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Go Pet Club Cat Tree, 50W x 26L x 72H, Beige
Color: Beige. Overall Size : 50"W x 26"L x 72"H. Base Board Size : 28"W x 24"L. Size of Condo 1 : 20"W x 15"L x 11.5"H. Size of Condo 2 : 15"W x 12"L x 10"H. Top 3 Perches : 13.5"W x 13.5"L x 2.5"H. Number of Posts: 10. Number of Levels: 15. Posts covered by natural sisal rope. Covering Material: Faux Fur. Board Material: Wood. Easy to assemble with step by step instruction and tools included.Color: BeigeOverall Size: 50"W x 26"L x 72"HModel Number: F2040-BeigeThese are the parts that you have to assemble Base Board: 28 W x 24 L inches, ​Condo 1: 20 W x 15 L x 11.5 H inches, Condo 2: 15 W x 12 L x 10 H inches, Top 3 Perches: 13.5 W x 13.5 L x 2.5 H inches
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35 Reddit comments about Go Pet Club Cat Tree, 50W x 26L x 72H, Beige:

u/Neebat · 94 pointsr/pics

PM the OP. i'm sure that's how other people are getting the address.

Is this a tree?

u/salire · 53 pointsr/TheGirlSurvivalGuide

Your questions aren't silly! It's great that you're thinking about how you can make you both comfortable before you dive into a new situation. Always set yourself up for success! :)

> do I buy a litter box/food/scratch-post before I plan to bring a cat home?

That's generally a good idea, yes. Means less stress for both of you as you're scrambling to get everything ready for him. You might ask the shelter what food the cat has been eating, as cats can get an upset tummy when switching brands/types. Not a big deal, but he will have poops that are a bit stinkier/liquidier than normal poops. That should alleviate within the week. You can lessen the tummy troubles by doing a more gradual change, mixing the food he is currently on with the food he will be on more and more, until he is eating what you want him on. But you can honestly just do the change, too, and just deal with the sadpoops for a little while.

I suggest a couple of different scratching posts, if you have the space! Cats like having options, like a horizontal post and a vertical one. Cats also like being high up, so if you can swing a tall post with platforms, he will probably like that.

Get two litter boxes! A lot of people don't realize it, but the rule of thumb for number of litters you should have is NumberOfCats + 1. So, 1 cat + 1 = 2 boxes. Clean them often. Cats are very clean creatures (especially compared to dogs) and are MUCH more likely to have accidents when they feel they do not have a better option than peeing in your bed. That's not their fault. You wouldn't want to step on your own pee/poop either! If you have problems with litter getting kicked out of the box, a litter mat can be helpful.

> Do I need to buy a carrier for the cat?

Yep. You'll eventually need to take him to a vet in all likelihood, and a carrier will make that so much easier, as most cats despise the car. I recommend a hard carrier. The softer ones seem nicer in general, but the hard carriers are easier to clean out, and you never know how a cat will be in the car until... well. They're in it. One of our cats poops and pees every. single. time. So he always gets the hard carrier.

> Should I contact a vet before I get the cat?

The shelter might require you to have a vet already, so I'd probably at least pick one out from google search. They might require you to go get a checkup, but probably not. That's more of a rescue thing, I think. Most shelters have their own in-house vet, so it's not really necessary. Don't be afraid to contact the shelter if he seems to be coughing and wheezing. Upper respiratory infections are very common in shelter environments due to the crowded nature of them, but they are also very treatable, and the shelter will be able to give you medication for him.

> How do I train a cat?

Someone mentioned Jackson Galaxy, who I generally agree is pretty good for training if you have some problems. But most of the time, cats are pretty out-of-the-box ready pets. That is to say, if you have an environment that is good for cats (where you let them have some space, where you don't make a huge amount of loud noise, where they aren't prodded and poked at constantly), they generally don't need training. We've fostered tiny kittens that automatically knew how to use the litter box. We also have boy cats who were not fixed until well into adulthood and have never had problems spraying.
It's instinct to go in the box, especially once they're fixed and don't need to mark territory really.

> For those of you who own a cat/cats, any advice for this first-timer?

Give both of you time to get to know each other. Don't force it. He will come to you, given time and space, and you'll be able to cultivate a better relationship built on trust and mutual respect if he knows that you won't force him to do things that he doesn't want to do (especially at first--think about it like building a friendship with a person; you would trust your friends to do things that you would never trust a stranger to do, and it's the same for him).

Cooing and gentle words are generally pretty good for coaxing, as is letting him smell your hand/something that smells like you before you approach for pets. Think about it like introducing yourself. You wouldn't go up to someone you didn't know well and just touch them without at least saying hi.

Every cat I have ever known, male or female, fixed or not, will pee in a pile of anything if it is left long enough. They see it as 'trash,' and I think it just registers as litter. So, if you are the type to leave clothes on the floor... I would try to stop that.

Keep nails trimmed. Scratching posts are for sharpening nails, which is an instinct that they have to fulfill, and you're giving them an outlet for. Some people think it's for 'filing' the nails down, but it's not. It's for keeping them sharp enough to get prey. You'll have to trim them.

And this is just my own personal opinion, but... young--but not kitten--boy cats are best for first timers. I have one girl, and I absolutely adore her, but she is very high maintenance/prissy/touchy, whereas my three boys are all pretty chill. Each cat is different though, so obviously your mileage may vary! It's just something I've noticed in general in my time of owning and fostering cats, that boys are more laid back/forgiving than girls (and thus I think a little easier for a first timer). Young adults are also great for first timers because you have less accidents (though that's generally not a big concern anyway) and they're more able to be on their own for longer periods of time. Older adults/seniors are great too if you want a really, really chill, more stand-offish cat, or if you want a cat that you'll have for <10 years, but if you want a little more energy and time, a cat that's about 1-2 years old is a GREAT way to go.

Some toys that are great for cats include the classic laser pointer, the feather toy, catnip toys, and crinkle balls.

Cats prefer to drink away from where they eat, so place his food bowl and his water bowl apart from one another! Some cats also prefer running water to still water, so if you notice your cat likes drinking out of the faucet (or if you just want to spoil your cat like I spoil mine...) you can get a water fountain for him!

Finally, if it's not working out for some reason, like your personalities just don't mesh well... take him back. I know it sounds hard, but it's best for him if he is in an environment where he is understood and his needs are met. There's no sense in forcing both of you to be miserable. Some shelters let you do a foster-to-adopt sort of thing, where you sort of try each other out for a bit. I like this option, because you hope for the best, but it feels a little bit easier to tap out if you need to. Either way, there's no shame in tapping out. Sometimes things just don't work the way you thought they would.

Sorry for the novel, but I wanted to be as thorough as I could. My parents recently got their first cat, and it's been... an ordeal for them, getting used to it.
It's great that you have some experience with cats though, so I think you'll be fine! Seriously, cats are sort of the next level up from a goldfish as far as easiness. Should be fine.

I hope you and your new furbaby are super, super happy together! :)

u/slimsag · 13 pointsr/CatSlaps

The cat tree is this one: amazon link

I have one, and honestly they are not very good. The sitting areas at the top are super wobbly / don't really feel stable, even a lightweight cat will cause them to wobble. The wood is a low quality particle board like a thick cardboard. The carpet is a thin felt that provides almost no cushion.

I have two of these other ones and love them, though: link. I'd highly recommend those.

u/jrrhea · 12 pointsr/cats

It's still $81, at least in the US. I bought this exact tree too, my purchase history says in 2014. Still have it but it is in the spare room, they only use the top deck now to see it out of a high window. They never used the ladders, I took them off in the first week. I bought a newer and smaller tree for my living room area.

u/neonshizzy · 10 pointsr/cats

Just so ya'll are aware that this awesome kitty tower (I have the same one) Amazon sells these for a whopping $81!

You're welcome crazy cat people <3

u/HGainRN · 7 pointsr/cats

I have it too and love it!

Go Pet Club Cat Tree, 50W x 26L x 72H, Beige

u/benjals_480 · 6 pointsr/cats

I actually just bought this one off amazon a few days ago, scheduled to get here friday, it appears to be the same one OP has.

$87 dollars right now so not cheap but not ~$200, hang around reddit long enough and you'll learn to never trust anything /u/Epiccyndaquil says

u/petrifiedcattle · 5 pointsr/funny
u/cutekick · 3 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

If you just need a new cat scratcher than a 2x4 and some sisal rope will do you. I can second GoPetClub trees though. I got this crazy monstrosity for $75. Way more than my two cats needed but it was a preemptive apology for me getting a dog.

u/smoking-soup · 3 pointsr/Dogtraining

Go Pet Club Cat Tree, 50W x 26L x 72H, Beige

I literally just bought this and put it up a few days ago. 100% worth the money and I love it. My two cats sleep at the top and my 7 month lab/shepherd lost interest in them!

u/anbeav · 2 pointsr/cats

If you have construction skills they are likely easy to make but are far from flimsy, they are expensive but need to be of solid construction at least in my house where leaping from floor to the top is a thing and anything not sturdy would tumble.

This is the 2nd tower I bought him

The first was slightly smaller, fewer levels and maybe $70 if I remember correctly

u/movingcenter · 2 pointsr/cats

Bought mine at Amazon for $78, 😭

Go Pet Club Cat Tree, 50W x 26L x 72H, Beige

u/[deleted] · 2 pointsr/LifeProTips

We had purchased this one.

It's slightly smaller than what they claim, which is a good thing. We were surprised at how good the quality was for $100 or so. It took like 10 or 20 minutes build time.

u/UnifiedAwakening · 2 pointsr/Frugal

I have one of these which I've owned for almost 3 years now(the one I bought is a different company and not Go Pet Club.

I just bought this massive thing about 2 months ago. Both trees are connected by a board bridge.

My youngest one loves the things and I placed a wooden board across from one to another for a bridge. If pics are wanted I can post some. They both get used and the first one has held up really well.

u/EatYourPills · 2 pointsr/evilbuildings

I don't know about this particular one, but I got a really nice one on amazon for $90 and free delivery to my house, which was nice because it weighs a lot. Mine has little rooms with openings like this one but it also has open platforms that they like a lot better. My three cats love it. Here's the one I got Go Pet Club Cat Tree, 50W x 26L x 72H, Beige

u/tortiesrock · 2 pointsr/cats

I got a cat tree in Amazon a year ago it has aged well and my cats love it, I got this one from a different seller at my country:

u/rabidstoat · 1 pointr/cats

I'm a fan too. I and several friends have this big bad boy, but they have smaller ones too. Actually, I have a smaller one of theirs upstairs and the bigger one downstairs. They aren't the most stylish but they get the job done.

Mine have stood up pretty well. The smaller one is a bit less steady than the bigger one, probably because it has a smaller base compared to height. It also probably wasn't put together as well.

I wouldn't call them the sturdiest of cat trees, though. Mine have held up relatively fine, except that the sisal has come unwrapped on one of the posts. And though the mice-on-a-string on mine have held up surprisingly well despite getting beat up routinely, most everyone else I know have had their mice strings break from cat abuse.

Still, they're my favorite, they are relatively cheap for the size and my cats seem to love leaping about them. They are second only to window perches for things that my cats enjoy.

u/MoriSummer · 1 pointr/AnimalsBeingJerks

They're pretty sturdy boards. Very heavy.

On my phone, don't know how to format that. But that's what I bought. It actually arrived in four days. Crazy.

u/HeroinChic1 · 1 pointr/funny

Cool yeah, thanks. I edited my above post later and included the product link. Surely it's fine with these positive reviews.

u/the_dropout_ · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

These are all super similar to cat trees I've made:

Window hammocks are also pretty swell. And you can buy grass patches online!! If you decided to do a cat tree (which will give you lots of options for height and hidey holes) make it yourself!! Store bought ones are generally crap. All you need is PVC pipe, nails, boards, and carpet scraps (which can often be gotten for supa cheap at carpet installation places)

u/tuxzedo · 1 pointr/funny

FUCKKKK I have one on the way from amazon RN. But the reviews are pretty good I also read to put some wood glue under all the parts that you can and under the boxes to make it more durable.

u/baethan · 1 pointr/CatAdvice

I'll link you the ones I've had that I can find...

The go pet 72" tree has been our longest lasting one, looks to be $77. It has the stupid ramps, but overall is a pretty good design imo. My cats have not been interested in the lower "condo", but one does use the upper condo.

This is our most recently bought tree, the armarkat 74", which I don't recommend. It's not sturdy: the base is very small, and the two posts in the top half are right on top of each other.

I'll hunt around and see if I can find the model one of our cats peed on found it! It was also an armarkat. If you look at the picture, see that platform on the lower right, with short post and mini platform on it? Yeah that cracked in half pretty fast, it's only supported on one side. One of my cats also peed in the hammock, but she really loved sleeping in it until then.

u/vannah08510 · 1 pointr/cats

Let her into your room! She'll be much happier with more space. I highly recommend having a cat tree or two in your place. Give her a box to hide in. Or even try one of these out!

KOJIMA Shark Round House Puppy Bed with Pet Bed Mat, Small to Medium (Gray, Small)

Don't prevent her from hiding, but do challenge her once in a while to be comfortable in different rooms and open spaces.

Try the toy distraction on your 2 year old cat. That's what I meant. If she's showing aggression, it's one of the best ways to distract her from the cat who's more shy.

Make sure the new cat isn't doing anything to provoke your 2 year old cat. If she is, that behavior will need to be adjusted before the 2 year old cat can be comfortable with her.

100% agree on the tuna. If you'd like to learn about cat nutrition, I highly recommend for its active forums and articles on feline nutrition (they can also give great input on behaviors)

Here are two nutrition articles to get you started:

You'll find that grain free high protein wet/raw foods are best for your babies as unlike people and even dogs, cats are obligate carnivores. (Here is some of that science: )
My recommendation is making a small trip to an independent pet food store (not petco, petsmart, or even pet supplies plus) Take a look on yelp for good ones in your area. (Just search for pet food stores) If there are none, try They sell all sorts of pet foods (you can filter by grain free) The forums on thecatsite are very good in terms of discussion of different commercial and home-made food options. (As you might be able to tell, I've done a lot of my own research!)

But yes. You are correct. Plain tuna does not contain the amount of Taurine (that's just one or the major ones) cats need to thrive. Fish generally is something you should stray from due to high mercury content and addictiveness. (Dry food is also very addictive and contributes most to obesity, digestive issues, UTIs, urinary crystals, and more)

And good! Yes, be creative in your ways to distract her! If she's not enjoying her favorite toy, try a new one. (Cats love Da'Bird and similar long (~3 ft) fishing pole type toys. ) Check out these links.

GoCat Da Bird Rod and Feather Cat Toys, Assorted Colors

Cats really jump for these types of long fishing pole toys that use feathers or other fur like parts. I do recommend always having a handy supply of strong duct tape to fix minor issues and strengthen the parts of well-used toys. (I had to tightly reinforce the end of the rod that connects to the string so the end piece holding the string wouldn't come off)

Petmate Jackson Galaxy Cat Crawl Solid Tunnel, Green/Orange

Great space for stalking and hiding during play

Nature In Hand Cat Play House with Catnip and Scratcher (Cat Scratching House)

Triple function hide, stealth play, and cardboard scratcher. I have one that my cat loves! You can sometimes find seasonal looking ones on clearance at local pet stores (I have a gingerbread xmas themed one that I got on clearance for half the price on amazon) Cardboard scratchers, to me, are a must. Whether it's something like this or just by itself.

Nano Robotic Cat Toy (White/Blue)

This one is great if you have hard wood or tile floors. Otherwise, pass.

The idea here is to give them more enrichment, hide space, and ways to play.

That said, having more vertical space is also a really good idea.

You know how cat trees (especially the 6 ft ones) are like 200 dollars at pet stores?
Check this out:

Go Pet Club Cat Tree, 50W x 26L x 72H, Beige

BestPet CT-9073 Cat Tree Scratcher Play House Condo Furniture Toy, 73-Inch, Beige

You can find more on amazon. Groupon or eBay are also good sources. Your cats will be more comfortable if they can observe their territory from a high place rather than hiding behind a toilet. I really do think it would help give them more confidence. You could even install cat shelves on your walls if you want to. But a cat tree(or two!) goes a long way!

Give them their own favorite places to occupy so that they are better able to share their space.

u/Talon125 · 1 pointr/cats

Super cheap on amazon hey? $100 including shipping. The thing is massive.

Or if you like blue

u/flyguysd · 1 pointr/funny

You got the wrong one. Got this thing a year ago and it's the best quality one I've ever seen.

u/CourtingEvil · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

When I got my new job, I ended up having to leave my kittens with my parents. I had never left them for more than 48 hours at that point, so it's been really hard being without them. Every time I come home to visit them, I buy them a present to make it as happy an occasion as possible.

Last time I went home to visit them, I bought them this cat tree in blue (pics). The time before that, I bought them this bed.

Kitten appeasement

u/JTK89 · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

My goodness we could be twinsies. We seem to have the same taste in cat trees for one thing. I don't know about you, but I picked that specific tree because my little guy likes to explore high spaces, and loves hiding in boxes. So between the height and the enclosures, it seems perfect.

As for an item off my list I'd like, this weight watchers cook book would be perfect. The used one, of course.

u/allworkbizness · 1 pointr/Dogtraining

We bought this monster castle from Amazon. It's $120 now but I think we paid $99 at the time. Well worth it at either price. 2 cats, and the both love it. Gets them high off the ground, out of dog range. Huge. You need a good 3x3 spot for it at least.

u/watsoned · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

They got this one here! It's kind of big but my mom wanted to have room for everyone. And they LOVE it.