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u/theguywithacomputer ยท 2 pointsr/ChristianMysticism

Biblically, God tells us to seek Him with a sober mind. Keep in mind, in Ancient Greece and the Roman Empire, the pagans would seek divine wisdom with psychoactive substances. The Bible says not to.

You really shouldn't seek wisdom from psychedelics, although I'm sure they're fun.

Read this book. It's partially related. This is going to be a very bad summary, but basically, in the beginning there's a man who is very high up in Hinduism who uses a specific meditation technique that he later finds can be simulated with psychedelics, thinking its a very sacred thing. Then he finds Christ after a while and his previous life is abandoned. You aren't getting anything out of a psychedelic trip that isn't already in your head. You need to know who God really is through sober prayer and communion with him.


God already designed the brain to give off a very small amount of DMT during spiritual experiences, but artificially inducing them has no biblical backing, in fact I would argue it's rebuked.