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GSC International 4400 Filtering Flask Kit
The pump is fitted with a valve to release vacuumThe pumping rate is 15ml per stroke and will displace up to 725ml of airIt is also much more economical than a costly electric vacuum pumpIt is also much more economical than a costly electric vacuum pump
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2 Reddit comments about GSC International 4400 Filtering Flask Kit:

u/2C-The-7uture · 5 pointsr/AskDrugNerds

Do some research into the active ingredients to find a solvent they are sufficiently soluble in. Crush your pills as well as you can. I suggest you break them down using something hard and flat at first, then use a bic lighter. Rub the powdered pills with the side of the lighter redundantly to create as much surface area as possible. Use a knife, scalpel, or razor blade to scrape the powder off the surface you were rubbing it on. Chop it up for a couple minutes. Warm your solvent a bit if you need to, then mix the powder into it. Shake and stir it for several minutes. Filter off the undissolved binders using a coffee filter, or if you value your time and medication more than money get a manual vacuum filter. You're going to need filter paper for that too.

If the solvent you used isn't an irritant, measure the volume of
the solution you retrieved from the filter flask. Figure out whether or not your solution is as concentrated or dilute as you want. To dilute it, add solvent. To concentrate it, evaporate or boil off the solvent. Make sure your medication isn't going to degrade at the temperature required to boil off your excess solvent.

If it is an irritant, boil off most of the solvent and evaporate the rest. Scrape up your dried medication and dissolve it in saline. I suggest you use Snoot nasal spray bottles. God speed, OP.

u/sillycyco · 2 pointsr/firewater

Gravity/decanting, coffee filters, on up to filter paper using a buchner funnel and vacuum pump. Depends on the size of the solids and how hard they are to get out. Usually simple coffee filters is enough, and gravity over time will settle out fine particles. The filter paper and flask setup works really well, but is kind of a pain.