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Flight: A Novel
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u/circa285 · 6 pointsr/fosterit

I worry about this an awful lot. This data doesn't show the demographics of foster parents, but the disproportionate numbers of African American children does not look good.

As an aside, have you read Flight by Sherman Alexie? It's a great book that touches on this topic.

u/mrxulski · 3 pointsr/ChapoTrapHouse

This reminds me of a moron who launched into a tirade about how the Native tribes of the USA used to cannibalize settlers and natives alike. As if people in Europe never practiced cannibalism. As if ALL tribes were "savages" who cannibalized. People, there are so many good books on Native life in the USA. Read some Sherman Alexei or Charles C. Mann for some real perspective on these deeply divisive issues.

I'm Baltic, so at least I'm somewhere in the middle of teh Progressive Stack. I'm not too privileged to comment right :) least I was privileged enough to take Native American literature at Penn State.