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u/ariesursa · 27 pointsr/actuallesbians

!!! Girl, I GOT YOU. GIRL SEX 101! You wanna study up, this is a great introduction to both wlw romance and sex. I also highly recommend the Sex Nerd Sandra podcast; look through the archives and you'll find episodes focused on specific acts where the host interviews real people about how they experience them.

Good luck and godspeed, my friend!

u/bluescrew · 13 pointsr/exredpill

This is so true. "I'm a virgin so can you have sex with me and teach me everything" is not an appealing offer, it's a to-do list given to me by a person who sees his virginity as his whole identity and needs me to validate his existence. It's all about him.

Whereas, "I noticed you are interested in me, I'm interested back, i love your attitude your intelligence and your butt, btw this is my first time" is not a problem. It makes me feel desired and not pressured.

As far as wanting her to show you the ropes. Don't do that. She can only show you how to please HER- not how to please all women. Each new woman is going to like things the last woman hated. You don't get to just "learn sex" once and be perfect at it after that. Also she's learning you at the same time. I've never met two men who like their dick sucked exactly the same way.

I'm gonna recommend a book- but it's not because I've read it. (I haven't. ) It's because my boyfriend has read it. He is exactly the kind of "experienced" man you envy... but women didn't teach him. He taught himself. And he credits this book.

u/ascii_heart · 5 pointsr/asktransgender this book is amazing and also trans-inclusive

u/Ellyn_of_Carlisle · 4 pointsr/actuallesbians

Story first, then advice. I got my first vibrator after being with a girl for a year and a half. We were slow. Now I am (very) rapidly expanding my collection. Okay. Here's my basic guide to sex toy shopping, based entirely on my own experience:

  • Go read Oh Joy Sex Toy
  • Google "Sex Positive Toy Shop [your city]"
  • Actually go to your local sex positive shop and ask the super-knowledgable staff for advice. They've heard everything. If you're super shy, go on a weekday morning - the store is usually really quiet then. If nothing is local, check out online reviews of toys (In addition to Oh Joy, I like Autostraddle's reviews.
  • Look for DIY inspiration, like this one from Scarleteen. Sometimes it's best to try a DIY or very cheap toy to decide if you want to drop the big bucks on something MUCH nicer. For instance, I needed to try reversed clothes pins (once) to decide that I really needed some real nipple clamps.
  • If you can get your hands on it, read Girl Sex 101 as it has a great section on using all sorts of toys, as well as a good starter for matching lubes with toys.
  • Read erotica/erotic comics/watch porn. This may or may not be for you, but reading erotica featuring toys was a major point in my being willing to try things. (Be cautious though, because I never would have considered owning a ball gag until I read Sunstone and developed a "that's really cute" response to them... so this step may be hard on your wallet.)
  • Try things out! My first vibrator is by no means my favorite now, but there was no way I would have bought what I have now right away. It was the right price, I could put rechargeable batteries in it, it was small, it was body-safe, and I liked the color. If you learn something, it wasn't a mistake.
u/blissando · 4 pointsr/chickflixxx

For learning about sexuality in general I also recommend the following reading material, post haste!

  • Oh Joy Sex Toy (Comic blog that started out with reviewing sex toys and evolved into that + thoughtful discussion about multiple aspects of sex including depiction of people in porn, body image, anatomy, psychology of desire, etc.!). They also have their comics bound into an illustrated multi-volume work (and growing!). 1. The Comic! 2. Online store. 3. Vol 1. & Vol 2. via Amazon Smile (Supporting Planned Parenthood).

  • Dr. Emily Nagoski's epic Come As You Are, a book that debunks sexual myths and seeks to create a new feminist framework for understanding and exploring sexuality. It includes psych and physiological research, anecdotes from Nagoski's time working in sex therapy and counseling, thoughtful discussion on the state of sex in our world today, and ~BONUS~ handy worksheets/activities for working through some sexual questions. I love love love LOVE this book. 1. Check out her blog too, The Dirty Normal. 2. Book Info. 3. Amazon Smile link (supporting Planned Parenthood.)

  • Even if your friend is straight, Girl Sex 101 is a great illustrated guide to sex and sexuality, also from a feminist and gender/orientation/lifestyle-inclusive perspective. It walks you through anatomy, practice, nuts/bolts of sex, and so many of the important emotional concepts having to do with sex. It's broken up into chapters covering a range of topics from sex and sexuality to gender and relationships, with input from multiple authors and illustrators, includes really helpful diagrams and illustrations, and in between each chapter has a story narrative centered around 2 female characters that relates back to the material. Such a great read. 1. Check out their website. 2. Native Store link. 3. Amazon Smile link (supporting Planned Parenthood.)


    Sex, sexuality, and porn especially can be tricky topics to navigate when you haven't engaged with much material, and when you're not sure about yourself and sex. Before tackling porn, which as your friend has aptly picked up on can be very ideologically problematic, I would recommend your friend get comfortable with just herself and her own sexuality. Have her do her own research, reading, exploring. Let her figure out what she likes.

    When she's up for it, for more inclusive porn, start trawling tumblr! She'll be able to really tailor her experience and curate her tastes, without having to commit to watching things she might not be comfortable with. There is some serious quality erotica on there, mostly in .gif and photographic form, most of it original, which is inclusive, feminist, empowering, artistic, and just down right sexy. You'll have to hunt for the blogs you like (and be warned, there is still a lot of tumblr porn which just parrots the mainstream professional porn industry content) but once you find one, you'll find that blogs with similar content link/repost to each other.

    Anyway, good luck to you and your friend! Power to you for trying to help with her experience! :) Happy hunting
u/pandasuace · 3 pointsr/sex
  1. This book! It's called Girl Sex 101 and it's a good how-to!
  2. Dental dams and gloves are your friend until both of you get tested. You can either buy dental dams, or make them from condoms (cut off the ring, cut off the tip, cut up the side of the resulting tube). Also get a good water based lube that doesn't have Glycerin or parabens. My favorites are Good Clean Love and Sliquid.
u/thechristinechapel · 2 pointsr/actuallesbians

Highly highly recommend this book. It has detailed descriptions, diagrams, and it's basically the best thing ever written for baby queers.

u/belle_bs · 2 pointsr/Swingers

May I suggest this book?

Just fun to read and maybe makes the whole thing a little less scary.

u/manicquinne · 2 pointsr/actuallesbians

Buy this book, download it, read it cover to cover. Never had gone down on a girl before but came with all these techniques in mind and it really worked well! Of course be reactive to what she likes, but this book really helps.

Also, wine... maybe have a couple glasses and get into it a bit.