape if you can see it. Everywhere you tighten each section.

u/size1one · 2 pointsr/electricdaisycarnival

17' and only 1lb. can hold 2 flags:

u/Heyeddieadams1 · 1 pointr/okeechobeemusicfest
u/King__Lion · 1 pointr/Coachella
u/Tomcat87 · 1 pointr/bonnaroo

Just buy one. This one's $30 and works great.