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Groom Mate Platinum XL Nose & Ear Hair Trimmer
Groom Mate's ECO friendly, battery_less trimmer. Made in the USA since 1991.The Platinum XL nose hair trimmer is made from 100 percent stainless steel that will never rust or corrode.The Platinum XL has a patented rotary blade system that will never dull and never pull or yank out nasal hairs.All Groom Mate trimmers provide very gentle and painless trimming and are easy to clean and maintain.ECO friendly, no batteries required and human powered. Engineered to last a lifetime.
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38 Reddit comments about Groom Mate Platinum XL Nose & Ear Hair Trimmer:

u/jlbraun · 17 pointsr/BuyItForLife

As embarrassed as I am to admit this:

Groom Mate Platinum XL

No batteries, solid steel, disassembles for cleaning.

u/cphcider · 15 pointsr/videos

I strongly encourage you to get one of these:

Literally a life changer for me. I used to just rip them out like a barbarian, and then be like, "Why is my nose filled with pain?" the next day as in-grown hairs set in. This guy does the job in 2 seconds, and no batteries required.

u/i_use_this_for_work · 11 pointsr/BuyItForLife

For your nose/ears, buy a Groommate XL

For the rest of your manscaping, while everyone loves Wahl for consumer products, I've had a set of Oster clippers that I've used for 7 or 8 years, with the same two heads, and they've done fine. I used them for my beard, chest, and other places. They're strong and make quick work.

If I were to replace the Osters, my stylist uses this new version of wireless, infinitely adjustable clippers, but they're pretty damn expensive. I'd get those as he raves about them and uses them professionally every day.

u/d_c_d_ · 9 pointsr/BuyItForLife

I have one of these.. pretty heavy duty.

Here is a video review.

u/bdifc · 8 pointsr/everymanshouldknow

I use this. I have had it for going on 5 years now and it works like the day I bought it.

I used to use the electric trimmers, but my experience with them isn't as good.

u/hailhalehail · 7 pointsr/mildlyinteresting

Manual all the way:

I've had this for a decade and it works as well as the day I bought it.

u/tanks · 4 pointsr/

i use one of these and love it. good way to multitask while watching tv and never runs out of batteries. plus it's funny when you blow your nose a few hours later and the snot is full of tiny nose hairs.

u/Slaquor · 4 pointsr/BuyItForLife

If you want to trim just nose hair get this: no batteries, stainless steel, easily cleaned, and I have been pleased with it.

u/bolognaballs · 3 pointsr/BuyItForLife

This is all anecdotal but I am a fairly regular flyer, 8-12 check-ins a month. If you're in the US, you can travel domestically without issue (in over 100 flights I haven't been stopped or questioned about it, though I am pre-check so that might make a difference). I've had many flights, probably 50 or so checkins in Canada as well without issue. Canada gave me more grief over nose-hair clippers ( than the spork - but the nose hair clippers were ultimately fine.

Less data: I traveled to Europe, through europe, took about 6 flights with check-ins and didn't have the slightest problem.

I flew to Central America and on the return trip, they nabbed it. I've noticed higher security over trivial things in developing countries (South-east asia, Central/South America). I've had small, less than an inch scissors taken from me twice now as well even though I travel regularly in the US with those same scissors.

So, do with that info what you will and don't blame me if they take it from you in the US (though I really really really doubt they will).

If you travel internationally, your odds of success may diminish

u/Whispertron · 3 pointsr/de

Groom Mate Haartrimmer für Nasen und Ohren. Keine Batterien, einfach zu reinigen, solides Ding. Habe meinen schon seit mehreren Jahren im Gebrauch, was auch zu erwarten ist da die Konstruktion nicht viel einfacher sein könnte. Neben dem Rasierhobel eines der besten Preis/Leistung Verhältnisse.

Tischlerwerkzeug von der E.C. Emmerich Werkzeugfabrik. Mit einem Hobel von denen zu arbeiten ist ein richtiger Genuß. Das Werkzeug ist hochwertig verarbeitet, zuverlässig und jeden Cent wert.

u/travistravels247 · 3 pointsr/BuyItForLife

There is the option of no batteries (like this or this) too.

u/psdtwk · 2 pointsr/BuyItForLife works. It's the same without the mobile redirect at the end of the URL.

u/RationalArgumentMan · 2 pointsr/wicked_edge

Groom Mate Platinum XL is your friend. Solid stainless steel, lifetime warranty, and works great.

u/TheDarkHorse83 · 2 pointsr/AskMen
u/eyc · 2 pointsr/AskReddit

For stank feet, clean them with antibacterial soap. Assuming you don't have some fungal problem, I assume most of you get stank feet by the end of the day - sometimes, knock down, deathly sick stank. I researched what the causes are, and its bacteria - sweaty feet promote more growth and smell. Scrub em with a dedicated wash cloth or sponge/loofa lathered up with antibacterial soap. Makes a huge difference -- almost as good as baby powder on the sac.

For the tongue, brush it first, then tongue scrape it. It makes the breath better, and helps reduce the "tan color" that Live2RedditAnother speaks of.

For nose hair, this has worked the best for me. It is manually powered, but does not rip any hairs and cause insane pain like the electric versions.

u/snorlaxsnooz · 2 pointsr/BuyItForLife

solid stainless steel, manual nose-hair trimmers. wayyyyy less tugging than the powered kind, and there is nothing that can ever break. if you manage to destroy it anyway, no-questions-asked lifetime warranty.

u/shicken684 · 2 pointsr/fffffffuuuuuuuuuuuu

I bought this one a few years ago and love it.

u/Awww_Yee · 2 pointsr/malegrooming

Groom Mate Platinum XL Nose & Ear Hair Trimmer

I use these and they are awesome.. never dull out

u/zerosk8er · 1 pointr/Wetshaving

I use something like this. Recommending in case you don't want to deal with batteries.

u/SubGothius · 1 pointr/OneY
  • Nose/ear hair: the Groom Mate Platinum XL - see Amazon for reviews.
  • Body/scalp hair: get a good Wahl or Oster buzz clipper, compare reviews on Amazon; I'd say don't bother with cordless rechargeables which just won't last as long or perform as well, so stick with barbershop-style corded models.
u/6745408 · 1 pointr/funny

This one will last a lifetime.

u/jonesey666 · 1 pointr/malegrooming

I prefer the manual trimmer. Like this.

It takes a bit of practice until you figure out how not to pull hairs out but I like it better than the burnt smelling electric ones.

u/TallBobbyB · 1 pointr/bicycletouring

I came to recommend the same thing. Keep things low tech and low electricity.

You can get much cheaper options for shaving. $10 Omega Synthetic shaving brush that will hold up to travel better than a nice badger/boar brush. $12 Weishi twist to open razor that has less parts to deal with than the Merkur (twist to open versus 2 pieces that come apart). And if you're a weight weenie, get a shave soap puck that can work as a body soap too. Wash your body, then hit the brush on the puck, lather your face, and shave.

For beard trim, use some scissors. For nose/ear trim grab one of these. The DE blades are normally 15-20 cents a piece and you can normally get a few shaves out of each blade.

That should be a nice grooming kit that does not require any power and really should last you for the rest of your life if you take care of it.

u/RastabanStar · 1 pointr/malefashionadvice

Recommended on the r/BIFL:

I'm a big fan

u/monkberrymoondelight · 1 pointr/AskReddit

Yes, and I use this little thing. Works like a champ. GroomMate Platinum XL Nose & Ear Hair Trimmer

u/puffybaba · 1 pointr/wicked_edge

the platinum XL looks like a good one.

u/The_Chief · 1 pointr/BuyItForLife

I posted for a nose hair trimmer 2 weeks ago. The top suggestion was Groom Mate Platinum XL Nose & Ear Hair Trimmer. I got it in the mail today and I am happy to report I don't think I would ever use a different nose/ear hair trimmer. It is totally BI4L stainless steel and no batteries. It fucking rocks, fullest marks. For beard trimmer I just use my hair clippers over the garbage can. The hair in the shower clogs the drain. I am hairy though.