Reddit Reddit reviews Gila Privacy Mirror Adhesive Residential DIY Window Film Heat Control Glare Control 3ft x 15ft (36in x 180in)

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Gila Privacy Mirror Adhesive Residential DIY Window Film Heat Control Glare Control 3ft x 15ft (36in x 180in)
DAYTIME PRIVACY: Mirrored exterior appearance provides daytime privacy (when the sun is down and lights are on inside, film no longer conceals views)ENERGY EFFICIENT: Rejects up to 79% of total Solar EnergyPROTECTS INTERIORS: Blocks up to 99% of UV rays, helping to keep your interior from fadingINCREASED COMFORT: Reduces glare up to 82%, making interiors more comfortableEASY INSTALL, LASTING RESULTS: Durable adhesive material is easy to handle and firmly sticks to windows for ongoing benefits
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13 Reddit comments about Gila Privacy Mirror Adhesive Residential DIY Window Film Heat Control Glare Control 3ft x 15ft (36in x 180in):

u/TheDevitalizer · 20 pointsr/DIY

I got the idea trolling around /r/diy, it has a mirror on the bottom, LED's in the middle (hole going down at a 45 degree angle in the side for the wires), and a piece of glass with a privacy reflective film applied to it.

The light bounces back and forth creating the 'tunnel' effect, while some of it escapes so you can see it.

u/cyber_omelette · 17 pointsr/raspberry_pi

I'm building one right now as a christmas gift for my fiance. I wanted to build a prototype first though before shelling out big bucks for the real double sided mirrors.

So I just went with a sheet of plexiglass and [Gila Reflective Film (I paid $30).] ( It actually looks surprisingly good. I think I'll just buy a glass ikea frame and try that out. Unless she wants to do makeup with it, that's probably good enough.

u/driving26inorovalley · 9 pointsr/Tucson

We had this installed at work to deal with a south-facing bank of floor-to-ceiling windows and, combined with some blackout curtains, it helped a good deal:

u/_roguelegate · 6 pointsr/RASPBERRY_PI_PROJECTS

Acrylic or glass, It's just a transparent sheet cut to size, then covered with this stuff..

u/jamesnufc · 3 pointsr/howto

reddiquette I made one of these a while back, here's how I made it. Obviously feel free to the substitute the materials I listed for whatever you want. The final product (I'll post pics later) wasn't exactly beautiful, but it works!


-Some type of container that will make up the structure of your infinity mirror. I used a paper mache box that is sturdy and able to easily open up

-A mirror. This should be a similar size to the container above.

-Adhesive film with a transparent side and a mirror side


-Something to cut the plexiglass with

-Some sweet lights


(for the purpose of keeping it simple I'm going to assume the materials are the same ones I used that are listed above).

  1. Cut out the bottom of the box (the part that doesn't lift up) so that the whole mirror (minus the edges) is visible when the box is open.
  2. Glue the edges of the mirror to the edges of the box so that is firmly in place
  3. Cut the plexiglass with the special plexiglass cutting tool so that it is exactly the same length and width as the top face of box. This step might be a little difficult as the plexiglass is kinda thick. I found that cutting it from either side and then 'snapping' it produced a nice clean break
  4. Cut the adhesive film to the same length and width of the piece of plexigalss you just cut
  5. On ONE side of the plexiglass, stick on the adhesive film so that it fully covers one side. Try and make it as smooth as possible without any air bubbles/wrinkles - think of it as putting on a screen protector on a phone
  6. Cut a hole in the top of the box leaving around an inch on each side
  7. Open the box up and using the glue, stick the piece of plexiglass to the underside of the top face using the inch margins on each side. NOT THAT THE FILM MIRROR SIDE OF THE PLEXIGLASS SHOULD FACE INWARDS TOWARD THE BOX)
  8. With the box still open, stick the LED lights around the inside perimeter of the side of the box. There may be some excess length which is fine
  9. Cut a hole in the side of the box large enough for any excess lights and the controller to fit through and then pull them thru so that they are on the outside of the box.
  10. Close the box up and turn on the lights! The ones I recommended have a ton of different color, flashing and speed settings so you can create some pretty cool effects.

    I know that at first glance this might look pretty confusing. As soon as I get some time I'll post some pics of each stage to help with the explanations, as even reading back on them they do sound somewhat confusing!
u/Tha_Mayor · 3 pointsr/smartmirrors

Actually I built mine with
It turned out excellent!!
their are a few small imperfections but looks more or less just like a spec of dust on a mirror
So I actually went and bought myself a large shadow box from michaels, took out the glass put the tint on then mounted the tv.
the programming of the pie took longer then the build

u/fakemoose · 2 pointsr/TwoXChromosomes

Instead of hanging something, order some of the privacy paper (or mirrored) and put it on the inside of your windows. You can do it halfway up the windows if you don't want to totally cover them.

As far as this 'not seen from the street' business, I have to agree that I think you are misunderstanding what it means and your landlord probably misunderstood you when you asked about hanging curtains and assumed you would make holes in the walls.
Go outside and look at other apartments in your building. Or your neighbors buildings. Are their curtains or blinds? If yes, go put some in your apartment in a lightweight, sheer, but still concealing fabric with a tension rod and quit worrying so much.

u/dsrtwhlr · 1 pointr/phoenix

I bought this film off Amazon - Installed it on a west facing window. It helped reduce the heat in that bedroom a few degrees.
It went up "pretty" well - I screwed up trimming it, so there are a couple sections that aren't flush with the edge.
I think it looks fine from the outside as well.. It is a mirror finish, but it's smoky.

u/RXrenesis8 · 1 pointr/photography

TIL one way mirrors are actually coated with something!

You can get Reflective Privacy Film on amazon (or at a hardware store probably) that should do the same thing!

u/nelpastel · 1 pointr/povertyfinance

this does the same thing and it's super easy to install. I have 16 freaking windows in my one bedroom apartment. Now at least the AC actually cools down the place

u/dantheflipman · 1 pointr/raspberry_pi

Ahah... 36 inch by 15 feet... Make ALL the windows!

amazon link

Thanks again for the tip

u/kulmbach · 0 pointsr/funny

This stuff is great for this kind of situation. I have a similar issue with one of our bathrooms. It also keeps the room a lot cooler in summer.