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Groove Tube Golf Club Cleaner Squeeze Bottle Brush
Simple golf club cleaning systemStores water in leakproof reservoir tube that can be squeezed out through the hole in the brushLarge nylon bristles give you complete coverage when cleaningLightweight design for ease of use and maximum portabilityAttaches directly to your bag with the spring loaded quick-release clip
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9 Reddit comments about Groove Tube Golf Club Cleaner Squeeze Bottle Brush:

u/GolfNYC · 17 pointsr/golf

I don't use a lot of the stuff in my bag, but make sure to keep things in there that are handy when you really need them. I don't need a lot to make the experience fun, but do need things to prevent it becoming sour.

Stick an extra $20 or $50 somewhere in your bag for that day you forget to bring cash (forgot my wallet at home one day and ended up not needing it).

This brush is my favorite thing.

Spare change.

Green repair tool.



Extra glove.

Small sunscreen.

Pack of trail mix.

Extra pair of socks.



EDIT: High deet-content bug spray

u/OhSnapItsRJ · 5 pointsr/golf

Like someone else mentioned, I love my Caddytek push cart. I've probably had it out 100-150 times so far, and it's never skipped a beat.

But I also really like my Groove Tube. Such a simple, cheap little thing. But it really works great, and I've found myself annoyed at its absence on the few occasions when I've forgotten to fill the bottle.

u/daChino02 · 3 pointsr/golf

I bring this on the course or you can leave it in the car for after the round... but it's great cleaning tool.


Grover Tube

u/Levandy · 2 pointsr/golf

I just bought this to clean my clubs during a round. I think it'll be very handy because I have a brush already but without water it doesn't help very much.

u/AnAvidGolfer · 2 pointsr/golf

I use the Frogger towel and a bottle brush, I keep my clubs pretty damn clean. I put a drop of dish soap in with the water and shake before a round. Most of the time, I use the Frogger more to clean my grips than my club heads.

u/spartangrunt · 1 pointr/golf

Seriously! I've got a Groove Tube and a towel. Embrace the groooooove.

u/PicsOrGtfoh · 1 pointr/golf

Groove tube... 9 bucks... Never leaks in my car... Fill it on course water fountain or cooler. Great 9 bucks... Keeps my clubs spotless. The thought of a smelly moldy towel grosses me out.

u/YahNasty · 1 pointr/golf

Try this ( my uncle gave it to me awhile bag and it has been great