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Grabber - The Original Space Brand All Weather Blanket - Blue (5' x 7')
EMERGENCY USE - Designed To Reflects & Retain Over 80% Of Radiated Body Heat, Helps Prevent Shock, Restores Breathing, Stops Bleeding, Waterproof,Windproof, Radar Reflexive, Moisture Resistant, Ground Cover, Shelter From Elements, Reflective Emergency Signal, and Reflects Heat.LIGHTWEIGHT & DURABLE - Utilizes A Four-Layer Construction Of Super Insulating Materials. Utilizes The Same Materials That Were Developed By NASA For The Apollo Space Missions, Weighs approximately 3 ounces, Reusable, Lightweight,Durable, Easy To Clean, Strong, Flexible And Grommeted. PORTABLE & COMPACT - Stow’s Easily In Your Backpack, Boat, Car, First Aid Kit, Go-Bag, Camping Gear, or Emergency Kit At Home Or At Work.QUAILTY - To ensure you receive genuine SPACE products when shopping online, please only purchase from authorized distributors or retailers or an Amazon listing that clearly states the product is sold and shipped directly by Amazon. com.WHEN TO USE: Camping, Hiking, Backpacking, Climbing, Biking, Traveling Outdoors Or In The Wilderness.
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2 Reddit comments about Grabber - The Original Space Brand All Weather Blanket - Blue (5' x 7'):

u/ThirstyOne · 3 pointsr/Survival

here's the tarp I used. The Grabber "All weather blanket".

If you choose to use this method of reflective tarp + fire here are a few tips I learned the hard way.

  • Make sure the low ends of your tarp are flat on the ground, maybe even covered in dirt or snow. I had a little clearance between the ground and tarp bottom in my setup and the little bit of breeze that got through was enough to make me have to keep turning over to avoid cold spots.
  • Once you're set up and get your fire going adjust the angle of the tarp so that you get the maximum reflection from it before going to sleep.
  • Having the tarp hang flat (actually bowed in a little due to weight) didn't work too well for me, I had to use some sticks to add another angle to it. Experimenting with the physics of reflection at 2:30AM was not the highlight of that trip.
  • You have to be laying down in the position you'll be sleeping in for this one; you can approximate how much of the heat will be reflected onto you by seeing how much light is being reflected from the fire off the tarp. Lay down under it and move the tarp around until you can visually see more light being reflected.
  • Properly formed, some duct tape in the middle of the non-reflective side of the tarp can make a useful anchoring point for a guy-line so you can pull the belly of the tarp out using cordage instead of pushing a stick against the inside.

    Edit: An alternate configuration I use if I expect rain is stringing the tarp diagonally. This gives you an 8.6ft ridge vs 7ft ridge. Anchor one corner and then elevate the diagonally opposite corner. Anchor the remaining two corners according to how tight you want to make your shelter. The remaining corners placement won't be symmetrical, because the tarp is rectangular instead of square, so try to have the more 'open' side towards your fire. This setup gives you just enough room to sleep and a place to put a medium pack + boots out of the rain.

    If you get to play with a tarp before I do please take some pictures and share.
u/LoLoveHere · 1 pointr/Shambhala

I find a lot of value in covering my tent with these (shiny side out) to reflect the sun and heat. I usually sleep during the hottest part of the day so this helps immensely, even in the (mostly) shady shambhalodging bassics tents. Bring string and tape to affix them.

Grabber - The Original Space Brand All Weather Blanket - Blue (5' x 7')