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Great Lakes Unflavored Gelatin, Kosher, 16 oz (Pack of 2)
BEEF GELATIN: Our premium gelatin, made of ONE simple ingredient, provides you with exceptional cooking functionality at a fair price.SINCE 1922: Great Lakes Gelatin has been used for generations, and it can be found in kitchens worldwide.FEATURES: Our beef gelatin is a versatile cooking ingredient that is used in many thickening and gelling cooking applications from gelatin desserts to puddings to sauces. It will dissolve in hot liquids, and it will thicken upon cooling. It is also nearly tasteless, colorless and odorless.FUNCTIONAL BENEFITS: Thickener, stabilizer, gelling agent. CONVERSIONS: 1 tbsp = 1 envelope or 3 1/2 sheets; 1 tbsp gels 1 pint of liquidQUALITY: Grass-Fed & Pasture-Raised, Kosher, Keto-Certified, Paleo-Friendly, Gluten Free, Non-GMO, Glyphosate Free
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19 Reddit comments about Great Lakes Unflavored Gelatin, Kosher, 16 oz (Pack of 2):

u/chaostardasher · 8 pointsr/ketorecipes

Marshmallows are so delicious but the kinds you find at the grocery store are PACKED with sugar and carbs. Store-bought marshmallows such as Kraft Jet-Puffed have a whopping 24 grams of carbs and 17 grams of sugar per serving. Those marshmallows would blow your blood sugar through the roof!

This awesome recipe though has no sugar and 0g net carbs. Plus it only uses five ingredients. Check it out below with more details and tips at the source link




Servings: 24 Jumbo Marshmallows (~38 grams each)

Prep Time: 20 Minutes

Resting Time: 4 Hours


  • 1 1/4 Cup Water, divided
  • 3 Tbsp Gelatin (we used Great Lakes Pure Beef Gelatin which you can get on Amazon)
  • 3 Cups Allulose, plus an extra 1/4 cup for dusting (we used the ChipMonk blend of Monk Fruit and Allulose: AlluMonk. You can find other allulose brands online as well)
  • 1 Tbsp Vanilla Extract (we used McCormick, but any brand should work fine)
  • 1/4 tsp Fine Sea Salt
  • Optional food coloring if you want colored marshmallows


  • Lightly grease two 8x8 square baking pans OR one 9x13 baking pan with pan spray and line the pans with a strip of parchment. We recommend spraying the pans once more to grease the parchment.
  • Add 1/2 cup water to a bowl. Sprinkle the gelatin over the water and immediately whisk the gelatin into the water. Set the gelatin mixture aside to bloom while you make the allulose syrup.
  • In a medium heavy-bottomed saucepan, pour in the remaining 3/4 cup water and whisk in your 3 cups of allulose. Continually mix while you heat the pan up on your stove. You want to heat the mixture to 240 degrees Fahrenheit. Use a candy thermometer or digital thermometer to continually monitor the temperature.
  • Once the allulose syrup reaches 240 degrees F, carefully add the hot syrup to the gelatin mixture in your other bowl. Add in the vanilla and salt and start to mix either using an electric hand mixer or a stand mixer. You do not want to do this by hand, trust us! Turn the mixer speed up to medium and whip until the marshmallow begins to thicken and lighten in color. At this point, you can turn the mixer up to high speed without the liquid making a giant mess. Whip on high for at least 15 minutes. You will know it's done when the marshmallow is VERY thick, glossy, cool to the touch, and holds firm peaks.
  • If you want to color your marshmallows, add in a few drops of food coloring during the mixing process.
  • Working quickly, use a rubber spatula to scrape the marshmallow into the prepared pans. Use an offset spatula to smooth the surface as much as possible (you can oil both spatulas to help prevent sticking if you want to). Allow the marshmallows to set for at least four hours or overnight.
  • Using a blender, grind the additional 1/4 cup of allulose for dusting until it's the consistency of confectioners sugar.
  • Use the parchment paper to lift the marshmallow out of the pans. Using an oiled knife, trim the edges and then slice the marshmallows into strips. Dust the surfaces of each marshmallow strip with the powdered allulose. Then slice the marshmallow strips into squares and dust the cut sides.
  • Store the marshmallows in an airtight container. Or, lightly cover the container with a paper towel and allow them to dry out overnight, undisturbed.

    Recipe Source:
u/T-888 · 4 pointsr/Paleo

Grass fed [gelatine, here] (
Edit - also from [Great Lakes Gelatine] ( cans of 6, instead of 2 from amazon.

u/theycallmestac-y · 3 pointsr/ketogains

I put a tablespoon or so of great lakes grass fed gelatin in my coffee. thickens it a little bit especially as it cools, but otherwise doesn't change the taste or anything else.

u/kmoonster · 2 pointsr/birding

You might try a seed cake, like this:

Most bird center or nature stores should carry these. Grocery stores may, at least in some areas. They are seed cakes bound with gelatin, not dissimilar from what is used to make gel-cap pills. They shouldn't melt, and don't have the calorie overload like suet does. A lot of birds will skip or reduce suet intake in summer due to the extra calories (and subsequent body heat).

These come in cakes that will fit in small or large suet cages, also as cylinders, bells, balls, etc.

Edit: if you DIY, try some straight gelatin like you would use for making jelly or candy, look for it in the canning section or at a whole-food type store. Keep it light, you don't need much, just enough to keep the cakes in shape. You're making a seed cake, not a gummy bear! Something like any of these should work as long as there are no sugars or artificial additives:

u/xicana63 · 2 pointsr/xxketo

This bad boy! So the red/orange container is gelatin you can make into jello and the green one is gelatin that won't gel and you can put into your coffee. But what really helps me is using the red/orange container gelatin to make jello with Powerade Zero or I'll use water that's been mixed with Emergen-C Electro Mix and sugar-free syrup for flavor.

From my research stay away from Knox gelatin (yucky taste) and Sugarfree Jello (only has a minute quantity of actual gelatin).

When making jello with this gelatin use these instructions (taken from the first review in Amazon for this gelatin, but I modified it a little to make it keto-friendly):

"i start off by mixing 1 cup of COLD liquid with the 2 tablespoons of gelatin in the measuring cup.
keep mixing till all the gelatin has been mixed with the liquid, don't leave any chunks.
then let sit for 5 mins. This will bloom the gelatin.

After the 5 mins, dump the cup of liquid/gelatin into a dish, and then clean your measuring cup, then pour
another cup of liquid into your measuring cup. I then microwave this cup for 2 minutes (maybe another minute after i test it)
then take it out to measure the temperature. you want to try to get the liquid around 160F degrees. (should be pretty hot to the touch)

then i mix in the sweetner [I don't add any] to taste, then add the hot liquid to the cold, and mix it.
it should all be clear after you mix them together, and then i leave it sit on the counter for a few minutes,
then put it in the fridge. It takes a few hours to harden."

I eat it all, I try to make 2 tablespoons of gelatin by daily dose so I use half the liquid mentioned above so there is less jello to eat because even then there is still a lot of jello to eat!

Let me know if I'm not clear! I can type slower than I think!

u/CalicoFox · 2 pointsr/TwoXChromosomes

I have a bunch of stretch marks, and I call them my tiger stripes! I'm very proud of them. Once your weight stabilizes, the stretch marks fade and eventually disappear. Eating low-carb will help, too. Rubbing coconut oil on them also helps (a little goes a long ways, so don't go crazy!), and making sure you get collagen in your diet, too.

You can get collagen from high-quality gelatin like this one (which does not gel so can be put in coffee) and/or this one (which does gel and can be used to make jello). Please note that brand-names Jell-o and Knox are very low quality. You can also drink bone broth or just swallow the gristle when you eat your steak.

Last but not least, drinking lots of water also helps! Stay hydrated!

u/ZephramKnight · 2 pointsr/Paleo

I believe /u/DigestibleComestible is referring this this Gelatin, which is the one that I see most often referenced in any Paleo related article. Per the reviews, most users notice change around the 3 month mark, after taking 2tbsps/day, every day, but they didn't specify which issues were relieved for them, so I can only assume they mean their overall skin tone/feel/etc.

Of course, incorporating bone broth from healthy animals is always the best way to get nutrients.

Anecdotally, I have been using this gelatin for ~1 month now, and so far I have noticed that the flaky, dry skin on my hands doesn't show up anymore, my facial hair is generally softer, and the cuticles on my fingers seem to be doing very well.

u/n3tm0nk3y · 1 pointr/ketogains

I am very keen on gelatin for two reasons. I am nursing a shoulder connective tissue injury, and I do a lot of grip exercise that puts a lot of strain on the connective tissue in my hands. I put roughly 1/2 to 1 tablespoon of gelatin powder on my eggs every morning.

I buy this:

u/andromedasuite · 1 pointr/keto

I hope you will try a kale smoothie!! They are hella nutritious. Here is my jam: buy a head of kale at the store (purple is the bomb), take it home, cut off the stems, wash it, dry it, chop it up, and put it in a big Ziploc bag. Then i stash it in the freezer, so it stays good and never goes bad or wilts. I keep an old protein powder scoop (1/4 cup) in the Ziploc, and throw 2 scoops in my morning smoothie. You can use any protein powder you like; i use Jay Robb whey or egg white powder. I also put some grass-fed unflavored gelatin because a lot of the keto/paleo sites recommended it. I also add a few (about 1/8 cup) of frozen blueberries to help the flavor.

Make sure you leave enough space in the jar for it to blend properly. My Ninja individual jar has a "max fill" line which is helpful. blend the shit out of it or else you'll get the "liquid salad" effect. I will add some Kerrygold butter, or olive oil, or coconut oil to the shake if I need more fat that day.

I used a Magic Bullet blender for a long time, then I upgraded to a Ninja, which is what I use now. Someday i want to get a Blendtec or a Vitamixer, but I don't have six hundo to throw down on a fucking blender.

I buy the Nature's Way brand of coconut oil, to me it tastes pretty coconutty. I tried to get my dad to eat some, because MCTs help with memory in addition to all the other amazing things they do, but the stubborn old man won't eat it because he is convinced it will make him fat. That shit is like catnip to me, I love it. I love all the other great "fat bomb" recipes folks post on here. Good luck!!

u/Quetaux · 1 pointr/ketorecipes

Have no fear sugar-free jello is A-OK!!! nutritional specs for Jello

What you were thinking about is gelatin, a delicious, nutritious protein. the above post was about glycerin, a sugar alcohol.
Gelatin is the jelly-like stuff you get at the top of a broth after boiling bones for a few hours. in my opinion its the superfood our granparents are which we're all missing in our diets today. its amazing for your joints/hair/overall health

Eat as much jello as you want, then have some more (as you can probably tell, i also love jello). Better yet, if you love the texture and feel of Jello, by making it at home, you can:
-increase your gelatin intake
-get a better quality gelatin (grass fed all day!)
-save muchos money
-make unflavoured/ridiculously flavoured jello

Here's how:

  1. buy this stuff

  2. mix with water

  3. add flavour I like to use the little (squirt bottles you normally add to water)

  4. refrigerate

  5. enjoy
u/childishidealism · 1 pointr/Homebrewing

Meh. I mean it's the same meat going into all the other meat things you eat. There are also 'higher quality' options available. Lastly the idea as far as I understand it is that the gelatin binds to the stuff that it drops out of the beer, so not only are you starting with a tiny amount in the first place, most of it is just going to get thrown away with the nasties in the very bottom of your keg/bottles.

u/stripelesswb · 1 pointr/bjj

I second it.

I also consume gelatin ( every day, approximately 15grams/day. I noticed that it helps a lot with tendons, ligaments and skin. It is quite annoying to have to mix it up once a day, but definitely worth the effort IMO. I go hard during rolling and I had quite a few close calls when my wrist would snap and I'd feel pain. But that would heal in a matter of days and I wouldn't even have to take days off of training. I attribute it to prevention (Animal Flex + gelatin) rather than just healing abilities.

u/Polyclad · 1 pointr/Fitness

It is not too bad, I use this:

Whey is quite low in glycine, which most people don't care about since it is non-essential. But I think there is a limit to the synthesis rate, so I like to supplement anyway. This in an interesting read:

u/Bosona · 1 pointr/ketogains

I'm not in canada but i just took link from above post, copied the name of the product and put it in and it's available

same with glycine capsules

u/krolahzuL · 1 pointr/Frugal

Not really insinuating that it is a steroid, just that cheap protein unnecessarily spikes insulin which promotes hunger due to how it is cut with fillers.

Want extra protein easily? Add Gelatin Not a referal link - to everything. 1 TBSP = 6g of protein.

As for if I am a wizard.. maybe.

u/klukins · 1 pointr/ehlersdanlos

I am considering to try taking gelatin for a few weeks to see if that helps. Dr. Ann Childers strongly suggest that those with EDS take it to improve their collagen productions, overall health, and mood. Has anyone else tried this?

The Great Lakes Gelatin is kosher and comes from grass fed cows - no added anitbiotics or hormones.

u/Watawkichaw · 0 pointsr/nutrition

I've been adding grass fed beef gelatin to my vegan/vegetarian recipes with great success.