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Fox Labs Law Enforcement Defense Spray 12 Ounce Pistol Grip Fog
Fox pepper spray is refined to 5.3 million Scoville heat units.Pepper Spray is an inflammatory agent that works upon contactProtect yourself they way law enforcement and the military do12 Ounce Formula has same range, number of shots and effectiveness.
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4 Reddit comments about Fox Labs Law Enforcement Defense Spray 12 Ounce Pistol Grip Fog:

u/nistjunkie · 15 pointsr/sandiego

They should be thankful I wasn't there. I carry a fire extinguisher sized bottle of pepper spray in my car spray for road ragers. It would've cleared those UCSD morons off the freeway pretty fast with some to spare. Fox Labs is some pretty wicked sh*t!

u/crazyguyonabike · 2 pointsr/CCW

I've chatted with the guy who runs Fox Labs (surprisingly, when I called them to ask a question it was the owner of the company that picked up). He told me that the only reason for the expiration is that over time, the cans may slowly lose pressure. Not always, but just it could happen, so they say three years just to cover that possibility. I actually have had cans of Fox Labs from circa 2007, which were just like new when I finally shot them off. The Fox Labs owner told me that the liquid itself doesn't degrade over time, the expiration is just about possible depressurization over time. I do change them out after three years, but I also either use old ones for training, or else I keep them aside as backups. In my experience they are good for way longer than three years.

I also really like their 1 lb pepper spray:

I have a couple of these for home defense, and more in the car. I am somewhat torn between the fogger and stream, though - I can see benefits and downsides with both (fogger - easier to aim, but not as much range and more susceptible to wind, whereas stream is more accurate, less prone to wind sheer and gassing everything in the vacinity). Here's the 1 lb stream:

u/100100100102 · 2 pointsr/TwoXChromosomes

I'm a pretty big guy, but I've moved a lot and I know very well the unsettling feeling of being alone in a new place. Do trust that it gets better with time, but in the meantime, try listening to tv or NPR or something. You can even leave it on in another room when going to bed. NPR is nice because it's very even toned and unlike TV, you won't have some B movie come on in the middle of night with explosions and screaming noises.

Use security bars on windows (not like bars over the windows, but bars to keep them shut, the little dinky window locks can be broken without too much force). If the doors have deadbolts, use them. If they don't ask to have them installed. Buy a big can of high-end pepper spray, like this one. If you're comfortable with guns, get one. If you aren't, don't, unless you are really willing to take the time to learn to clean, maintain, and use them safely. It's a big responsibility. Shotguns are nice, dependable, relatively inexpensive, and easy to use. They are also less likely to overpenetrate than rifle or pistol rounds. And they will stop pretty much anyone in their tracks.

Also, even if you can't install a security system (although if you're willing to pay for it, your landlord would likely have no issue with it), you can buy vibration sensors for windows and the like. They run around $20, run on batteries, and can be found at hardware stores like home depot.

In the end, you're probably being a little too paranoid, but that's normal, and it gets better.

u/SanDiegoMitch · 1 pointr/sandiego

I sleep with this, and this, and this, and one more thing if for some reason I ever need it in my closet.