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Get It Done When You're Depressed
Get It Done When You're Depressed: 50 Strategies for Keeping Your Life on Track
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u/Miss_anthropyy · 2 pointsr/TumblrInAction

> Given your super sensitivity on the subject I can only imagine what you are doing on a subreddit that is literally built to mock super sensitive sjws.

You realize I'm a mod here, right?

I'm not being sensitive. You are simply blatantly wrong, and I'm correcting you. You're wrong about the link between bipolar and depression as well as bipolar psychosis (which isn't that rare, either).

And it's been pointed out that it's NOT an impossibility. A bipolar person actually wrote one of my favorite books on depression. Whether a depressive episode happens between manic periods or the sufferer is never manic at all doesn't change the way a depressive episode is treated.

I realize you've had 2 psych classes, but you are not informed on this issue. You should go have a discussion with your professor.

u/introllect · 2 pointsr/motivation

I do believe you can live a fulfilled life with zero motivation. Motivation is temporary inspiration.

What you need is commitment. Just commit to do something. I highly recommend this book.

u/starrylovesfedoras · 1 pointr/GetStudying

I heard somebody in this thread mention that depression might be what is stealing your productivity and then my mind went to a book that was INVALUABLE for me getting shit done during times when depression was raging.

Check it out :)