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Grey Shark Bed for Small Cat Dog Cave Bed With Removable Cushion,waterproof Bottom
Material:Superfine fiber cloth+oxford cloth+PP cotton filler;For pet within 4kgDiameter:(outer)42x42x37cm/16.5x16.5x14.5inch,(inner)37x37x37cm/14.5x14.5x14.5inchSelf-warming material radiates heat back to your pet;Anti slip and damp proofEtra thick stuffed fill for maximum comfortLeegoal bulk packing with good quality warranty.
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26 Reddit comments about Grey Shark Bed for Small Cat Dog Cave Bed With Removable Cushion,waterproof Bottom:

u/CDanger · 71 pointsr/dataisbeautiful

Did you think we forgot you? Merry Christmas!

u/Killerzeit · 7 pointsr/TrollXChromosomes

It's this one!

He loves it and it's funny. He likes the teeth.

u/cfstephens · 6 pointsr/aww

Though for the record, our cats are scared of them. Probably because our 2 year old chased them with the sharks yelling, "Aaaaahhhhh! I'm going to eat you!! Nom nom nom!"

u/Velehk_Sain · 3 pointsr/cats

I got mine from Amazon (this one to be specific). It took several weeks to arrive (it came from China), but for $12 it was well worth the money. There's other sellers as well (I think one had prime shipping, but for $39 or so), though I don't know how good they are.

Sadly mine did not come with the little cushion that was supposed to be inside. I suppose it's okay since my cat likes the hard surface of a floor/carpet compared to a bed, but just something to keep in mind.

u/MoonpawX · 3 pointsr/AskVet

Until you can get her to a vet, consider getting some hiding places for her (, so at least she isn't so stressed. If she pees on the carpet in the same spot, you can try putting something down in that area (towel or wee-wee pad) to protect the carpet for now, until you can figure something out. You might also want to consider a consult with a veterinary behaviorist.

u/jollyoctopus · 3 pointsr/guineapigs
u/margalicious · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Well I just LOVE cats. :D I'm so excited you get to bring your furballs home!! This is my monster, Loki. <3

Some things you can buy:

u/bluecarebear · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I have 2 new kitties and I really want to get them a bed each. So the only thing I've been saving up for on my wishlist is this cute shark bed. It's only $10.28 right now, so I should be able to get them next paycheck...but to be gifted them would be even better. Here's my kitties!!!

u/littlestray · 1 pointr/Pets

As an aside, semi-circular covered beds like this one are non-heated but great at A) playing into a cat's natural desire to huddle up in a hidey-hole, and B) seem to conserve heat really well.

When I reach in and pet my cat when he's in his shark, he's as warm as if he were lying in a sunbeam.

u/gingysnap · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I really want this cat bed off my house/pets wishlist! My cats don't currently have a cat bed, so I'm sure they would find it entertaining. AND LOOK AT IT, IT'S SO CUTE. (MRW) I have a super fat kitten that would look adorable being eaten by a shark hanging out in this cat bed. And it has free shipping and pretty good reviews, so that's cool!

Thanks for the contest opportunity :)

u/ntsp00 · 1 pointr/Pets

Luckily I just typed this out for someone in another thread! I have a strategy that has worked 3 times before. I had 2 cats already, acclimated a 3rd permanent and have since acclimated 2 fosters (one was here for 9 months, the other 5):

  1. Choose a bedroom that will be the 3 year old's (preferably the one you sleep in). This bedroom will be closed at all times, the 3 year old will be restricted to this bedroom at all times and the other cat is not allowed in. This is now the 3 year old's territory. As she spreads her scent around she will grow more confident (which is a necessity if you want her to get along with another cat). This room should obviously have its own litter box and food/water bowls.

  2. Put the 2 cats on the same feeding schedule. Do not change either diet at this time, continue feeding them the same food(s) they're used to. Feed both cats on either side of the door as much as you can. Food is a positive interaction, this is to start building positive associations with each other now that they each have a space of their own.

  3. After at least one week has passed (please don't bother trying to rush the cats, just let time do its thing) put up a pet gate. I have this one that's $10 at Walmart. Yes, the cats can jump over it but they typically won't because they both know the other side is another cat's space. And if they do jump over you should be immediately putting them back on their own side. The gate should be up 24/7, when you are home. If you leave for any reason take the gate down and close the door. Continue feeding them next to the doorway, the gate now allows them to see each other when they eat instead of just smelling. If you have treats you can also hand them out by the gate for another positive interaction.

  4. After another week has gone by you can test the waters by taking down the gate. Only under constant supervision, of course. One of the cats will probably start exploring the other space while the other watches. If there is any negative behavior be sure not to punish the cats. They will associate any negative behavior from you with the other cat. Positive talking and petting only. If things go well, great! You should still separate them into the appropriate rooms when you're not there until another week goes by without issue. Continue feeding them in the same place, remember no changes during this process. You want the 3 year old to still have her complete "safety room" whenever she wants. At night separate the cats as well into the appropriate rooms (3 year old = bedroom, other cat = rest of the apartment). If there were any negative behaviors beyond a little hissing, put the gate back up and just continue #3. Some cats take longer, some shorter. Doing this 3 times I know exactly how long it takes for my cats to warm-up to other cats, 2 of them just a week but the 3rd is very defensive and needs the full 3 weeks before she's on "speaking terms" with a new cat.

    Cats are very particular about their space and other cats entrenching on it. Cats going into new environments also need to build up their confidence by having a space of their own. Both cats will be very defensive at first because of this which is why such slow introductions are necessary.

    My 3rd permanent cat was adopted from a shelter at 2 years old, she spent her entire life there from when she was just 6 weeks. She is still fearful and skittish but getting better every day. Under the bed was her safety zone for the entire first 2 weeks. I just gave her the time she needed and all the affection I could. She eventually outgrew the "safety room" and now her favorite place is in the living room. The best tips I can probably give you for a skittish cat is to make sure they have access to everything in a comfortable space for them. Right now, it's the bedroom for your 3 year old. After this process is over she may pick a different place like what my cat did. It's a great idea to make sure she has a litter box and food/water nearby. My cat also has her own bed in the corner, she's the only one that likes beds so I think it has to do with feeling protected (it has sides like this one, I'm upgrading it so it has a roof too like this one.

    I hope this helps, if you have any questions feel free to ask!
u/SkySeaSkySeaaaa · 1 pointr/Wishlist

They make beds in shark shape so it looks like your pet is being eaten. Kitties are the only thing keeping me cheered up lately.

I think it's time to go on another news fast. It always makes me feel guilty, like I'm shirking my duty to be an informed citizen. But I need to focus on other things, like finding a job and being able to sleep at night, and I'm just feeling buried in sadness and worry.

Let's news fast for a week. If the end times arrive we can go out looking surprised!

u/vannah08510 · 1 pointr/cats

Ah I didn't know you had birds. I thought you meant the ones outside for some reason.

Try (all can be found on amazon)

Nano Robotic Cat Toy (White/Blue)

u/vonderporke · 1 pointr/cats

Grey Shark Bed for Small Cat Dog Cave Bed Removable Cushion,waterproof Bottom Most Lovely Pet House Gift for Pet

u/neonKow · 1 pointr/TrollXFunny

> I've been going back and forth over something like this

But...but..that's not shaped like a shark at all.

u/ichosethis · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Sharks eat fish (when they're not befriending them) just like german penguins, though sharks are probably much messier about it! (they eat german penguins too, but I don't want to upset you)

Ich liebe Pinguine.

u/s8l · 0 pointsr/funny

Its on amazon