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GEMINI-20 Portable Precision Digital Milligram Scale 20g x 0.001g (Silver), GEMINI-20
PORTABLE SCALE: This digital food scale measures 3" x 5" x 0.8", so it's the perfect size for measuring on the go. Use it to measure small amounts of medication, food, and herbs.DURABLE & COMPACT: This mini food scale is perfect for travel and can fit in your bag. Plus, it easily converts between ounces, grams, troy ounces, pennyweights, carats, and grains.LCD SCREEN: The digital scale's backlit LCD screen makes numbers viewable and easy to read—even in dim lighting. Thanks to high-precision sensors, you'll get an accurate measurement every time.BUILT-IN COVER: Keep your electronic milligram scale safe with the built-in flip cover. It will keep your scale looking like new and protect it from scratches, bumps, and everyday wear and tear.STAINLESS STEEL: Our digital pocket scale has a stainless-steel surface that's easy to clean. Place your items directly onto the stainless steel or place them in a tray or container for measuring.
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293 Reddit comments about GEMINI-20 Portable Precision Digital Milligram Scale 20g x 0.001g (Silver), GEMINI-20:

u/Erathen · 19 pointsr/trees

AWS Gemini-20 is the gold standard. It's the most common .001 scale by far.

Amazon link if you're American.

Edit: More links for convenience.


u/TooAbsurd · 17 pointsr/Supplements

Powdered caffeine isn't something you want to guess the dose on. A scoop is at best a guess since you don't know how dense the powder is.

You can get a milligram scale from Amazon for $20 and do it by weight.

u/hexachoron · 16 pointsr/researchchemicals
u/UnluckyPenguin · 14 pointsr/Nootropics

Holy shit! That scales "Acceptable Tolerance (+-)" is 200mg! Source

In case I'm not being clear: 100%, you cannot trust that scale.

If you're measuring anything below 1g, it requires extreme accuracy, which that scale cannot provide!

Here is the recommended scale of /r/nootropics:
American Weigh Scales GEMINI-20 Portable MilliGram Scale, 20 by 0.001 G

I have this scale. Even though it measures down to 1mg (.001g), the acceptable tolerance is still +-5mg. It also measures up to 20g, so that's an overall accuracy of +-0.025% compared to the max weight, which is extremely accurate for a scale (note: your scale comes in at 0.033% compared to the max weight)

If you have any questions, let me know. Good luck!

u/[deleted] · 11 pointsr/Drugs

Get some L-Theanine, it works synergistically to eliminate some of the bad effects of caffeine. It also promotes better brain function, as seen in this research paper: For further reading, see this longecity article.

Buy a scale and a pill bottler, i recommend this bottler and this scale.

u/based_Shulgin · 11 pointsr/RCSources

You could be taking 100 micrograms or 10 milligrams really. Powder can get compacted or fluff out making dosages look different to the eye.

Etizolam is one of the more tame thieno/benzodiazapines compared to some others. But if you are gonna take it regardless of my advice, without a scale, be with someone who is sober to smack some sense into you if you take too much and start acting like a bartard.

[Here is a cheap scale] ( that is commonly reccomended on this website. If you are going to continue researching chems, I HIGHLY suggest you buy A milligram scale and a reagent test kit. It might save your life one day, who knows!

u/christmasfine · 10 pointsr/DarkNetMarkets

It's fine, busts and CD's tend to happen because of frequent and regular large deliveries in or out, ie Supertrip's big ships of pills going through a Chicago postal processing center regularly, NOD's packages going out of the same postage center every day.

However, a lot of the shit you are buying is better bought clearnet or elsewhere.

The best scale for the value you can get is the AWS Gemini-20. It's a 20g scale that measures to the milligram (most say it's tolerance is around 3-5mg):

Only $25. To get much more accurate you need to spend hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. Really, if you need much more accurate than this, you should spend thousands of dollars.

> 1 glass pipe for smoking DMT 0.03491245 BTC

Overpriced and risky, just get your pipe from the clearnet or from real world vendor. I mean smoking DMT is really straightforward, I'd just buy some piece of shit from the gas station, even a weed pipe and use ash or choreboy.

> es-light AGO White Dry Herb Vaporizer 0.09399505 BTC


> $300+ Headset

Which headset are you getting? For that price range imo the best buy is the Phillips X1.

> iPhone 6 - 128 gb

er... okay.

> $2000+ laptop

why the fuck do you need a $2000 laptop? You can make a $300 desktop that would kill it in performance. You are better off buying a decent, cheap ~$500 laptop (and just replace the HDD with an SSD rather than buying one with an overpriced SSD - seriously, for general usage, SSD is the most important component nowadays), and then build a strong desktop for $500 for your gaming.

You literally only buy a $2000 laptop because you need to game or encode on the move... like you are away from home every day and have to play while away, like just a book or your smartphone can't keep you entertained. Doesn't make much sense at all to buy a $2000 laptop.

> $100+ Mouse

Which one? You really don't need an expensive mouse... What kind of hand grip do you have?

The Razer Deathadder is still to this day one of the best mice you can buy, and super cheap, if you are a palm gripper. If you are a claw gripper, I'd recommend the $50 Steelseries Spawn. Also, many people swear by the many high quality Logitech mice, which are around $50 or less.

I just don't see why you'd buy a $100+ mouse unless you are connoisseur of sorts and know what you are doing and specifically have used high quality ~$50 mice. Like, a $100+ mouse isn't nicer than a $50 mouse, it's usually just full of overmarketed bullshit that don't mean anything. It only takes about $40 to make a really nice mouse, that's why it's weird.

I mean if you really know your mice, and have used a Spawn or DA or other popular mice, then go for it, I just want to make sure you are making an informed decision here.

u/cirejabroni · 9 pointsr/MDMA

It's only $20. I have one of these and it works fine. If you can afford to buy pills you can afford to buy a scale.

American Weigh Scales GEMINI-20 Portable MilliGram Scale, 20 by 0.001 G

u/Oakers · 8 pointsr/Nootropics

I have this scale: Gemini-20

u/Certeis · 8 pointsr/Drugs

Let me start of with the legality of MXE. It seems that you are planning to buy it for consumption. You have to know that all research chemicals are strictly not for human consumption and only to be used in research environments with proper handling and care. They should NOT be consumed. If used in research and you are not administering MXE to an animal, you should be fine.

You can double check a trustworthy site by checking to see if it's a Safe or Scam. Google helps as well.
An acceptable price can range from $25 a gram to $50 a gram, depending on where you purchase it from (Domestic vendors generally are a bit pricier for the convenience).
Shipping shouldn't be an issue if it's domestic, if you are receiving it internationally there is always a chance for customs to open your package, deem it unsuitable for your purposes and send you a love letter. This does not happen too often though, but it's a risk.
Anonymity can be used by using Tor, if you really feel you do not want your actions traced back to you. PGP encryption for any email messages help with that as well. Generally though, make sure if you are purchasing your chemical on Paypal or something, DO NOT leave a message in the notes. Many vendors have been barred from Paypal due to dumb cunts putting "thanks for dat shit to git me high lgeally ;))" or other messages which reveal to Paypal what they are selling. Just don't.

Nothing else, MXE is a great RC to work with and I wish you the best of luck in your research. In regards to the mg scales, although I don't necessarily want to coerc you into buying a mg scale online, offline they are expensive. Headshops will carry them if you are lucky, and if they do they will be marked up. This is an amazing scale for the price, does everything it should.

u/dragonbubbles · 7 pointsr/Kratomm

For diamonds and precious gems of course. You have to blow that gold dust out every once in a while or it can affect the accuracy just from getting stuck under the plate. I thought my old trusty was done for but once I blew it, it was up for more action and still going strong 😉

I know you said you needed it ASAP but if you ever want to upgrade this is a good milligram scale and then this one looks good because it comes with calibration thingy but I have no personal experience with it.

u/AlienInvasionAkAkAk · 7 pointsr/DarkNetMarkets

This lil thing is amazing

American Weigh Scales GEMINI-20 Portable MilliGram Scale, 20 by 0.001 G

u/nootronium · 7 pointsr/Tianeptine

It's great you're taking the time to figure out the best way to do this. I recommend that you get a better scale, though, as the one you have just doesn't have the accuracy to safely measure low doses, even with dividing the dose up by hand afterward.

The Gemini-20 scale is about $25 and seems to be the most popular one here:

u/EntheoGiant · 7 pointsr/DMT

Gemini 20, aka. the scale of choice for Psychonauts on a budget.

u/vaderisahottie · 7 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon


Tofu Press


These are items that Maggie would either use or would enjoy. I love looking at people's lists.

u/MisterYouAreSoDumb · 7 pointsr/Nootropics

I don't think anyone should include microscoops. It promotes the idea that volumetric dosing is accurate, which cannot be further from the case. A milligram scale is ALWAYS needed to accurately measure lower dosages. Not to mention all the plastic waste is causes. The only things I use scoops on are products that need larger dosages, have a low side effect profile, and that I have already calibrated using an accurate scale. So things like creatine or mushroom powder extracts I will use one of my stainless steel scoops to dose my powder, as I have already determined which scoops deliver a specific weight for that batch powder, and I know a little variability in the dosage is not going to cause any issues for me. I can wash the stainless steel scoops, and make sure they are sterilized. Plus, they can be used forever, instead of me wasting tons of them by throwing them out. Even with the stainless steel ones, I do not use them for things that need small dosages, like Noopept or Tianeptine. Those ALWAYS get weighed on an accurate milligram scale every time. Accuracy matters. The Gemini-20 is an inexpensive scale that you can get for like $20 on Amazon. There is no reason to not get one.

These are the stainless steel scoops I use:

Here is the Gemini-20:

u/Intereo · 6 pointsr/Nootropics

This scale is probably the best bang for your buck. I have one and haven't had any problems with it.

u/articulating_smoke · 6 pointsr/microdosing

Here what I use. It's very accurate and comes with 10g calibration weights. You can literally blow on the scale and it will register the shift in pressure.

American Weigh Scale Gemini Series Precision Digital Milligram Scale, Silver 20G X 0.001G (GEMINI-20) (Silver)

u/foreversoundsgood · 6 pointsr/MDMA

I'm going to try to be as detailed as possible.

The best way to take crystals:


  • Buy a reagent test kit to make sure what you have has MDXX in it and rule out the most harmful substances. These can be bought over Amazon or via Reagent Testing UK (Marquis is most often seen as the most important one though I strongly suggest to get the kit)

  • Buy a microgram scale, the following one is recommended by most people: on Amazon Germany or Amazon UK

  • If you want to crush them yourself, I would recommend buying a cheap mortar and pestle on Amazon Germany or Amazon UK

  • If you want to put them into gelatin capsules, you can buy for example size 1 gel caps from Amazon Germany or Amazon UK



    First of all: do some research about the specific dosing you want to take. I know of the two most common ways:

  • Use your scale to weigh the amount you want, then divide it into the doses you like, weighing every dosage carefully.

  • Dissolve the amount of MDMA you have in a 1:1 ratio of MDMA in mg to water in ml. Dissolve the MDMA in the water and then divide the liquid into the amount you want.
    If you have 1g (1000mg) of MDMA and you dissolve it in 1 litre (1000ml) of water, every 100ml of water will contain 100mg of MDMA


    Methods of taking:

  1. Nasal a.k.a. insufflated a.k.a. rail it. Grind it into powder, weigh your dose and snort it.

  2. Oral you have a couple of different options.

  • You could straight up eat it, but that would taste absolutely horrible. (don't do this)

  • You can dissolve the amount you want in liquid (coca cola, Gatorade, anything with a sweet taste) and drink it.

  • You can parachute or bomb it, this can be done with rolling papers or with toilet paper/tissues. It can be done like this or like this. You just take it as you would take a pill. Due to the acidity in your stomach, it doesn't matter if the crystals are finely ground or not.

  1. Rectal a.k.a. anal a.k.a. boof it. This means dissolving it in liquid (such as distilled water) and insert the liquid anally with a soft syringe. Don't forget to use lube


    I hope this helps, let us know if you have any other questions or unclarities.

    Roll safe.
u/MarsHuntress · 6 pointsr/researchchemicals

Most recommended: Gemini 20

u/24811812513198111524 · 6 pointsr/Nootropics

I bought the gemini 20 scale on amazon.

Acurate around 5mg up or down. The 10g thing shows up as 9.995g on it.

You can def measure 10mg accurately, if measuring smaller doses like 1 or 2.5mg it won't really work. I don't really see it change until 4mg at least.

For smaller doses I would measure out 10mg and then "eyeball" it into 4 equal doses in four different capsules, and hoped it would be accurate enough.

Will work for things like caffeine or normal noots/drugs that you just need to measure in mg.

Powder city has a scale that's like 11 dollars I think, but idk how good it is.

u/RightInTheBrainBox · 6 pointsr/Nootropics

NSI freebase 20mg sublingual is a good starting dose, imo.
I can be pretty irresponsible with my drug use but not using a scale is plain stupidity. Do not take any until you purchase a mg scale.

The gemini-20 is about $20

If you cant justify that cost you shouldnt be buying the drugs.

u/Mayron_Gainz · 5 pointsr/Supplements

I found this:

But thats freakin expensive. If you're from the US they have DMAA on

[] ( 5.95 shipping - the more you buy the higher shipping cost SmartPowders 1,3 Dimethylamylamine - 200 Caps - 20mg $13.99 (286mg/dollar)

[] ( 5.95 shipping 1,3-Dimethylamylamine (20mg/200 caps) $19.95 (201mg/dollar) $6 shipping SNS: Adrenea-G, 240 Caps 25mg/cap $17.95 (334mg/dollar) [I know of a coupon code: lockout05, 5% off?]


If you want JUST DMAA, lockoutsupplements will be cheapest. If you're going to be purchasing more things in the future, I suggest you bundle it in with the DMAA order to save on shipping.

Edit: Anekin007's link has it for about 913mg/dollar. And its like $2 shipping. Would recommend unless you don't have a milligram scale as it is in free form powder, not in capsules. A scale like this is effective and pretty good with the money:

u/roionsteroids · 5 pointsr/Drugs

Gemini-20 and Gemini-PRO on Amazon!

u/GurningDownTheHouse · 5 pointsr/2cb

That's a tough one. Most of the crew over on the MDMA sub go with the [Gemini 20] ( but it's only REALLY accurate to 5-10mg, which is less of an issue with MDMA than 2CB.

u/illicitguavocado · 5 pointsr/2cb
  • "20MG+" means that each dose has at least 20 milligrams of active substance. Because it's difficult to weight out exactly 20.000mg of powder into hundreds of capsules at a time, the vendor is saying that there's about 20mg in each, but they would rather err on the heavy side so as to not short their customers.
  • "2C-B HCl Capsules" means that the active substance inside the gelatin capsule is the hydrochloride salt of 2C-B. There is one other type of salt, which is hydrobromide. One is about 15% lighter than the other by molecular weight, but without knowing the purity of your product, that number may be pretty negligible. As a beginner, don't pay too much attention to which 2C-B salt you receive. That's terminology for connoisseurs.
  • 0.07 grams is equal to 70 milligrams. So when you set your capsule on the scale and it reads that, it is taking into account both the mass of the active substance inside (allegedly ~20mg) and the mass of the gelatin capsule itself. That would mean that given the contents of the capsule are indeed ~20mg, the capsule itself must weigh ~50mg. You could definitely open up the capsule and dump the contents out onto the scale to weigh it out if you'd like.
  • You can put the powder on your tongue, but it would taste nasty. I've only had trace amounts touch my tongue, and it wasn't great, so I would assume that a full dose would taste bad.
  • If your scale only reads two decimal places (0.00), then your scale is not precise enough to weigh out drugs with doses in the milligram range accurately (in my opinion). 2C-B is very forgiving with dosage, meaning that if you end up taking a few milligrams more than intended, it won't compound the intensity of your experience too bad, so it's definitely not the worst drug to use an imprecise scale with, but don't expect to actually be taking what your scale reads! The sidebar gives an example of a relatively inexpensive scale that many users swear by.
  • I would recommend dissolving your powder into distilled water, a process known as volumetric dosing. For example, if you dissolve the contents of one of your ~20mg capsules into 100ml of water, then you know that each ml of water contains ~1/5mg of 2C-B. Knowing this, you could consume 15mg of 2C-B by drinking ~75ml of your solution, which is far easier to measure than when using powder on a scale.
  • Put your dose of volumetric solution in a cup of orange juice or something to try to mask the taste.
  • Please hit me up with any more questions.
u/wogmn · 5 pointsr/afinil

We do not include any type of scoop as they are not reliable nor do they measure in mg. We always suggest using a balance/scale for dosing as scoops are highly unreliable in measuring. All powders have different densities and therefore they shouldn't be measure using one.

We do not carry scoops, as we feel they promote the misuse of products. You should never use any compound without accurately weighing it with a milligram scale. It's for your own safety. Our customer's safety is priority #1.

We have found that the Gemini 20 is a decent scale at a decent price. Of course, this isn't an official endorsement of it. I have provided a link below.

As far as the packaging, the company name is listed in the return address field on the shipping label but that is it.


u/AftermarketMesomorph · 5 pointsr/PEDs

Scoops measure volume, not mass. A given volume of one substance could weigh significantly more than another.

If you want to be somewhat accurate you should get a milligram scale.

The best method is to make a solution or suspension with a larger amount of powder and liquid and measure that out as needed.

u/1000990528 · 5 pointsr/researchchemicals

By eyeballing "less than half" of your original ~100mg, which could be off by as much as another ~15-20 mg, you most likely gave yourself a heroic dose. When I was really into psychs I would use 15-25 mg and blast the fuck off.

Invest in 0.001 scale, if this were any of a wide range of nondescript powders (vendors do fuck up, the bromo-dragonfly fiasco is a good example) it could have killed you.

Please get a more accurate scale.

I'll just leave this here

u/KokoroHeart · 5 pointsr/Nootropics

Just buy powder. I get it from ▼

Star Nootropics.

This scale is great too

u/uterusdweller · 5 pointsr/researchchemicals
  1. 2-fdck should be fairly safe to eyeball.
  2. You don't need to spend a ton to get a pretty damn good scale that will last you a long time. The Gemini-20 is the most recommended scale. I have it myself and it's quite good. Everything you would need for $28 from amazon. Free shipping and comes in like a day (see below). If you want to get into RC dissos (or RC anything for that matter), you're definitely going to need a good scale. I promise you you will not regret it.
u/ToShowWithWords · 5 pointsr/opiates

Use clean table, pour bag on table. 2g in pile, make two even piles, those are 1g each, then make 2 more .5g then .25g then .125g.
Also, "I don't have a scale and am an experienced IV user." smh :)

u/lpushfatkids · 4 pointsr/reloading

American Weigh Scales GEMINI-20
Amazon Link

u/darknet3005 · 4 pointsr/DarkNetMarkets

Definitely MDMA or speed if you're in the college scene. 20g amphetamine paste (So around 15g dried) for $60 and you can sell that for around $100 a gram as powder or $10-$15 for 80mg in a cap.

u/curiousaboutkratom · 4 pointsr/suboxone

I’m sure it can be done, but the amount of drops of alcohol would undoubtedly be different. I assume that you’d need less initially to get the proper ratio because the tablet contains more mass overall. Check out my other comment for the final amount of drops you want after dilution is complete. I would start low, let it dissolve and then count how many drops you have afterwards. You can always add more drops afterwards to create the proper ratio.

Edit: on second thought might not really work with tablets. If I only had access to tablets I’d weigh them with this scale (American Weigh Scales GEMINI-20 Portable MilliGram Scale, 20 by 0.001 G to get an average weight in milligrams. Then I’d crush the tablet and turn it into powder and put into medicine bottle. I’d then weigh out the amount of powder in mg for the equivalent amount of suboxone mg (based on simple calculation of mg of suboxone per mg of tablet weight). This scale is awesome and very accurate and would probably be the best way to precisely dose a tablet in the below 1mg range.

u/sitspin · 4 pointsr/MDMA

Yeah, you can't measure small doses on that. You're going to want to invest in a better precision scale. This is a great one for the price on Amazon:

u/dumbstoners · 4 pointsr/CannabisExtracts

---from skyhighler on TC forums---

"The results so far of the 'homie' tests:

Power (0X) had 0.021g of residue
Power (0X), Korea, 300ml can, reads on the bottom "130819"

Power 5X #1 had 0.02g of residue
Power 5X, Korea, 300ml can, reads on the bottom "130820"

Power 5X #2 had 0.019g of residue
Power 5X, Korea, 300ml can, reads on the bottom "130731"

Power 7X had 0.029g of residue
Power 7X, Korea, 300ml can, reads on the bottom "120716"

Newport #1 had 0.01g of residue
Newport, England, 300ml can, reads on the bottom "DOM 24.04.13 20:33"

Newport #2 had 0.004g of residue
Newport, England, 300ml can, reads on the bottom "DOM 26.03.13 19:09"

Vector #1 had 0.03g of residue
Vector, Korea, 320ml can, reads on the bottom "AUTHENTIC VECTOR GAS 2013.04.06"

Vector #2 had 0.02g of residue
Vector, Korea, 320ml can, reads on the bottom "AUTHENTIC VECTOR GAS 2013.04.06"

Vector #3 had 0.028g of residue
Vector, Korea, 320ml can, reads on the bottom "AUTHENTIC VECTOR GAS 2013.04.06"

Vector #4 had 0.028g of residue
Vector, Korea, 320ml can, reads on the bottom "AUTHENTIC VECTOR GAS 2013.04.06"

Vector 14X #1 had 0.019g of residue
Vector 14X, Korea, 320ml can, reads on the bottom "AUTHENTIC VECTOR GAS 2013 09 10"

Vector 14X #2 had 0.018g of residue
Vector 14X, Korea, 320ml can, reads on the bottom "AUTHENTIC VECTOR GAS 2013 09 10"

Lucienne #1 had 0.03g of residue
Lucienne, England, 300ml can, reads on the bottom "DOM 16.07.13 13:28"

Lucienne #2 had 0.002g of residue
Lucienne, England, 300ml can, reads on the bottom "DOM 16.07.13 13:28"

Lucienne #3 had 0.001g of residue
Lucienne, England, 300ml can, reads on the bottom "DOM 16.07.13 13:28"

Lucienne #4 had <0.001g residue
Lucienne, England, 300ml can, reads on the bottom "DOM 16.07.13 13:28"

Ronson #1 had 0.01g of residue
Ronson, USA, 300ml/165g can, reads on the bottom "I1713"

Ronson #2 had 0.001g residue
Ronson, USA, 300ml/165g can, reads on the bottom "I1713"

Ronson #3 had <.001g residue
Ronson, USA, 300ml/165g can, reads on the bottom "I1713"

Spark 7x had 0.04g of residue
Spark, Korea, 7x 300ml can, reads on the bottom "120404"

King had 0.033g of residue
King, Korea, 300ml can, reads on the bottom "12.04.25"

Fasfil #1 had 0.030g of residue
Fasfil 5X, Korea, 300ml can, reads on the bottom "120718"

Fasfil #2 had 0.032g of residue
Fasfil, Korea, 300ml can, reads on the bottom "120718"

whip-it! 9X had 0.025g of residue
whip-it! 9X, Korea, 320ml can, reads on the bottom "130708"

whip-it! Premium had 0.003g of residue
whip-it! Premium, UK, 400ml can, reads on the bottom "239 M 17:25 1"

Neon #1 had 0.004g of residue
Neon, China, 300ml can, reads on the bottom "Manufactured On 20/12/2012/ (00488)" (no added odorant/mercaptan)

Neon #2 had 0.005g of residue
Neon, China, 300ml can, reads on the bottom "Manufactured On 20.02.1200413" (this seems to be an early version which is unusable due to added odorant/mercaptan, check the date for old stock)

Neon #3 had 0.001g of residue
Neon, China, 300ml can, reads on the bottom "Manufactured On 25/05/2012(00446) (no added odorant/mercaptan)

Neon 5X #1 had 0.001g of residue
Neon 5X, China, 300ml can, reads on the bottom "Manufactured On 20/05/2013(00506)" (no added odorant/mercaptan)

Neon 5X #2 had 0.015g of residue (stinks, odorant/mercaptan?)
Neon 5X, China, 300ml can, reads on the bottom "Manufactured On 11/05/2012(004236)"

Neon 5X #3 had 0.004g of residue
Neon 5X, China, 300ml can, reads on the bottom "Manufactured On 25/5/2013(00505) (no added odorant/mercaptan)

Lava had 0.033g of residue
Lava, Korea, 5.3oz/150g can, reads on the bottom "070321"

Zippo had 0.001g of residue
Zippo, USA, 5.82oz/165g can, reads on the bottom "H1513"

Colibri had 0.001g of residue
Colibri, UK, 300ml can, reads on the bottom "DOM 18.04.13 06:35"

Stok FYR had 0.023g of residue
Stok FYR, UK, 5.8oz/165g can, reads on the bottom "DOM 07.08.13 15:57"

Iolite had 0.010g of residue
Iolite, England, 300ml can, reads on the bottom "DOM 30.07.13 22:45"

Gasone 5X had 0.028g of residue
Gasone 5X, Korea, 5.8oz/165g can, reads on the bottom "130511"

Xikar #1 had 0.010g of residue (chemical smell, avoid)
Xikar, USA, 8oz/225g can, reads on the bottom "CC26/0947"

Xikar #2 had 0.007g of residue (chemical smell, avoid)
Xikar, USA, 8oz/225g can, reads on the bottom "CC26/1153"

Clipper 7X had 0.004g of residue
Clipper 7X, China, 4.89oz/139g can, reads on the bottom "26.03.2012"

Lotus had 0.002g of residue
Lotus, England, 400ml/13.4oz/222g can, reads on the bottom "DOM 03.10.12 14:03"

Jetline had 0.027g of residue
Jetline, Korea, 330ml can, reads on the bottom "130410"

Capital N-butane #1 had 0.008g of residue
Capital N-butane, USA, 6.6oz/187g can, reads on the bottom "13337"

Capital N-butane #2 had 0.009g of residue
Capital N-butane, USA, 6.6oz/187g can, reads on the bottom "13337"

Puretane #1 had 0.006g of residue
Puretane, USA, 300ml/167g can, reads on the bottom "13339 (1) 34623 06332"

Puretane #2 had 0.006g of residue
Puretane, USA, 300ml/167g can, reads on the bottom "13339 (1) 34623 06324"

Clipper 12X had 0.025g of residue
Clipper 12X, Spain, 170g can, reads on the bottom "QT31E"

Comoy's had 0.015g of residue
Comoy's, UK, 300ml can, reads on the bottom "DOM 23.05.13 05:28"

Smoke It's had 0.007g of residue (stinks!!! don't use!)
Smoke It's, 300ml with no country or date of manufacture on the can

Meteor 7X had 0.030g of residue
Meteor 7X, Korea?, 165g can, reads on the bottom "130517"

Cloud 9X had 0.003g of residue
Cloud 9X, 300ml can with no country or date of manufacture

Blazer 3X had 0.016g of residue
Blazer 3X, Korea, 150g can, reads on the bottom "131023"

Bernzomatic had 0.028g of residue
Bernzomatic, "Made in U.S.A. of Global Components," reads on the bottom "13130 011288"

Magnum 5X had 0.035g of residue
Magnum 5X, Korea, 300ml can, reads on the bottom "120405"

whip-it! 5X had 0.005g of residue
whip-it 5X, Korea, 300ml can, reads on the bottom "130610"

Ultra Pure had 0.001g of residue
Ultra Pure, England, 300ml can, reads on the bottom "DOM 27.09.13 06:58"

whip-it! 7X had 0.017g of residue
whip-it! 7X, Korea, 300ml can, reads on the bottom "131011"

Special Blue 5X had 0.004g of residue
Special Blue 5X, country of manufacture?, 300ml can, reads on the bottom "131024"

Special Blue 9X had 0.005g of residue
Special Blue 9X, country of manufacture?, 300ml can, reads on the bottom "130702"

Special Blue 7X had 0.001g of residue
Special Blue 7X, country of manufacture?, 300ml can, reads on the bottom "131028"

Iwatani #1 had 0.03g of residue
Iwatiani butane fuel, Korea, eight ounce can, reads near the top of the can "130506" (unusable due to added odorant/mercaptan)

Iwatani #2 had 0.010g of residue
Iwatiani butane fuel, Korea, eight ounce can, reads near the top of the can "130506" (unusable due to added odorant/mercaptan)

Those were my results, here's jackgastche's:

Vector #1 had 0.04g of residue
Vector, Korea, 320ml can, reads on the bottom "5/12/2012"

Vector #2 had 0.04g of residue
Vector, Korea, 320ml can, reads on the bottom "5/12/2012"

Vector #3 had 0.06g of residue
Vector, Korea, 320ml can, reads on the bottom 5/12/2012""

Vector #4 had 0.03g of residue
Vector, Korea, 320ml can, reads on the bottom "5/13/2013"

Vector #5 had 0.04g of residue
Vector, Korea, 320ml can, reads on the bottom "5/13/2013"

Vector #6 had 0.04g of residue
Vector, Korea, 320ml can, reads on the bottom "5/13/2013"

Vector #7 had 0.02g of residue
Vector, Korea, 320ml can, reads on the bottom "12/15/2011"

Vector #8 had 0.02g of residue
Vector, Korea, 320ml can, reads on the bottom "12/15/2011"

Vector #9 had 0.03g of residue
Vector, Korea, 320ml can, reads on the bottom "12/15/2011"

Colibri #1 had 0.03g of residue
Colibri, UK, 300ml can, reads on the bottom "8/16/2011"

Colibri #2 had 0.03g of residue
Colibri, UK, 300ml can, reads on the bottom "8/16/2011"

Colibri #3 had 0.03g of residue
Colibri, UK, 300ml can, reads on the bottom "8/16/2011"

Xikar #1 had 0.002g of residue (chemical smell, avoid)
Xikar, UK, 400ml can, reads on the bottom "3/13/'12"

Xikar #2 had 0.002g of residue (chemical smell, avoid)
Xikar, UK, 400ml can, reads on the bottom "3/13/'12"

Xikar #3 had 0.002g of residue (chemical smell, avoid)
Xikar, UK, 400ml can, reads on the bottom "3/13/'12"

Xikar #4 had 0.003g of residue (chemical smell, avoid)
Xikar, UK, 400ml can, reads on the bottom "3/13/'12"

Xikar #5 had 0.003g of residue (chemical smell, avoid)
Xikar, UK, 400ml can, reads on the bottom "3/13/'12"

My first tests were weighed with this inexpensive .01 gradient scale,

My later results to the .001 digit were weighed with this inexpensive .001 gradient scale,

The results from jackgastche were weighed with a .001 gradient scale, but rounded off to the .01 digit.

How the test was done,

Best to Worst list extrapolated from the above,"

u/SoulUndead · 4 pointsr/researchchemicals

Different batches can have different consistencies/densities. It would be irresponsible for anybody to tell you anything other than this - get a scale. If you can afford $20 of ethylphenidate, you can afford a milligram scale.

Edit: Okay, so you got 25 grams of Ethylphenidate, but not a scale. Good game.

u/Imgodnigga · 3 pointsr/DMT

>I reached the Threshold/Light experience?

Yes, very light, it sounds. Great call on your part for getting a feel for it first!

>Also, can you guys show me any photo of how much powder of crystals people use to get the Medium/Strong experience?

Dude, you need a scale. You can't afford the $20?

A picture simply won't work for something so small. The powder could be the result of a different extract or be piled in such a way it looks smaller/bigger than it actually is.

u/ShadeTree411 · 3 pointsr/kratom

This one isn't the cheapest but it's my favorite. It goes 3 decimals so great for any powdered supplement where accuracy for small doses is important. It's been a workhorse for 8 months and is still good as new. My last cheapy crapped out in under a year so I went with this one as a replacement.

u/chinacat92 · 3 pointsr/DarkNetMarkets

I wouldn't be weary. People order stuff like this to weigh gold and weigh out supplements all the time.

u/TryptamineWizard · 3 pointsr/ResearchMarkets

I personally use the Gemini-20. It's cheap, accurate enough for most purposes, and includes two calibration weights and some tweezers. I picked it up since I've seen it recommended on several psychedelics forums.

u/rhondalea · 3 pointsr/Supplements
u/Aquarius_Finch · 3 pointsr/Drugs

This one. You need to weigh things a few times to make sure you've got an accurate measurement, but it's suitable for experimentation with RC's so long as you keep that in mind. You can't find anything better for that cheap.

u/lovebot_dnm · 3 pointsr/DarkNetMarkets

Those don't do milligrams though. These are the ones I recommend.

Some substances, that extra accuracy is very important.

u/ThrowawayBlowNorway · 3 pointsr/cocaine

Does not look like 3gr to me. More like maximum 1.8g. You should get a mg scale at any rate, they are super cheap to get, and lasts you a long time. It's a small investment to make to not be bent over by your dealer for a gram every purchase.

Here is the most recent one I got, which is working wonderfully.

Gemini 20

u/just__cheesin · 3 pointsr/Drugs

This is the one I have been using for a couple years now, mainly with 4-aco dmt and molly. The one I bought was actually from for like $8 USD and it came in like 45 days from China lol. But it comes with a weight to make sure it's weighing properly. I've never had a problem as far as thinking the weight is any different than shown on here. I'd recommend.

u/Internal1 · 3 pointsr/MDMA

A few excellent resources: - this website contains pretty much everything you need to know. - psychedsubstance on MDMA


A few rules of thumb:

1 Test your stuff (even if it you trust your friend). Many "ecstasy" is cut with adulterants which is what causes most of the problems and its bad name in media. If you can, try to get crystal as a pill is harder to measure and has more chance of being cut with something. You can get test kits at or

2. Get a milligram scale if you can. You can find these on amazon (the Gemini series is excellent)

3. Start with a dose (in mg) of 1.5 times your body weight in kg. This is a safe dose with maximum effects and is highly unlikely to cause any problems. For most people the right dosage is in between 90-150mg. After a certain point you have reached maximum euphoria and taking more MDMA will increase the risk of adverse effects, or brain damaging. With doses of 1.5mg/kg you really don't have to worry about damaging your brain.

4. If you wish to do it again, try to stick to a 3 month interval. This is to allow your brain to replenish its happiness reserves. It's wise to stick to this.

5. Supplements are advisable, though not 100% necessary. Some ginger extract and magnesium are nice to make the roll more comfortable (for nausea and jaw clenching respectively). Antioxidants reduce neurotoxicity. Full list of supplements at

6. Even if you get very thirsty, don't drink too much water. 2 glasses of water every hour is a good rule of thumb.

7. Things to enjoy the roll:

good company (ideally people who you care a lot about and don't mind spilling your life story to)

music (make a playlist beforehand, any music will sound absolutely amazing, so make sure you have a playlist of at least 5 hours. you don't wanna be operating electronics on MD, that's a waste of a roll, trust me I speak from experience haha)

menthol (vicks inhaler)


nitrous oxide (though perhaps not for your first time if you are rather inexperienced)

u/jodyhighrolla77 · 3 pointsr/DMT

hey man eyeballing is reaaaaally bad. you probably smoked 15-20mg. 30mg is a suprisingly heft amount of powder. when i first started experimenting with spice i was eyeballing and when i finally got a scale that could measure .000 , turns out i was only smoking 15mg when i thought i was loading up 25, and i was always TERRIFIED to try to eyeball 35mg dose( which is as high as ive been comfortable going), but once i got my scale i was set. so yeah, just a tip from my experience.
that scale is the truth for how cheap it is.

u/ZayZay48 · 3 pointsr/Drugs

It is best to learn about a substance before you put it in your body. You've come to the right place! Drugs can be used safely and responsibly when you educate yourself and learn how to properly use them. Websites, such as this forum and are great places to start.

In the case of MDMA, here is it's erowid page:

Use that page to learn about proper dosing, being safe while rolling, and what to expect from the drug.

As a quick overview, don't do MDMA more than once every 1.5-2 months, ideally three. It is neurotoxic and doing it more often than that has been proven to cause brain (serotonin receptor) damage. For your first time, assuming you don't have cut MDMA, which I'll get to, 100-125mg will probably get you to a nice place your first time back to the substance. Yes, wrapping it up in toilet paper (aka 'parachuting') is a good way of consuming MDMA, although you may have to split up your dose depending on how much you can swallow at once, no big deal. Stay hydrated during the experience(try to consume electrolyte drinks like gatorade), and watch out for clenching teeth! Have something like gum or mints on hand. Trust me, waking up the next day after taking a stimulant and having your entire mouth and teeth badly ache because of teeth grinding absolutely sucks.

If you want to go the extra mile, and don't mind spending a few extra dollars at a supplement store, then refer to this guide to further minimize risks:

After you have done all of that, buy a test kit.

It is always crucial to know what you are putting in your body. Even if you trust your friends, mistakes happen and there are combinations and other substances, which are also white/off-white powders or crystals that when taken in the 100-125mg range, are often deadly.

You can never be too sure about this kind of thing. Test kits have saved and continue to save many lives.

If you're in the US, here is a link to a reliable, popular test kit:

As long as it tests as MDMA, it doesn't matter if it's a crystal or powder, although if it is a crystal(s), crush it up before swallowing it. It goes down easier that way.

One more word of advice, which is not absolutely crucial when dealing with MDMA , but is still HIGHLY reccommended. (especially if you are planning on experimenting with more potent substances in the future) You should consider buying an accurate milligram scale. Eyeballing doses is never really that accurate, and using a milligram scale to know exactly how much you are taking is a smart thing to do. It's especially harder to eyeball with more potent drugs, where a few mg makes the difference between having a light headspace and having full-blown, earth shattering ego death experience.

EDIT: Forgot the damn scale link!
That's a reliable scale that me, along with many other people here reccommend. And it's only like $30 with shipping.

Finally, enjoy the experience! Don't be nervous, know it's a safe and highly regarded substance. You will have an amazing experience!

Have a good day!

I really do like stimulants :p

EDIT: Something to add. You asked about buying it in the thread title, if you're in North America, MDMA generally goes for $20-$45 (maybe $55 in some states) per gram, and not much more than $10-$15 a point (100mg). Don't pay much more than that, as you're probably getting ripped off unless it's some lab-tested, very pure, probably darknet sourced MDMA

u/helix6 · 3 pointsr/reloading

I use a Gemini 20 and a Redding #5 trickler, but I'm a cheap SOB. The scale is accurate to .02 grains.

u/_ethylphenidate · 3 pointsr/askdrugs

Insufflation isn't that common, but sometimes I like to indulge myself in that psychedelic rush.

For a proper dose, the answer is yes, you absolutely need a scale, the Gemini 20 is a common choice, but it should be mentioned that this scale is not very accurate under 20mg. However, you can maximize accuracy by waiting a few moments after the scale turns on for it to "warm up," and then placing the 10g calibration weight on the scale. If it doesn't read 10.000g exactly, turn the scale off and try again. If it has a stable reading of 10.000g (+-1mg is also acceptable, provided the number is doesn't keep changing), then you can place the weighing dish on top of the calibration weight and record the scale's measurement. Add your desired substance, subtracting the final number from the one you already recorded to determine the mass of substance you are about to consume.

Another note: when I say the scale isn't accurate under 20mg, that means if you put the weighing dish on the scale, zero it, and then add your substance, you won't get an accurate measurement unless you are above this number. However, the scale can accurately determine the difference between 13.721g and 13.722g in ideal conditions. Ideal conditions mean you're not breathing on the scale, you aren't touching or leaning on the surface that the scale is resting on, it even means that you should turn off any fans or air vents in the room. Personally, I still notice small fluctuations of 0.002g or so, though I'm sure that there's a factor I'm missing. But 2mg doesn't really matter with this chem. If you're working with something that is active at this dosage, you shouldn't even be using a scale anyways, you should use volumetric dosing

u/gonzolahst · 3 pointsr/Nootropics

You can buy this 0.001 scale for $25, I use it, it's excellent and comes with a tray and two calibration weights. It's a good investment and you'll be able to safely dose the next ever-so-potent substance you try.

u/nappiestapparatus · 3 pointsr/reloading

I have this one:

I'm sure it's not as nice as $100-$200 scale but it measures to 0.001g, +/- 0.005g (only 20g max though). It's worked well for me so far.

u/Fire_Arm_121 · 3 pointsr/DMT

These are considered pretty good bang for buck over in the rc sub:

u/DivineMomentsofTruth · 3 pointsr/askdrugs

Buy a milligram scale from amazon for $25.

For clarification. We are talking about a scale accurate to .001 grams or one milligram.

One like this would work:

u/pxck · 3 pointsr/fentanyl

Here is a $20 scale on Amazon -- -- please get this or another scale to make sure you know how much you're using. That's the first step to debugging your problem.

u/schwiftshop · 3 pointsr/StackAdvice

It depends on what your measuring - if its 'flour like', 'sugar like', flakes, etc

Most good vendors will have a serving size on the package or give you a scoop - before I got my scale that's what I went by.

That said, its totally worth it to buy a scale. I got mine for like 20 bucks on amazon (it has a 20 gram limit). The thing to keep in mind is that when you measure small amounts, it can get really hard to get good measurements unless you're buying lab-grade equipment (and even then its not great), so if you use supplements that are dosed under say, 50-100mg, and its really important that you are accurate, read up on geometric dilution.

edit: this is the exact one I bought - at the time it was only $23. American Weigh Scales GEMINI-20 Portable MilliGram Scale

u/PitbullMaybe · 3 pointsr/sarmssourcetalk

I got this one.. American Weigh Scales AWS-Gemini...

u/ZorbaTHut · 3 pointsr/soylent

I think your numbers are off. This scale goes to single milligrams and it costs under $25. I'm not sure I'd trust it down to the individual milligram, but it's definitely a lot more accurate than 100 milligrams.

u/nahmsayin · 3 pointsr/Drugs

I personally use this model and it hasn't failed/killed me yet, though by the looks of it it might actually be made by the same manufacturer, just under a different brand name.

u/drkpie · 3 pointsr/DMT

You want one more digit after that. The scale you linked is 0.00g, you'll want one that's 0.000g.

Something like this:

u/oskykins · 3 pointsr/DrugStashes

I highly discourage using micro scoops for 3-MeO-PCP because of its high potency (a strong dose is 10mg without tolerance) and potential for psychosis and manic behavior. Since a red scoop is often said to hold 10mg, the recommended dose would likely be much less than a full red micro scoop.

A decent milligram scale, the Gemini-20, is $17 on amazon.

If you want to learn how to volumetrically dose (a scale is required for this), then I recommend looking at these two websites:

u/Jhoppa · 3 pointsr/Drugs

I'm hoping that when he says "I don't have an accurate mg scale", he means "I have an innaccurate mg scale," which is what most users of RCs have. In any case, no scale under $1000 (and no mg scale, period—you need ug accuracy) is going to be able to weigh out 500ug.

If he has no scale at all, I have only this to say: GET A FUCKING SCALE. If you have the money to buy RCs, you have the money to buy a cheap milligram scale. Do not trust that your vendor has weighed your sample accurately—I don't think this has ever happened to anyone ever anywhere. Besides the normal 10-50mg discrepancy, it's not unheard of for vendors to ship 2-5x what was ordered.

u/GrandPappyDuPlenty · 3 pointsr/Drugs
u/gintonicisntwater · 3 pointsr/Drugs

I have the same scale and mine has been working fine for over a year now. From my observations I'd say it's exact to about 3mg.

It's unclear if this is really a knock off or just the same model sold under a different brand. That's pretty common for Chinese manufacturers.

The Gemini 20 costs around 23 $ as well. So no big difference there.

You can try buying a Dipse FB-20 or a G&G 20g scale for about the same amount. I've also had this G&G 50g/0,001g scale which sadly couldn't even stay calibrated within 5mg. I've recently looked at the JScale JSVG 20 for 139€ hoping to get better precision out of it. The GemPro 250 is also recommended in Psychonaut Wiki, but costs over 200€.

The truth is though, that these cheap scales just aren't very accurate. If you read the amazon reviews on any of these (US and Germany) you see that there are a significant amount people with broken or unreliable scales.

If you absolutely need better precision than 5mg, then you need to invest more than 1000$€ or rely on volumetric dosing. Also keep in mind, that the scales are more accurate in the middle of their range. So place 5g or 10g onto the scale when you weigh a substance.

Maybe you can return yours under warranty.

u/bpi89 · 3 pointsr/bodybuilding

Here is everything you need to know about Yohimbine HCL

You can get it in pills, but it tends to be a rip off when you look at actual Yohimbine content vs filler. I prefer to buy it in bulk powder (careful, very potent), and weight it with an accurate mg scale. That 3g bottle gets you about 150 servings for $7.

Dosing is all in my first link (0.2 mg / kg body weight), but as a ~200lb male I take about 20mg Yohimbine with 200mg caffeine, 30 min before fasted morning cardio. Something low impact like incline treadmill walking, otherwise your heart could explode.

Definitely legal, but has its limits due the inconvenience of needing fasted cardio along side it to work. EC is probably more effective, but ephedrine is a little harder to get these days ;)

u/mattfreak13 · 3 pointsr/DMT

I've used this scale for like three years now and never had a problem

u/a_person_like_you · 2 pointsr/Drugs

I've heard a lot of good stuff about these. While I don't have this particular item, I purchased a .01g American Weigh brand scale about three years ago, and they still read accurately.

Reading through the reviews, it looks like the recess that the dish sits in is too deep and causing errors, and people suggest gluing a dime to the bottom of the dish to keep the rim of the dish from touching anything. They still seem very much worth $20 (~£13).

u/wblastyn · 2 pointsr/worldnews

The extended release version comes in capsules filled with beads. You can either count them (tedious and inaccurate) or weigh them using a jewellers milligram scale.

Edit: a scale like this will work -

u/Yamaha9 · 2 pointsr/StackAdvice

There's a great guide to racetams here

If you decide to go with powders (which is more cost-effective in the long run) make SURE you get a good scale to measure everything out. I went with this one
and this to measure everything out

u/anekin007 · 2 pointsr/Supplements

Got this scale for 6 months now and it's been very accurate. I measure all my supplements with it. You get more for your money with powder. The bottle of primaforce won't last more than 2 weeks for most people. For the same price powder will last atleast 6 months.

u/Sharkey311 · 2 pointsr/kratom

Found this one on Amazon for cheap.

It works great! I use it to mainly measure my Phenibut HCL and figured it would help measure the capsules of Kratom

u/MudvayneMW · 2 pointsr/Supplements

This one is what I see pop up the most on this sub and it's the one I use

u/bakageta · 2 pointsr/researchchemicals

A .01g scale isn't appropriate for measuring out 10mg, even if you had one. Drop the $25 on a Gemini 20. It's not great at weighing under 15mg, but if you don't tare the tray it's not bad either. A milligram scale is basically a must-have for working with these amount.

Volumetric measuring in general is great, but I don't know the solubility of that chem or how well it holds up in solution. Without knowing if it degrades in various solutions, I'd not mix up a huge solution and only mix up what you expect to need short-term. Weigh out the amount for solution, mix at whatever ratio is convenient and measure by mL like you mentioned.

u/agmatine · 2 pointsr/researchchemicals

Would this scale suffice?

Volumetric dosing would be ideal, but a bit problematic for various reasons.

u/okcukv · 2 pointsr/Cooking

And if you are interested in slingin' crack or modernist cooking, this one is quite good for measuring small quantities.

u/BlueMacaw · 2 pointsr/Silverbugs

You can always pop into your local coin shop and weigh it there.

I finally broke down and bought my own scale on Amazon, an American Weigh Gemini-20 Portable Milligram Scale. Works great and has good precision (0.001g) but I neglected to notice the max weight is 20g and silver dollars weigh over 26g. Something to keep in mind if you decide to buy one yourself.

u/Zorbithia · 2 pointsr/ketamine

Yup yup. You can get yourself a totally usable milligram range scale (as far as I can recall, it's accurate +/- ~2mg or so). The one I have is the American Weigh AWS Gemini-20 which weighs up to 20 g X 0.001g, comes in a nice little setup with a hinged cover, calibration weight, tweezers and a little metal weighing dish to use that has a sort of funnel kinda tip on it that's perfect to use for filling up capsules and stuff. I paid about $22-23 bucks on Amazon with free shipping, came in a day. Keep in mind you shouldn't measure less than 10mg with this thing, and if you have anything that's requiring exact milligram accuracy where 1 mg in either direction can make a world of difference, obviously you should be using a far more expensive scale because this won't be good for that. But otherwise, for something like K and 90% of drugs/RCs, etc. you can absolutely use this...make sure you're weighing at least 5mg with it and use it away from any fans/wind flow, put a little flat piece of glass or a piece of anti-static weigh paper/wax paper on top of the weighing tray to stop things from sticking to it.


u/PsychonaticInstitute · 2 pointsr/DMT
u/PBTJ · 2 pointsr/microdosing

Grab a coffee grinder and grind what you have into a powder for uniform potency. Then grab a milligram scale and some capsules off amazon. Then make your own capsules... Using a scale with that level of accuracy will allow you to make sure you know what dose you are getting and relelably repeat it time after time. I highly recommend this one. It's incredilby accurate for the $20 price. I use it almost every day for all sorts of small weight. I'd recommend starting with 0.1g (100mg) and going up from there if you feel the need. Happy dosing!!!

u/Mirkinator · 2 pointsr/PlantedTank

I got this one off amazon for my EI dosing and the spoons that Bitch linked below. Works great! and less then $25

u/PerpetualPlusFour · 2 pointsr/AgMarketplace

No reasonably priced scale is going to weigh 1mg accurately. It's simply not possible without some much more sophisticated and expensive equipment. Even that >$300 scale someone linked to here is only accurate to within +/- 3mg. You're looking at a minimum of a few grand if you actually need to be able to measure 1mg accurately - that's lab grade equipment, not a simple home scale.

Assuming your budget isn't gonna accommodate a lab grade analytic balance, I honestly don't see much reason to spend more than ~$20-25 for an AWS Gemini-20. It's a simple digital gem scale, readable to 1mg and accurate to +/-~3mg in my experience. You won't get substantially better accuracy than that without spending a small fortune. It's accurate enough to weigh out individual doses of most drugs. For drugs with active doses significantly below 20mg, I recommend using it to weigh out multiple doses at a time (at least 20mg, however many doses that is) and then using liquid dosing to split that amount into individual doses.

Amazon link

u/dsfgsad · 2 pointsr/Drugs

I dont really like this scale that much because it is hard to grab stuff off of it. I prefer this scale because I can just grab the tray off of it and pour the contents into a small bag easily.

u/thrownfish · 2 pointsr/Drugs
  • Capsule machine - any size depending on what you want the cap size to be.
  • Mortar and pestle - used to pulverize MDMA
  • Micro funnel - cut the tip of the spout off with scissors and leave about 1/4" spout.
  • Milligram scale - calibrate and weigh out MDMA amount per cap
  • Small metal spatulas - really useful for scooping MDMA

    These are just the tools that I use, you don't have to use them but it makes the job easier.


  1. Fill capsule machine with empty caps. This one holds 50 shells. Put the tops in a bowl or glass to keep them from getting misplaced.
  2. Place the shortened funnel in the first cap that you want to fill
  3. Pulverize MDMA. It doesn't have to be perfectly smooth, but the less chunky the easier it is to weigh out.
  4. Put a plate under the pestle, scale, and capsule machine to catch any accidental spills that might occur.
  5. Using the spatulas, transfer a small amount of MDMA that has been pulverized to the scale. Add or remove MDMA as necessary till you get the weight that you want each cap.
  6. Transfer the weighed amount of MDMA and pour it into the funnel, hopefully filling the cap with MDMA. The funnel spout sometimes clogs,just use the spatula to clear the clog.
  7. Repeat these steps until you've filled all the caps you need to make.
  8. After you have filled all the caps you are going to make, use the shell halves to seal the caps.

    With this setup, I can cap over 100 caps an hour, each one weighed out to the same weight. Using #1 caps each ends up about 1/2 full, filled with .1-.15g of MDMA.
u/0H_N0_T0T0 · 2 pointsr/Nootropics

Fyi, from my own experience, the New Star 10–15 mg scoop is grossly inaccurate (…otherwise, my Gemini-20 mg scale is seriously out of whack). Each scoop measures out about 3.5–4.5 mg of Noopept (loose-ish scoop = approx. 3.5 mg; packed scoop = approx. 4.5 mg); 7–8 scoops of powder = one dose (aiming for approx. 30 mg).

u/radiokicker · 2 pointsr/Nootropics

This is pretty awesome that you put that much work into it, but why not buy something like this? It would be safer in the long run.

u/iikes12 · 2 pointsr/Rcbestsell

Buy a mg scale (like such) and make a volumetric solution using propylene glycol as a solvent.

Do not assume you have received exactly what they claim. Weigh 1g and dissolve it in 500ml of PG (example), thus creating a 2mg/ml solution. Then, using a syringe, it is possible to accurately measure a dose.

There really is no other way unless you buy an extremely expensive scale. It's not possible to use a milligram scale to weigh 1mg due to the margin of error.

u/hung4z · 2 pointsr/hempflowers

With a cheap scale, a grinder, and some basic math, you can make your own mix. Lets say you ground up 7g 18% hemp flower, and 1g 24% THC flower. Thats 1260mg CBD and 240mg THC. Roughly 5:1. And you can always adjust based on the percentages. Also, fuck that other guy.

Both of these scales are well regarded on reddit:

AWS 100

Gemini 20 (not as cheap, but useful for measuring tiny amounts of other substances in just a few mg's)

u/coolguy-FqEZKjFqPGwM · 2 pointsr/trees

Two scales I use nearly daily:


    The first one goes up to 2Kg, but is less precise. The second one only goes up to 20g, but has mg precision.

    Both take batteries, but I use rechargable AAAs and the charge lasts for a long time. AWS is a reputable company.
u/throwawayYOLO420SWAG · 2 pointsr/Drugs

Do you mean put the solid in the capsule, or the liquid? If you mean the solid I forgot to mention that I have an mg scale but I was told the ones under $100 are pretty inaccurate even if you use it properly and that liquid measuring is the safest method. If you mean the liquid will the capsule not dissolve?

u/R_MnTnA · 2 pointsr/microdosing

Oh and if you need a good scale I bought this one which has been working out pretty well and it won’t break the bank. - American Weigh Scale Gemini...

u/team_pancakes · 2 pointsr/kratom
u/KAAAARMAAAAA · 2 pointsr/Drugs

Sorry for the late response but I would recommend the Gemini 20

works great for me.

u/hiddenstarstonight · 2 pointsr/suboxone

American Weigh Scales Gemini Series Precision Digital Milligram Scale, Silver 20G X 0.001G (GEMINI-20)

u/beanalicious1 · 2 pointsr/keto

Yes, definitely definitely DEFINITELY need to get a milligram scale. They are cheap. I use one similar to this

I'm especially certain it was the yohimbine if you couldn't measure it correctly. It is very strong stuff. You felt awesome with the first 2 shakes (success!) and I'm thinking there was just enough yohimbine, or it wasn't mixed thoroughly enough, that you got enough in your system to tip you over. When I've had too much in the past, I definitely get the feelings you've described. Also, really spacey.

It is weird to have so many bags of powders, and having to use such a fine resolution scale lol. Definitely feels a bit dark webby.

This is guaranteed to break a plateau. Mathematically, it has the perfect ratio of macros for keto weight loss, and has a calorie deficit. It will work for you, guaranteed. Just bring down the yohimbine by 1 or 2 mg. Let me know, I'm interested to see if that's the culprit

u/-thuggy · 2 pointsr/DarkNetMarkets

American Weigh Scales GEMINI-20 Portable MilliGram Scale, 20 by 0.001 G

u/GreenHairyMartian · 2 pointsr/Drugs

that would be one of these:

and i'd be curious as to the OP's experiences with it, is it really accurate-ish down to the 1/2mg level?

u/Nox_Anima · 2 pointsr/DMT

You haven't mentioned your dosage at all, and in your response to /u/Swimsdoseydoses you refer to an amount "the size of a pinhead" as though that's an accurate description of a dose.

Forgive me for assuming the worst, but you yourself admitted to smoking it off tinfoil, so I have to ask if you are weighing your dose at all? It could be that you're taking obscene amounts of dmt, which won't end well. If you don't already own a milligram accurate scale, I'd recommend the Gemini scale from Amazon. If you're apprehensive, start with a dose of 10-15mg. You'll get visuals broadly in line with the comedown/afterglow of an "average" lsd trip :)

u/TopShelfUsername · 2 pointsr/quittingkratom

Can’t hurt!
(Unless you have a family history of schizophrenia)

Start with about .1g

Get a milligram scale

u/Tumbalo2 · 2 pointsr/steroids

If you have a scale that measures 0.001g you could weigh the pill you need to divide and the crush it into powder and weigh out the portion you would take.

This scale cones with calibration weights and weighs 0.001g-20.000g

u/Dr_Icarus · 2 pointsr/askdrugs

You can try making your own energy drink of sorts. Get a artificial sweetener like erythritol, dissolve it in water, then empty a capsule into it and stir until it's all dissolved then drink it. Caffeine alone has an extremely bitter taste so a sweetener is almost a must, at least for me.

You can also buy caffeine powder and weigh out 200 mg of it and add it. If you do that please use a scale. Some people have died from trying to eye ball a good amount of caffeine.

u/Redditor11 · 2 pointsr/Drugs

Oh, shit, I'm glad you asked that. I could've sworn they had changed the platform on the Gemini-20 to a wide, flat design since I had bought mine. Looks like I was mistaken.
This (amazon link) is the one I have for reference. DON'T buy a scale with a platform like that if you want to weigh more than a few grams. For bud, you can fit one large nug. If you have small/medium sized nugs, you can only fit around 1.5-2g on there at a time. And even for powders, you can only fit a few grams as well. There's no way I can imagine that little bowl holding more than like 3g of anything at a time unless it's insanely dense, like some heavy ass metals.

You could buy some plastic/disposable weigh boats to give you a larger bowl to work with, but I haven't actually tried that, and it's not exactly the best solution.

u/I_am_Jake_ · 2 pointsr/kratom

Ohhh okay that makes a lot more sense! I have one of those pocket scales and a GEMINI-20

u/housemusik_luvr · 2 pointsr/MDMA
u/xYaldabaoth · 2 pointsr/Drugs

This is the cheapest one, it's what most people use. It's not perfectly accurate, it's off by at least +/-2mg usually. It worked well for me when I was into RC's. A few mg won't make much of a difference in effects anyway.

u/Behemoth_psy · 2 pointsr/Drugs

For that price i wouldn't trust the accuracy of that, I, as well as most others would recommend getting this scale:

It is well worth the money and its not worth risking an inaccurate dose of something highly dose sensitive. Just because a scale says it can measure 0.001g increments doesn't mean its exactly accurate to 1mg. I find the gemini 20 is usually accurate within 2-3mg.

u/ResidualLimbs_ · 2 pointsr/researchchemicals

Yeah just look into the solution and make sure it's clear.

Also make sure you're measuring your weight of substance and how much solution you're gonna use. I recommend the AWS Gemini scale. It's not accurate at super low ranges (hence the need for volumetric solutions), so you weigh out how much you're gonna use before hand. I like to weigh the bag before (full) and after (making solution) to compare how accurate the measurement was (obviously both could be off but they're usually within +/- 5mg which isn't much at this scale. (no pun intended lol).

A cardstock type paper is really good for weighing the powder with a crease down the middle, or what I use: cheap chinese wax weigh papers because the powder doesnt stick to them at all, and they're cheap and disposable. pour the powder into the vial (don't spill!) (here's a list of a bunch of bottles, it's hard to find what you exactly need and they usually come in big packs). My bottles actually came with a little aluminum funnel which doesn't work too good cuz the powder gets stuck to it, so I just kinda crease the paper and pour it into the vial opening very slowly being sure not to spill. Do it over a piece of paper or something if y ou're worried about spilling, since you've already measured it you can just take that paper and pour the "spilled" product into the botttle.

I don't have the full set of these but one of these like this with one scoop end and one flat end is really useful for the flat end to get into corners of baggies and whatnot, so I'd recommend something like this as a a scoop:

My vials are 60ml but I like to have extra space to shake the solution (important) so I only put 50ml at once to leave room for shaking. So say for 10mg/ml of etiz I would do 500mg etiz + 50ml PG. (1ml = 10mg, personal preference). If I was doing flualp I would do 100mg flualp 50ml PG. (personal preference of 2mg/ml since I usually dose between 0.6mg (0.3ml) and like 1.8mg (0.9ml).

To measure the PG you're gonna either need a graduated cylinder or, what I use which is probably slightly less accurate but there of course is a small margin for error as long as you know about the concentration, I use a 10ml syringe to fill the vial. 5 10ml pumps = 50ml.

For dosing lots of people will tell you to count the drops and that "there are 20 drops in 1ml no matter what" which is completely untrue, the only way to know exactly how much you're taking is using oral syringes. They're super cheapa if you can stand to wait a month from china, but you get like 20 (which is kinda required because after a while the lines start to fade on them. each tick is a 0.1ml so a full syringe is 1ml so if you have a 10mg/ml solution a full syringe is 10mg of etizolam, so if you only need 2mg or something it cuts down on the amount of PG you have to ingest. Lots of sites that sell premade solutions overcharge insanely for how little work it is to make yourself, and on top of that give you weak ass solutions like 2mg/ml (of etiz) or 4mg/ml (not even divisible by 10 so it gets confusing trying to dose that!) which make you intake way more PG than necessary. (It is food safe but it's pretty gross and some people can have adverse reactions).


There's lots of threads out there about this too if you need a full on step by step guide just google "etizolam solution" (most common one, it's the same for every substance, you just might want different concentrations for different strengths of drug). I tend to try and make my solutions as potent as possible so I don't have to eat an unnecessary amount of PG, or spend as much time making solutions!

Good luck and sorry for being judgemental earlier, glad you're at least willing to learn and I'm sure your friend was okay, just blew my mind knowing how I reacted to .250mg of flualp with no tolerance, lol.

Also you caught me on a pretty stimmy day so enjoy the fully cited guide, I don't think I missed anything. I don't necessarily use or endorse any of the specific products I linked just used them as examples of things you'd need; except the AWS Gemini 20, which is a must if you're weighing powders.

Sorry for the stim rant but I hope I helped out. Edited to add 1ml syringe dosing information.

u/fearlessnetwork21 · 2 pointsr/Nootropics

Make a nasal spray or just cap some up after you purchase a $20 scale on amazon that can weigh milligrams.


u/xcxcczxcxzczxxczczxc · 2 pointsr/kratom

If you are a "buy it for life" type, I suggest buying one of these instead

It is the tried and true affordable electronic scale

u/Captain_Midnight · 2 pointsr/keto

I strongly recommend measuring out powdered supplements with a gram scale to avoid excessive intake. Too much potassium at once can cause real and serious medical conditions.

u/newbieforever2016 · 2 pointsr/researchchemicals

Gemini scale>>

Kosher food grade usp pg solution

flualprazolam powder

Calibrated measuring cup

Oral syringes

and this

u/Lashtonator · 2 pointsr/MemantineHCl

When asking if you should eyeball a compound, the answer is always a universal, resounding no unless you're talking about alcohol or cannabis, especially when dealing with a compound that can last as ridiculously long as Memantine.


If you can afford Memantine, you can afford that. They're more than accurate enough to weigh out Memantine and it'll save you a lot of trouble.

u/CannabisChameleon · 2 pointsr/Drugs

Check out this one. It has been consistently rated as one of the most accurate milligram scales available for a reasonable price.

However, I cannot conclude without this warning: any scale that is not laboratory grade will have an unpredictable margin of error. Never use it for substances that are potentially lethal at milligram doses. If you are worried, measure slightly under the dose you want to take.

Also, here's a life pro tip for these scales: measure your substance while leaving a calibration weight on the weighing surface (after first calibrating, of course). It will reduce the margin of error and allow a more accurate measurement of milligram doses, but always err on the side of caution and remember that scales are usually inexpensive OR accurate.

u/tms20d · 2 pointsr/tressless

Melatonin can be found @$2.35/gram [here] ( Caffeine [here] ( You only need a few mg's / 60 ml minox ;-)

Some of the other chemicals mentioned can be a bit harder to find. These dissolve really well in the minox solution however after adding a bit of extra ethanol. As far as the morning topical is concerned, everything dissolves in the minox solution. The evening topical contains several oils and fatty acids, I had to add some of my own glycol and ethanol to get a clear(ish) solution. Amentoflavone (st johns worth, gingko), rosemary oil, SP from iHerb. You also really need [one of these] ( btw.

u/leadfarmer153 · 2 pointsr/Supplements

Only one place and I see someone has linked you. At only 50mg per use, I have basically a lifetime supply. I also jumped on my AMP citrate supply when I could smell the FDA ban coming. If you do order it get alot. Only a matter of time before it disappears. It says it has an expiration date. But I'm not buying into that. Keep it in a cool dry place. Again I stress the importance of a .001 gram scale. It's a dangerous powder. Don't get alpha male cocky with it. Be safe.

The scale I use. It works great American Weigh Scales GEMINI-20 Portable MilliGram Scale, 20 by 0.001 G

u/frankzzz · 2 pointsr/soylent

The 0.1g and 0.01g scale that ketosoy linked are the most popular around here and the diy site. Mainly the first one, it will weigh up to 1000g (1kg) and is accurate to 0.1g. The other one that looks just like it, weighs up to 100g, accurate to 0.01g.
The milligram scale I've seen mentioned before is by the same manufacturer, weighs up to 20g, accurate to 0.001g (1mg):

u/sadmanwithabox · 2 pointsr/MDMA

This is a very inexpensive mg (.001) scale that works fantastic. It's only precise +/- 5mg, but that's good enough and way more accurate than even a .01g scale.

u/sal9002 · 2 pointsr/CBD

500/10 = 50 doses. So either you need to be very exacting in measuring volume and divide the 500 into 50 equal volume doses, or you need to get a scale that you can measure 10mg with. Example

u/drugtemphfpar · 2 pointsr/Drugs

I've heard horror stories about this - but I've had this scale from amazon for a while, used it for this and that, and it's supposedly pretty solid with the calibration weight it comes with, am I right?

u/al_eberia · 2 pointsr/MDMA

Check how accurate the scale is. You want one that shows milligrams. The difference between 110mg and 190mg is very considerable but they will both show up as 0.1g on most cheap scales. Look for the gemini-20 on Amazon, its the most recommended milligram scale.

u/G1az3 · 2 pointsr/DarkNetMarkets

Pretty sure it's this ---> American Weigh Scales GEMINI-20 Portable MilliGram Scale, 20 by 0.001 G

u/Enlightened_Ape · 2 pointsr/Drugs

Dude, just buy this scale from amazon for $20. It's well worth the money and waaaaay more accurate than trying to weigh with a scoop. Scoops are quite a poor measure.

u/BLamp · 2 pointsr/Drugs

Ok, pay attention. First you take the graham. You stick the "chocolate" on the other graham. Put the pieces together and then you scarf.

u/ExistentialWhim · 2 pointsr/TripSit

And perhaps a mg scale would be helpful for taking an accurate doses is a good scale.

u/psyki · 2 pointsr/Drugs

Get a scale accurate to .001g, they're super fucking cheap online. Otherwise you're looking for trouble. Xanax is one of the fastest acting, strong benzos with a very short half-life.

This is what I have, works great and is $21.

u/psychoamine · 2 pointsr/researchchemicals

You can get a good scale for about 20 dollars. Make sure to have you scale on a level surface(you can buy one of those levels with the bubble in it for like 3 dollars) and make sure to calibrate your scale before every use. Also keep your scale clean and make sure you keep it somewhere where it won't be dropped or anything.

Here's a good scale

Here's a cheap reliable level

Here's a nice little scooping tool for your powders

Stay safe my friend!

u/gottemfiggit · 2 pointsr/Stims

Can my dumb ass ask you guys this question?

So I just bought this scale

and it arrived today. 0.025 = 25mg right? .100 = 100mg, .50 = mg, etc etc. Sorry just a little confused because I measured out '25 mg' and was attonished how little that actually is.

Anway OP. Meth. lots of meth.

u/MEatRHIT · 2 pointsr/fitnesscirclejerk

I picked up this scale, it also comes with a tiny little scoop that I don't really trust.

u/Fried_Tophu · 2 pointsr/MDMA

You can get one for like $20 on Amazon.

u/KratomOG · 2 pointsr/kratom

> I'm getting scared of GI bleeding

I don't blame you.

>I'd been planning to start 1 tsp, as that's explained to be about 2.5 grams

Get a scale That is a very accurate one.

Start keeping track of your doses in grams/milligrams. Keep notes on what strains have what kind of effect on you and how long they last.

You are going to want to keep your tolerance low and you wont be able to do this properly if you don't get a scale, time your doses, etc. You are going to want to stay ahead of this plant.

> Should I adjust this dosage to account for the fact that I am physically dependent on the tramadol?

This is going to take some trial and error. Both with differing strains and quantities. I suggest you get a sampler.

I see you got a sample of sorts from SoCal. That is good. Others I would suggest as well for samplers from Kratom-Kings, Gaia, Socal, Motrark, Heraldom.

I highly suggest you check out Hill Country Kratom talk to Dominic and get some of his Red Vein. This is the GOLD standard for me so far, though its not on the cheap side. Someone else mentioned BotanicalKratom? I haven't had the chance to try them so I cannot give a recommendation.

I am also a pain sufferer and take opiates while I'm not using Kratom(for tolerance breaks).

Do some research and find some good potentiates. PM me if you want my line up.

All in all the best advice I can give you is do lots and lots of research. Keep track of your usage. Find what works for you.

Peace and Freedom, KOG

u/mynumberistwentynine · 2 pointsr/bodybuilding

*edit - In regards to powdered DMAA.

If you don't have a good scale that can go to .001 grams, get one. [This is one I use for DMAA.] ( It's not the best, but it works well enough.

I apologize if that's a mobile link, I'm currently on my phone.

u/epistemeal · 2 pointsr/StackAdvice

You'll probably have to get a scale if you want an accurate measurements. I've heard good thing about this one, though it will cost you a bit.

u/Xilean · 2 pointsr/shrooms

Get yourself a scale, and try not to skimp. Honestly there's a massive difference between a $5-$15 scale and a $30 scale.

Next, get a grinder. I'm going to assume you already have one, and if not, finding one isn't exactly difficult. (Though this is clearly the champion)

Grind it up, decide how much you want to take, say, 2.5 grams. Keep in mind that potency varies wildly between not just species but individual mushrooms and fruitings.

Even though it varies, its best to have some control over your dose. And there are guides for dosing all over the place.

u/CApump · 1 pointr/Steroidsourcetalk

Weights out 20- 0.001g and has been working great for me so far. If I want to weigh out say 5mg of powder and cap that, I'll weigh out 20 mg on the scale, make a uniform line of it and then divide it into 4 parts. Cuts the margin of error a little bit and is less time consuming then weighing out 5 mg each time.

u/WeAreTheBoys · 1 pointr/MDMA

Get a scale. MDMA is really really hard to eyeball. This one will do you wonders and it's only $8.26. If you want to get a nicer one, I have this one and can't recommend it enough.

u/nsgiad · 1 pointr/microdosing

If you can't weigh it, then you don't have any options. Get this and call it a day.

Microdosing is a game of fractions, and you can't get that without an accurate method of dosing.

u/FirstTimmer · 1 pointr/trees
u/GeneralStarkk · 1 pointr/Drugs

Firstly, if you had a picture it couldn't possibly hurt, if anything you would get more accurate answers. I'd also like to add that if you can afford drugs you can afford a scale. I own one of those, there cheap, sturdy, and accurate. I don't want you to feel like I'm lecturing you, but I strongly believe that drugs arn't worth damaging you're health over.

u/TheLobsterBandit · 1 pointr/CBD
u/throwawayawayawy123 · 1 pointr/DarkNetMarkets

GEMINI-20 Portable MilliGram Scale

You can pick it up for $20, just gotta catch it on sale.

u/darktor · 1 pointr/sarmsourcetalk

My scale goes down to 1mg (0.001g). He's going to get a better measurement using a scale then a solution. Here is the one I use

u/coyotefred · 1 pointr/microdosing

Dried or fresh? Dried and ground with a cheap coffee grinder and then weighed was much more consistent for me. This scale works great:

Once you've settled on a dosage size, load up a 0 or 00 gel capsule and note how 'full' it is...then fill future capsules to that position more or less.

u/metrons · 1 pointr/DMT

One hit. I've checked the chamber every time after going on an adventure and it's completely empty. This is what I love so much about this vaporizer, it's one hit every time.

It sounds like you're not measuring this?

I did a butt load of research months ago on a proper scale for this exact purpose and I found countless people were using this. This is what I purchased and it seems to work fantastic.

I've done 50 mg a few times and the trips lasted roughly seven or eight minutes. it's noticeably longer, I can definitely tell the trip is much longer on that dose. I'm just guessing here oh, I do think you absolutely need to measure the stuff out, you certainly don't want to waste anything. It's definitely worth the investment.

I'm personally still unclear what a breakthrough is. I've had moments where I briefly forgot about my family, my possessions... That only lasted maybe 15 or so seconds, almost as if I had to use all my brain power to recall. If you have any information on that, I would love to know.

I would personally like to go on more spice adventures but I've been having so much fun with LSD recently, I like the variety! I hope this is helpful, if you ever want to message anyting DM me! I'm always looking to make new friends who are into this incredible, incredible substances.


u/at_zack · 1 pointr/MDMA

.001mg scale for less than $30.

I just purchased this kit a few days ago and it's the best I've ever seen. It has almost every reagent you'll ever need, as well nice color charts for every reagent. It's on the pricey side, but I feel you can't put a price on safety.

I also highly recomend you get a robadope reagent kit. It's the only way to test for PMA, PMMA, which is the shit that kills people, and it's also the easiest method in my opinion to test for MDA and amphetamine. However only a few reagent sellers stock them.

Also check out r/reagenttesting.

u/Redditor_on_LSD · 1 pointr/Drugs
u/lerkkmore · 1 pointr/reloading

This works nice. Accurate to 0.02gn, so I feel confident about my tenths. You'll want a small weigh boat for larger charges (I use folded tin foil). Cheaper and more precise than the name brand models. My buddy's got the cheap Frankford arsenal scale, and for the same money this one's much nicer.

u/theglock · 1 pointr/MDMA

This guy is selling the big three off ebay which can be private

He has a reddit post here about it. If this doesnt work for you and you REALLY want to be stealthy, Just make your own Marquis reagent.

But other than that, I havent found any test kits in brick and mortar stores anywhere I live. I wish you the best of luck! :)

P.s. the mass of pills varies so much that it would be impossible for us to give you an accurate figure. your best bet is to get a scale. This one is cheap and really highly rated

u/aqble · 1 pointr/DIY_eJuice

Hopefully you'll get a better answer, but you can pick up a decent milligram scale for $23 on Amazon.

u/krakenfury_ · 1 pointr/microdosing

If you haven't checked it out, there's a wealth of information in the subreddit FAQ/Wiki.

I ground them up with a coffee grinder, and use this digital scale that measures mg:

u/imyungandilikedrugz · 1 pointr/researchchemicals buy this too cuz the last thing you wanna do is eyeball smtn as potent as 4-aco-dmt this is a nice starter scale at a moderate price and will make ur drug journeys a lot safer

u/gradient_x · 1 pointr/MDMA

This scale is what I started with and it's pretty damn good for 20 bucks ... I highly recommend it. If you're only capping up a few grams a year then go with something like this, but you'll need to be careful using it ... I've have some fishy readings.

Now, if you want to spend a bit more this seems to be the most popular choice. It's a great scale but it can be finicky ... make sure you get a good one.

u/daVinci88 · 1 pointr/MDMA

Are you lookin' at scales or testkits?

Two great scales are the American Weigh AWS-100 (which does 100g x .01 increments) and the American Weigh Gemini-20 (20g x .001). As always, the more precise it is the better, but the AWS-100 will most likely work fine, but I recommend the Gemini if you can.

u/reprapraper · 1 pointr/AskMen

anyone using drugs that can kill them should be using one of these to measure out their doses. It's $20 and is accurate down to the milligram.

u/Tussthethief · 1 pointr/MDMA

Buy a scale. PLEASE BUY A SCALE.

this scale is close to perfect. As close as you can get to accuracy for this price. It'll be off at most by .01 which lets you accurately dose a point within 100-110 mg's. (A point being exactly 100mg's. So at most with this scale you'd be getting approximately 110mg's.) YMMV

I wouldn't use OJ as its acidic and will increase your stomach acidity and decrease absorbtion. Take one or two TUM's or Rolaids or whatever you happen to have available 30 minutes prior to use. This will decrease stomach acidity and increase absorption.

WHITE (this is important) Grapefruit juice the day before will also increase absorbtion as it inhibits the CYP3A4 enzyme and (without going into too much science) will increase bioavailability which means you get a little more bang for your buck. This should be done the day before so your stomach is not too acidic. Again, TUMS are great for preventing acidity. Whole black peppercorn will also help with bioavailability.

If you're too lazy to buy a scale, licking the tip of your finger and dipping in MDMA is USUALLY close to a point.


You could be taking anywhere from 2 points to a half point with this method. No way of knowing without using a scale at least once on this particular batch.

Gel caps are cheap also, and they are a much more efficient way of ingesting MDMA. A small pack will last you a lifetime.

Anywho if you have any more questions feel free to ask. I'll do my best to answer.

I'm a firm believer in supplements, and as such, swear by /u/misteryouaresodumb 's MDMA supplementation guide.

It is the most accurate guide to date that I have been able to find.

Good luck!

u/needan_accounttopost · 1 pointr/Drugs

i just bought this one, works great so far i guess, and comes with a 10 year warranty. also, i got free 2 day shipping 'cause of this new Amazon Student thing! great deal.

u/Wet_Earlobe · 1 pointr/SilkRoad

He had a 2.5g listing up at one point. Scales are damn handy but not entirely essential if you have practice with weighing MDMA out.

Scales can be got cheap on amazon, like this 0.01mg scale, or this 0.001g scale. You get what you pay for to some extent, but even a cheap scale is a really handy investment. 0.01g accuracy is easily enough, but it's a little easier with the extra decimal place, you can be more consistant.

As for capping it, caps are really cheap amazon, or you could just get a dose and bomb it (wrap in tissue/ciggarette paper and swallow). To put it in the cap it's easy to use a straw with a scoop end.

u/Elijah_Baley_ · 1 pointr/tea

You can get 1kg of pure anhydrous caffeine for $28.87 here. This is approximately 20,000 cups of tea. Make sure you get a good scale - remember, the LD50 for caffeine is about 150 mg/kg.

Or, try to lower your tolerance...

u/the-tripper · 1 pointr/Drugs

I would get two seperate scales. You'll have to spend quite a bit for one that weighs in milligrams up to an ounce. It would be cheaper to have two.

For a milligram scale, I have this one and it works pretty well. If you weigh anything under 20mg I would recalibrate it every time. If you are going higher than it should be perfect.

For a gram scale, you have tons of choices. Almost anything will work as many scales are accurate. I got mine in person from a head shop but here is one that looks pretty good.

u/iamthewaffler · 1 pointr/Nootropics

I can vouch for this scale being awesome, and both more accurate and easy to use than most that are twice that price.

u/bradbrookequincy · 1 pointr/adderall

Just crush a bunch. Crush enough pills to have a big sample so that you get the same amount of each bead. Mix it all up and then Store it in a something. Then get an .001 scale and weight out what you want. This scale

u/EuphoriaFail · 1 pointr/Drugs

2C-I as a chemical is highly promising in my opinion. It's being touted as a potential nootropic. It has a small enough dosage profile that it can be measured out by consumers.


You don't need to spend hundreds and hundreds on an expensive milligram balance--just get a cheap milligram scale, such as the gemini-20:

It's VERY accurate. The 10g calibration weights you're given weighed out (once cleaned and wiped dry) to be 10.0002g and 10.0001g out of 50 measurements for each of the two weights. A standard deviation showing a linear plot, and the average of all measurements was taken. The highest weight taken was 10.0004g and the lowest was 10.0000g. These measurements were taken using MY exorbitantly expensive 0.1mg balance.

I did the exact same comparison experiment actually weighing product. I calibrated with the 10g weights (really 10.0001g and 10.0002g) then went to measuring. Weighing out 0.0207g (20mg) heroin with the 0.1mg balance turned up 0.021g (21mg) with the Gemini scale. All further weights were accurate to ±0.003g. Weighing out 1-8mg for 2C-I nootropic dosage is simple and can be done cheaply with this superb scale. /sales pitch


In your opinion though, how is 2C-I? I've never used it myself, I've only read about it. I've used MDPV, mephedrone, methylone, and many in the NBOMe family, but never the 2C or DOx families. I've been meaning to try, but, you know...

Gotta wait until the storm passes... the waters are not calm. One of the reasons I can't find shit. I'm not gonna go around campus asking people for drugs, that's just silly. I'm an active member on campus and a huge figure in the chem club. Nonono.

Ah, 2C
and DOx... One day, you will be mine. One day.

u/OrionsKnife · 1 pointr/dxm

Well, they are kinda big but I've never had a problem swallowing pills. 00 size are the next size down, then 0, etc. There's a pill capping device called "Cap-M-Quik"

And you'll definitely want a small milligram scale like this:

I use that capping device for packing my bulk Kratom too - it's a really nice thing to own. But I'm a real paraphernalia nut ! :D lol

u/KlugReeOlympic · 1 pointr/PEDs

If you're gonna spend $10 on those, you might as well buy a full featured scale like this one for only $15 more. On the frequently bought together part, it lists the scale, a scooper, and empty pill capsules for $40.

>I'm not affiliated with any of the company's that produce/distribute the product(s) I promoted (including amazon). Just trying to save you a few bucks

u/humanasfck · 1 pointr/DMT

Bingo my friend. You'll get it, it is definitely something that takes a little bit of dialing in to get used to proper technique.

You'll get it next time. As others have said, a "crack" pipe where you heat underneath the glass is the most inexpensive method... Though for an even easier time, invest in a wax vape pen, such as the yocan evolve plus, and using the ceramic donut insert.

It would also be wise to invest in a quality mg scale so you can accurately measure the doses accurately, that is going to be another important aspect to dialing in your breakthrough.

u/four-fourty-four · 1 pointr/RCSources

something like this wouldnt be able to meausure my dosage?

and thanks, if that isnt sufficint to weigh out doses, I'm ordering from ricklabs

u/ALLCAPS_POTATO · 1 pointr/Drugs

I'll probably just end up ordering this one.

u/xenodius · 1 pointr/researchchemicals

I appreciate both of those RC's but have never volumetrically dosed them. While your storage conditions sound good I know nothing of their solubility or stability in solution.

I know this isn't what you asked, but you can get a GEMINI-20 that's accurate enough to weigh out doses for both of these chems for about as much as a bottle of everclear.

If you try 5-meo-mipt in PG though, let me know-- it can be smoked and as an innately erogenous and tactile chemical, instantaneous peaking is a useful thing.

u/druggythrowaway2498 · 1 pointr/MDMA

Get a scale. This one is pretty cheap, and if you can afford drugs you can afford this. A little over $20, and at least in my area it actually has free one shipping with Amazon Prime. Funnily enough the majority of the people I know who have scales have this one.

u/Psychedilly · 1 pointr/researchchemicals

BUY THAT. Or at least suspend your drugs in liquid. For me finger dips turn into finishing a 100mg bag in one night. Also your etizolam should be a white powder with a sparkly appearance, almost as if it was made of plastic.

u/bipboopbapbeep · 1 pointr/DarkNetMarkets
u/DemonPaladin · 1 pointr/Drugs
u/ThisWontFrontPage · 1 pointr/Drugs

Please make sure to weigh your lines and know what you are getting. Just because somebody says it is MDMA, doesn't mean it is. I don't care if you order it from overseas, test it. The same goes for LSD, make sure that you are getting LSD (if that is your intended buy) and not a research chem. Testing kits are expensive but consider how expensive your life is as well before using. Here is a good scale for lines. Here is a good testing kit for LSD Stay safe guys. I enjoy reading stories here and sometimes providing my own but please, stay safe.

u/kaligrrrl · 1 pointr/opiates

honestly, those all sound pretty shitty. I think you'd be better off with a fent analog--furylfentanyl is actually less potent than fentanyl, so not quite as dangerous. You'd still want to buy a good microgram scale (this one gets good recommendations and dose volumetrically (

u/MurphyDuke · 1 pointr/reloading

I had a GemPro 250, and I opted to downgrade to this one

I find that it is just as accurate, just slightly more cumbersome to use. I would rather spend the extra money on components / dies.

u/837183 · 1 pointr/Nootropics

> At the very least have a scale that weighs down to 0.001g (i.e. GEM20)

Thanks. will take your advise on that.

Thing is, there are two scales with an uncanny resemblance, one is:

u/g0rth · 1 pointr/Drugs

Nope; wrong scale. Almost certain it's from this one.

u/c3ntrifuge · 1 pointr/Peptides
u/eric_lewis · 1 pointr/StackAdvice

Addressing your first question, before buying any of these nootropics, I researched thoroughly and have not experienced any tolerance issues myself because I took necessary precautions in order to prevent that from happening. The only substances I have heard of causing the build of tolerance are pramiracetam and phenylpiracetam, the latter more so than any other substance. But this information, I have found, is anecdotal and these noots affect people differently than others. I have heard of cases of tolerance of phenyl can build in 3-4 straight days and pram in 1-2 weeks. I only take phenyl when I know I will have a challenging day ahead i.e on exam days. I cycle pram with other racetams, taking it 2 times per week, give or take. As for cycling, I would not take more than 2-3 racetams in a day, as it is not necessary. I usually take aniracetam daily, and cycle pram, oxi, and piracetam. Once again, you will have to experiment with these and find the cycling schedule that is most effective for you, or not cycle at all.

As for the capsule issue, it is definitely not necessary to use capsules. I used to use just powder and that has worked fine; I usually just dissolved my stack in water (I now just make my own capsules, for convenience). Powder is also much cheaper per dose. I have also heard of dissolving the powder sublingually, but I have not tried it. But if you buy the powder, you will most definitely have to buy a 0.001g scale, and it must be accurate, as many doses of noots will be in the 10 mg range. I recommend the [Gemini-20 scale] ( Semax comes in the form of a nasal spray, don't know if you are comfortable with that, just a forewarning, if you decide to research. As I said before, I make my own capsules, and fit my whole stack into one pill, which I find convenient. There is a kit which I use on, if you are interested, which explains everything about capsule making.

Definitely a good choice to research everything before buying and definitely don't trust just one report, even data. You're welcome and once again, good luck.

u/Atterall · 1 pointr/Methadone

At my clinic they said they have the ability to measure 0.5 mg for a patient and have in the past. They did that when patients were at the very end of their taper and they didn't want to jump for 1mg to 0. When I asked about 0.1mg they said they hadn't done that before.

I'm guessing/ my gut feeling is that at most places accuracy is going to be well under a mg.. which is very easy to measure accurately in the scheme of things (1mg dose is about 0.1 grams of 10mg/mL concentrate which is pretty typical accuracy in the cheapest pocket scales so having actual calibrated equipment should make that quite easily, liquid measurement or weight).

This machine (which looks a lot like the one they use at my clinic): seems to measure accurately +/- ~0.01 ml or ~.1mg if 10mg/mL concentrate is used.

I'm guessing in the scheme of things you are getting 9mg +/- 0.1mg (so 8.99mg is worst case scenario), if things were off by a whole mg (or multiple mgs) on a consistent basis it would be pretty easy for nursing staff to be slipping hundreds (or perhaps thousands of mg) under the table.. which is something (the only thing?) the authorities/DEA is looking for when they come into check american clinics.

If you are super concerned about it, mg scales are relatively cheap and if they give you unwatered down doses, it shouldn't be a big deal to double check your dose when you are at the window... this ~$25 one on Amazon had served me well when using it for other purposes, many moons ago:

u/themasonman · 1 pointr/quittingphenibut

Lol that is just so wrong. Scoops are NOT an accurate way of dosing.

Sure, maybe a shit scale is inaccurate.. one like this one only has a .005 mg margin of error. Due to inconsistency with chunks of powder (clumpy powder?) You have no idea how much is actually in one of those scoops. Plus each type of powder weighs something different. If you buy phenibut from a different vendor, the powder could be more/less fine.

u/JakeWasAlreadyTaken · 1 pointr/Fitness

Have used mesomorph and really liked it, but since I'm pretty frugal I now go for just the pure stuff. I picked it up at and got a milligram scale (SUPER IMPORTANT), and I've never paid so little for such a great pre-workout before. The one downside is the time. It takes a lot of patience measuring out ingredients, especially because you can't just plop down some powder and you have to be careful not to put too much. For the money, you might just find it's worth paying a bit extra for mesomorph and getting the ease of a scoop. If I had any left, I liked to vary between choices like whether I wanted mesomorph or my stuff.

My go-to formula is

  1. 200-300mg caffeine
  2. 30-50mg DMAA
  3. 3200-4000mg beta alanine

    Mesomorph has all of those ingredients in basically those dosages, with extra stuff too tho
u/RedSteppa · 1 pointr/DMT

With a milligram scale. People in the US often seem to use this one

u/MDMA4Me50 · 1 pointr/MDMA

This scale is the BOMB. .001g accuracy too.

American Weigh Scales GEMINI-20 Portable MilliGram Scale, 20 by 0.001 G

u/Winkinblinkinnoddin · 1 pointr/opiates

American Weigh Scales GEMINI-20 Portable MilliGram Scale, 20 by 0.001 G

I love mine :)

u/wcwjhvwrtulyvtru · 1 pointr/DarkNetMarkets

Dude, what? Just get a gemini 20 scale and the capsule machine and 1000 size 0 caps.All of that would be around $50 and you can make 1000 caps. Get a better scale, don't cut your stuff. A lot of my friends open my 40mg caps, split it into 2 lines and snort one line into each nostril. That would be such worse to have to snort 80mg of powder.

I know it cuts your margin of error but it's really not worth the effort if you're going to weigh out each cap anyway.

I just put a piece of weighing paper on my Gemini and weigh out 40mg and put it on the cap that's already in my capsule machine. It took me about an hour and a half to do 120 40mg speed caps and 20 100mg MDMA caps.

EDIT: Links for the lazy:

  • Gemini 20

  • Capsule machine

    Like I wasn't trying to be mean or anything, just wondering why you would weigh out all of that and subtract the amount needed. I would think it would be much more precise using weighing paper or something and weighing out each dose individually.
u/TookFiveMarijuanas · 1 pointr/Drugs

First of all you don't even know for certain if it's MDMA, you really should consider buying a test kit to make sure. For that matter without a scale you have no way of knowing if it's actually 1g of product.

Eyeballing drugs that have small effective doses by crushing them up into lines like you describe is just a bad idea in general. You can buy a milligram scale for less than $25 on amazon and get 2 day shipping if you really don't want to wait, this is the one I have and seems to work fine:

The only really "safe" way to eyeball drugs (once you have a known quantity, so you should still get the scale) is to dissolve it in some kind of liquid and do volumetric dosing. For example, if you know for certain that you have 1 gram of molly and completely dissolve it in, say, 100mL of liquid, then each 10mL of that liquid will contain 100mg (of course that also depends on having a measuring cup or test tube or whatever that measures fluid volumes precisely enough). That said, I have no idea what MDMA would actually dissolve in.

I know that MDMA is active orally considering that it often comes in pills, I have no idea if it can be insufflated or not.

u/BTConMyMindBTCBTC · 1 pointr/DarkNetMarkets

I may be an asshat, but I am a correct asshat.

I guess you two are the only two dipshits around here who don't know about affordable MG scales and talk out of your ass. Here you go, wham, bam, and corrected. You can apologize and tell me how you were wrong whenever you want.

This scale will work perfectly fine to dose out ~20mg doses. At worst you'll dose 17-23mg for 20, but in reality I've found it to be more reliable than that.

u/gotteric · 1 pointr/Coffee

Yeah, heck even one of these would seem sufficient for what I am assuming they need.

u/ProfWiki · 1 pointr/StackAdvice

Yup, trust me, 20$ now for a scale will save you money in the long run. You'll inevitably underestimate how much of something you are taking, which can be dangerous at worse, and expensive as you go through supplements quicker at best.

This scale is on sale for 10 dollars right now actually, so I'd go with it. It has tons of good reviews.

This one, which I have, is good though because it has a little metal cup to place the supplements in. I guess otherwise you could use a little paper cup or something, put it on the scale and tare it, then add your supplements if you go with the first scale.

u/chrissorrenson · 1 pointr/Drugs

I agree. Why take a chance? Spend 22.95 & get a well calibrated milligram scale with calibration weights like this one:

u/oswaldhuxley · 1 pointr/Drugs

A link from my original link will take you here. Get a scale. Eyeballing doses makes it easy to convoke yourself to take more leading to black outs.

u/dorkra · 1 pointr/reloading

If you get the breech lock hand press (loaded my first thousand or so rounds on this..) don't forget the bushings for the dies.

Two trays for holding pre and post rounds would be useful. And a cheap scale. I used [this] ( but another option would be this one.

A loading manual. You might want to get one before you do anything else, read it completely, and then go from there. Primers and bullets are pretty easy to get right now (at least in this neck of the woods) but powder is still plus or minus. See what powders you can even get. Online is always an option, but you have to pay an additional hazardous materials charge to have it shipped (~$28) so for small volumes of powder, it's can add quite a bit to your cost.

u/THEGRENAAAAADE · 1 pointr/dxm

You might want an mg scale instead of a g scale for powders for accurate dosing.
I've used your scale before, it's not accurate at all under a gram.

u/timelessdrifter · 1 pointr/kratom

I bought dumb... I needed a millegram scale that would measure down to the thousandth of a mg for meds, so the first one I got was the AWS gemini-20 and that's been the scale I use 99.9% of the time. Problem is, it only has a 20g capacity, so trades/donations were ridiculously complicated. However, it's an extremely accurate scale, comes with calibration weights and the case has a magnetic flap and protects the scale very well. It's a complete system.

Then, I got the AWS ACP-200 and that better for trades and donations, and I thought it would adequate. But no... Most of what I buy is 250g minimum (I told you I bought stupid). This one, however, requires that you buy a separate calibration weight. And they're not cheap.

Which brings me to the AWS-600-BLK with a capacity of 600g. Of course, I also buy kilos, but I haven't addressed that one yet :-) This one requires a calibration weight also, which really offsets the relatively inexpensive buy-in for the scale.

If I was smart, I would have purchased the 20g and a 1000g version and been done with it. One suggestion I would make is to NOT buy the calibration weights that they list as accessories for the scales and go with this guy instead. It's a 1000g calibration weight set that will give you just about any weight imaginable for only $18.

u/ODCTD · 1 pointr/kratom

I weigh other things which require mg measurements and have this along with the standard AWS 1/10th gram scale. I like to be accurate.

u/charmreduction · 1 pointr/Drugs

It always amazes me how clueless psychiatrists are about SSRI withdrawal. I'd like to see one of them go off 20mg of Lexapro in 2 weeks and see how they like it. Get a Gemini 20 digital scale and a pill splitter and go down 10-20% per month depending on how you are tolerating it. It look me about 6 months to go from 10mg to 2.5mg, which is where my sweet spot seems to be.

u/dopnyc · 1 pointr/Pizza

Malcolm, I'm happy that you're happy :)

  1. When you use too much yeast, the dough overproofs and deflates (and smells like alcohol). The local flour didn't deflate, because it didn't have enough protein/gluten to trap the gas.

  2. Smaller quantities of ingredients, unless you have a jeweler's scale, should always be measured in volume (tablespoons/teaspoons).

  3. Oven thermometers are pretty much useless. I know you've invested quite a lot into this endeavor, but, if you're ever going to track your stone temperature properly, you're going to need an infrared thermometer. Amazon has some for pretty cheap, although I'm guessing shipping is going to drive the price up. All IR thermometers come from China, so you might look into getting one from China directly from an outfit like dealextreme or aliexpress. For your immediate needs, you'll need one that goes to 650 F, but, if you think you might ever have a wood fired oven, you should look into something that goes up to around 1300 F.

  4. Your oven has no top heat source? That sort of sucks. Does it have a broiler drawer on the bottom? Does it have a convection feature? Some higher end ovens can be calibrated. Calibration can typically buy you as much as 35 F. higher. The instructions are in the manual. Have you looked into calibration?

    Just so we're on the same page, you're using Caputo 00 pizzeria flour,, right? 65% water is a little high for Caputo. For your next bake, go with this:

    100% flour

    62% water

    3% oil

    1% diastatic malt

    2% salt

    .3% instant yeast

    1% sugar

    Your yeast should be 3.2g per teaspoon. Your malt is 14g per tablespoon (3 teaspoons). You'll need to check the packaging of your salt to check it's density. If it's a fairly standard fine grain salt, it should be around 13g per tablespoon, but definitely check for greater precision. How are your excel skills? A spreadsheet can be enormously helpful for these kinds of conversions and for scaling a recipe up/down.

    And don't forget... photos :) Right now, I'm just helping you reach a somewhat generic really good pizza realm. To hit Glascow more precisely, I'm going to need to see photos of the underside of the dough (right before stretching) and of the finished pie.
u/SnapshillBot · 1 pointr/MGTOW

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  4. 1000 empty capsules -, [*]( "could not auto-archive; click to resubmit it!"),

  5. and a quick pill maker -, [*]( "could not auto-archive; click to resubmit it!"),

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u/cokespraythrowaway · 1 pointr/cocaine


Please be fucking careful. Don't be stupid. Take the time to accurately prepare your solution and to diligently track your usage. Don't use too much, be careful what you combine this with, and don't get careless. There are few drugs more susceptible to overuse than cocaine. I can personally say that switching to this method made me eventually get tired of coke, because once you can do it non stop all the time it loses it's appeal and you start to feel a bit like a junkie.

I would highly recommend keeping your solution strength as low as possible and limiting your use to no more than two days per week with at least 3-5 days between sessions, and taking a month or two off every once in a while is always a good idea. You'll spend way less money and will feel better physically, and you will be more able to maintain that sweet spot where you are feeling good but are still mentally sharp.

Typical nasal spray bottles seem to be designed to coat your entire nasal cavity with a widely dispersed mist, which means most of the solution ends up being absorbed by the nasal mucosa and having to travel through the blood vessels in your nasal cavity to the brain. Something that allows you to target (idealy) the olfactory epithelium and or the trigeminal nerves in the nasal cavity will allow faster delivery to the brain and reduced waste. This will also help to limit damage to the nasal mucosa by allowing you to use less solution while delivering more directly to the brain. See:


    Ideally you'd try to find something like Impel NeuroPharma's POD (Precision Olfactory Delivery) device, which is designed to target the spray more effectively to the nerve clusters in the upper nasal cavity. However, it seems to be nearly impossible to source one of these devices online. That being said, there do appear to be at least a couple available devices that might come closer to the POD than standard nasal spray devices:


    Note that you'll probably want something with a clear bottle, which makes it much easier to see how much solution is left in the bottle and allows you to spot any impurities in your product (cocaine should rapidly dissolve and leave the solution nearly completely clear, while many adulterants will take longer to dissolve or will not dissolve at all, leaving the solution cloudy with particulates at the bottom of the bottle.

    I haven't personally tested these devices so I can't say for sure if they are any more effective than a standard spray device, but it looks like they should give you greater control over the dispersion target. If anyone knows where to find one of the specialized delivery devices, please let me know.

    Once you have your nasal spray device, you'll probably want some way to consistently prepare your solution. A simple oral syringe will allow you to measure an exact amount of solvent (saline solution):


    Saline Solution:


    A digital milligram (.001g precision) scale will allow you to measure your solute (the powdered, water soluble drug) with reasonable (but not perfect) precision:



    A funnel will make it easier to get everything into the bottle and is recommended:


    Once you have all the necessary supplies, unscrew the cap on your nasal spray device and put the funnel into the bottle mouth. Figure out your desired strength for your solution and then measure out the corresponding amount of saline solution and cocaine. The trick with this delivery method is figuring out the correct concentration for your solution depending on how strong you want each spray to be. I've found that 25mg/ml is perfectly sufficient, 50mg / ml is more than enough, and anything stronger is a bit of a waste. In fact, there seem to be diminishing returns anywhere past around 20mg/ml, and in many cases 15 or even 10 mg/ml seems to work just fine.

    First pour the cocaine into the funnel (you don't need to pulverize it), and then using your oral syringe squirt the saline solution onto the cocaine in the funnel where it will rapidly dissolve and fall into the bottle. You could mix the solution in the oral syringe or elsewhere, and you could add the saline solution before the cocaine, but then you'll either end up with wasted solution in another container or a funnel that still has some powdered cocaine on it. If you pour the cocaine straight from the scale into the funnel and then use the solution to wash it down, you should end up with very little wasted cocaine and a nearly clean funnel.

    I'd recommend to start with a weaker solution and try it out, you can always add more cocaine until you figure out the optimum concentration. If you decide to do this, replace the saline you've used each time you add more cocaine so you can accurately track the strength of your solution at each interval.

    At this point you're ready to screw the cap on and use the spray. I'd recommend one pump in each nostril - any more and you'll end up with wasted solution dripping down the back of your throat. However, you can limit waste by laying over the edge of a surface and tilting your head back so that gravity naturally draws the solution towards the olfactory epithelium. In this case two or three sprays per nostril seems to deliver a stronger dose with negligible waste. 30 seconds to one minute seems to be long enough to avoid excessive waste, and 15 seconds may in fact be long enough.

    I think that pretty much covers it. Be forewarned that this delivery method makes it much easier to redose, which would probably contribute to an increased risk of addiction and a tendency towards excessive and chronic use. Also, some have said that this method doesn't deliver the same powerful "kick" as snorting powder, which makes sense as you are using much less of the drug per spray than you would if you snorted a line. For an illustration, lay out what would be a typical line for your and weigh it with your scale. The spray devices listed above typically deliver 0.1ml of solution per spray, so if you have a solution with a concentration of 50mg/ml, then you're only getting 5mg of cocaine per spray, as opposed to something like 20mg for even a small line of powder. I haven't personally tried making a high strength solution, but you could try mixing your solution such that each .1ml spray delivers an amount of cocaine equivalent to a typical line of powder. This would also minimize the total number of sprays needed and the total volume of liquid you'd need to spray into your nose, perhaps limiting irritation.

    However, I've found that even though the absolute dosage is lower the efficacy is much greater, perhaps due to the added liquid facilitating easier absorption and almost certainly due to the decreased waste from powder dripping down your throat or being dispersed and carried elsewhere by the mucous in the nasal cavity.

    As a final note, even though the saline solution will moisturize your nose, I'd still recommend using the plain nasal spray to irrigate and clear your nose periodically or at least at the end of the night, as the solution is quite irritating (though of course much less so than dry powder).

    Good luck and be careful!
u/-homunculi- · 1 pointr/ResearchVendors

This is what the majority uses. It's not accurate to the 1-5mg range, but it will get you to 15-20 mg. Your best bet is to measure a large amount and volumetrically dose.

u/byakko_ · 1 pointr/microdosing

Have you tried this scale?

u/kebab_effect · 1 pointr/researchchemicals

- Don't judge a drug by the last 4 letters of its name

- Don't think that just because a drug shares the last 4 letters of its name with another that they both require the exact same dose

- Don't sniff benzo's, that is extremely wasteful. Oral is really the only viable route

- Buy yourself some 0.001g scales. I found these to be the best -

- Benzo's on their own will not cause you to stop breathing unless you combine them with another CNS depressant

- You say you could snort the 200mg in one line; why would you? What could possibly motivate you to take your entire order in a single dose without having the slightest clue about it?

- Volumetric dosing is definitely something you should look into for chemicals that require a dose lower than, say, 15mg (and that's only if you have a 0.001g scale)

- Buck your ideas up. If that was an opiate instead of a benzo you would have died. Don't treat extremely potent research chemicals like a bag of mixed sweets that you can just pop your hand into and eat out off without a second thought.

u/fablemerchant · 1 pointr/Nootropics

If you can afford a luxury like agmatine, you can afford a scale. A Gemini-20 is cheap enough.

u/Ferduckin · 1 pointr/kratom
u/Jammin45 · 1 pointr/shrooms

American Weigh Scales GEMINI-20 Portable MilliGram Scale, 20 by 0.001 G

Not too bad, only $20

u/llarpiwhal · 1 pointr/ReagentTesting
u/DrugsAreMagic · 1 pointr/Drugs

If you are in the US, you can have this in 2 days:

u/Chocolateband · 1 pointr/afinil

If you plan on doing this regularly, spend the $30 and get a scale like this one. I use it all the time, worth the money

u/cyrilio · 1 pointr/Drugs

The Gemini 20 is the most popular scale around on /r/drugs You can find it on Amazon, but there might be other places that have it too.

I don't know how good this scale is so can't really comment on that.

u/Notorious_Dave · 1 pointr/reloading

This is my current plan, tell me what you think I should do different.


Bullet puller







Media Seperator

Case Prep Tool

Trimmer And also the needed shell holder

u/EyesEarsMouthNose · 1 pointr/Drugs
u/theremightbecoffee · 1 pointr/askdrugs

Sounds like you need to order a milligram scale. This is the one I use and it has served me pretty well for the price, just make sure to calibrate it every time you use it (it takes 30 seconds) and you should be within ~5mgs.

Also, it seems to be more accurate when you have a bit of weight on it already, like the little bowl + an index card, and don't zero it out. Then just have a scratch pad with your before weight and after weight and take the difference.

u/MnFury · 1 pointr/askdrugs

A lot of people will say just load up your pipe with close and smoke what you can, but everyone else will say to buy a milligram scale on amazon for like 20 bucks

u/zikzak00 · 1 pointr/Drugs

Get a 0.001 scale NOT a 0.01...
This one is good for the price:

Measure the weight several times to get it correct. Only mess with this stuff if you're ready to experience some intense shit. Always have a sitter if you go for bigger doses..

u/_TheRoomIsOnFire_ · 1 pointr/MDMA

No one can tell from just looking. In my experience, it always looks like too little and ends up being exactly what I was told. Never ever trust your eyes (or a friend’s).

Regardless, you’ll need one of these. Read up on doses and pack them yourself. Never eyeball it.

u/killa187em · 1 pointr/PEDs

It really don't matter man,if you go with the powder(which like you said is cheaper) get the Gemeni 20 Scale,it's very accurate and affordable.

u/DankMasterTripper · 1 pointr/Drugs

I bought this one because it was the cheapest i could find

It wont give you a reading until your weight goes over 10 milligrams (because it centers to zero by program so the numbers don't constantly shift) and every time i weigh something and shit it around the little weighing pad it differs by 2-3 milligrams. i use it often and it works for me very well since i never had to weigh anything under 12 milligrams but i wish i got something that i could use more comfortably for weighing nugs. it weights up to 20 grams but even with a small piece of cardboard on top of the weighing pad its bothersome to weigh more than 4 grams in nugs. but its surprisingly accurate once you figure out how to work through its kinks.

u/knowledgeispower1 · 1 pointr/Drugs

Scale rules, been using it for awhile and it's cheap.

u/thecbdboutique · 1 pointr/CBD

The Gemini 20 Milligram Scale is a pretty excellent option. It weighs down to the mg and is usually pretty accurate +/- ~5mg.

u/spiderbatmanturtle · 1 pointr/decaf

American Weigh Scales AWS-Gemini Precision Digital Milligram Scale, Silver 20 X 0.001 G

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This is what I use. Its down to .001mg and usually accurate by about ~5 according to specs. Your going to be hard pressed to find a 1mg scale thats ~2-3 accurate that isn't a high priced analytical scale.

But this one is good enough to get your substance down to a workable amount and then maybe use volume messuring if your using stuff that is sensitive in the 1mg or microgram range.

Its good for most stuff with a 5mg + dosage.

u/Jdf121 · 1 pointr/DMT

Buy a damn scale..There is no way to know how much that is.

u/throwawayfarfaraway9 · 1 pointr/DarkNetMarkets
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how about this one?

and should i put it under my tongue and let it absorb then swallow or just do the old "toss n wash" method

u/Swooshhf · 1 pointr/researchchemicals

Buddy we can literally see the ref... here's a regular link...

u/WhiskeyDex420 · 1 pointr/researchchemicals

American Weigh Scales Gemini-20 Portable Milligram Scale, 20g x 0.001g

Is that it? I'll order right now. $53 CAD.

u/charlesbukowksi · 1 pointr/Nootropics

What kind of scale do you have? I strongly recommend using a digital scale like this one:

u/SpaceExplora · 1 pointr/DarkNetMarkets

Yup, this one.

It's not perfect, I'd never use it for something with 1-2mg doses, but even at 5mg it's surprisingly accurate for the price, and above 10mg it's very good.

After a year plus of use and abuse including tossing and dropping mine the 10g test weight always weighs within 1-2mg.

u/exploderator · 1 pointr/CapitalismVSocialism

If you're really interested, check the beginner's guide to nootropics. Using L-theanine with your caffeine is extremely worth doing, and costs very little. If you want to get into this stuff, you also need a scale that weighs milligrams accurately, like this AWS scale for $35. Compared to the price you're paying for toxic sugar water, spending under $100 for a year's worth of vastly superior caffeine is an incredible deal, and I'll say it's changed my life, I'll never go back to coffee or energy drinks.

u/AwkwardCow · 1 pointr/Drugs

I dunno man, I literally typed "milligram scale" on Amazon and this was the first result. Pretty much suits your needs and it only took 5 seconds to find and an extra 15 seconds to look at the reviews and see that it was spot on in terms of accuracy....

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Just buy a scale, if you're willing to spend money on nootropics, then buy a milligram scale. It's not like you'll ever have to buy another one.

I can personally recommend the American Weigh Scales GEMINI-20, $24 on Amazon.

u/yeahdudes · 1 pointr/Nootropics

Lol I bought this one off amazon for about $20. Not gonna lie I can't wait to use it

u/dirtrox44 · 1 pointr/DMT

This kind of scale is what you need.

u/LA-shroomer · 1 pointr/DMT

Gemini-20 - cheap, reliable, and reads 0.001 gram increments. I also have one of these for scooping.

u/c0nstant · 1 pointr/Drugs

Use this, OP. I have used it countless times without error for a multitude of substances. No complaints.

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You actually don't want nearly as much forskolin as is in one of those. I emptied all the pills into the bottle and measure out about 80mg at a time, which is around 3.5mg forskolin. I make gelcaps out of it, but you can also put it in a small piece of toilet paper, put it in your mouth, and chug some water. It's called 'parachuting'. The artichoke, tyrosine, and theanine are all pretty small.

Some potentially helpful equipment:

American Weigh Gemini-20 Portable Milligram Scale, 20 by 0.001 G

Norpro 3080 Mini Measuring Spoons, 5 Piece Set

Cap-M-Quik capsule filler

u/procloudburster · 0 pointsr/trees

With a tool that size ur probably fucking with some really potent shit, always weigh your shit and dont use anything that doesnt go down to miligrams or .001 grams some of that shit will fuck you up just looking at it. like this

u/sesentaysiete · 0 pointsr/researchchemicals

The Gemini 20 is a great milligram scale and not expensive. You can get it for ~$23 at Amazon

u/IsNotANovelty · 0 pointsr/Nootropics

Buy a Gemini-20 for $20. It's what most people here use and it works great.