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Guide to Flowering Plant Families
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u/thraces_aces · 3 pointsr/whatsthisplant

I agree with /u/whyen0t -- taking a class is really a great start! Beyond that, I would recommend getting a dichotomous key for the flora in your area and starting to familiarize yourself with different plants you see quite a bit. Often, there is a "Guide to the Families" section in the beginning of a floristic guide that can give you a really good sense of the big characteristics that define each family. Just googling a guide to the families brought me to this one: --I don't know anything about it personally, but it seems to have good reviews!

u/terciopelo · 2 pointsr/botany

My beloved plant systematics professor in college assigned Guide to Flowering Plant Families by Wendy Zomlefer, and these many years later, it is still one of my most frequently-consulted books. Not only is the book full of information on 130 plant families, the line drawings are fantastic, too.

u/wgstenjuls · 1 pointr/botany

Like others have said, learning what characteristics plant families have makes plant I.D. so much easier. If this is something you really want to learn, I'd recommend a book like Wendy B. Zomlefer's Guide to Flowering Plants or Practical Plant Identification by James Cullen. Both of those should give you a rundown on common plant family characteristics and help you narrow it down at least to a family, if not a genus. Being able to accurately I.D. plants quickly is mostly practise, though; the more you do it, the easier it gets.

Though, because you don't think it's a native plant, once you have a rough idea of what it is, you can look at ornamental plants that will grow in your zone.