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Hair Scalp Massager, Heeta Shampoo Brush with Soft Silicone Head Massager (Black)
Manual operation. Waterproof, no battery required. Perfect for various hairstyles from thick to thin, short or long, and no matter wet or dry, even to groom hair of your petsTaking shower with this soft shampoo brush makes your hair and scalp cleaner than before. A soft and high-quality hair brush provides you an enjoyable washing experienceMassaging your scalp in the shower to ease itchiness and promote blood circulation. Getting a relaxing massage at home and every time you wash your hairErgonomic design perfectly fits in your palm and is easy to hold. Only 1.8 Oz, lightweight and stores easilyExcellent scalp massager is suitable for who has long and manicured nails, you won't damage your manicure during washing hair anymore
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12 Reddit comments about Hair Scalp Massager, Heeta Shampoo Brush with Soft Silicone Head Massager (Black):

u/ediblesprysky · 5 pointsr/HaircareScience

So I'll admit, I've only ever used Dr Bronner's to wash my hair at their Burning Man foam baths. It made my hair feel like ass, but I'll admit there may have been other factors there, lol. At least it was clean!

But I'm not surprised it's stripping your hair; it's extremely harsh stuff. I second the recommendation for Cantu shampoo and conditioner; it's lovely and moisturizing but won't weigh your hair down, AND it's like $5 a bottle at the drugstore. As I Am Coconut Co-Wash is also fantastic; I would definitely recommend mixing that into your routine rather than straight-up washing your hair every day. And if you want to keep an ACV rinse in the mix, DPHue makes a nice one that's a little more soothing and less harsh than just straight-up apple cider vinegar. I also love using one of those weird scalp massager things to really be sure I'm getting product to the roots AND stimulating the scalp. (That might be pseudo-scientific woo-woo, but my hair feels cleaner, so it's a win for me.)

I found these products while researching the curly girl method. I also have very fine hair, and using this kind of less-harsh product has made my hair far less frizzy AND I don't get oily as quickly. It sounds like your scalp may be over-producing oil due to dryness, so I highly recommend moisturizing and trying to wash less!

u/melbelle28 · 2 pointsr/curlyhair

If you're looking for a place to start, try adding a gel or curl cream to your hair before you use the wet brush. This will hopefully give you more consistency and hold. There are a LOT of budget-friendly options - I love Aussie Instant Freeze (available at most grocery stores for something like $4) and this sub often sings the praises of blue LA Looks. I'm also a huge fan of La Bella Lots of Curls gel (a huge bottle for $2).

If you want to try CGM, just know it breaks down into two basic rules: no sulfates, no silicones.

These rules are because 1. Sulfates are incredibly harsh cleansers that damage your hair cuticle and strip your hair of the natural oils that keep it healthy (especially damaging for curly girls, because our hair cuticles are naturally more delicate and the oils at our scalp naturally take longer to work themselves down the hair strand), 2. Most silicones cannot be removed without using sulfates, so if you cut out sulfates but not silicones, you'll get an intense amount of product build-up which feels and looks quite bad.

The easiest way to know if a product is "CG-friendly" (free of silicones and sulfates) is to copy and paste the ingredients into

Learning about CGM can be very confusing at first - before you go out and buy any new products, read read read and read some more until you feel like you have a grasp on how the method works. Also, don't be afraid to break from "strict" CG - if it works for you and your hair, then do it!

That said... you have to ditch the dish soap. Part of the reason your hair is getting so greasy within 18 hours of washing is your scalp is overproducing oil as a result of using dish soap to clean it - the soap completely strips your hair of any natural (healthy!) oils, and your scalp responds by overproducing. I hope that makes sense!

As for scalp issues, I myself have a few spots on my scalp that are prone to itchiness, dandruff, and build-up if I'm not careful, and it's one of the reasons I waited so long to take the plunge into CG. Here are the things that helped for me:

  • A scalp scrubber. I got one very similar to this, and it has been a total game changer. I can scrub for less time and get better results at truly cleaning my scalp, even in areas where my hair is super-thick.
  • Finding an effective cleanser. I live in an area with hard water, and CG never worked for me until I found a conditioner to cleanse with that had a chelating agent (a chemical that removes hard water). Thankfully, it's 88 cents a bottle - Alberto VO5 Kiwi Lime Squeeze Clarifying Conditioner (the chelating agent is disodium EDTA).
  • Spending an appropriate amount of time cowashing. I'm a very bad judge of time, so to train myself to scrub my scalp long enough, I put on a playlist for the shower and scrubbed my scalp for at least three entire songs. You will scrub until your arms hurt. You will scrub to a point that feels ridiculous. But it's the best way to get allllll the gunk off your scalp without removing natural (healthy) oils.
  • Extra clarifying during transition. For the first... three months? after I switched to the CGM, I kept a bottle in my shower of 1/4 apple cider vinegar, 3/4 water, and coated my scalp and hair in it and left it for 3-5 minutes after every wash. Eventually, I didn't need that extra cleansing boost, but it was vital to keeping my hair clean.
  • More wash days during transition. Today, 8 months into CGM, I can go 5-6 days without washing my hair. At the beginning, I was cowashing every. single. day. because otherwise my hair was an absolute disaster. It's a pain, but I promise it's worth it.
  • Adding protein to my routine. There's lots of info on this sub about the protein/moisture balance and why it's important. Protein can be tricky, and using too much of it will make your hair brittle and prone to breakage, so please be careful! For me, the easiest way to use protein is to get a bottle of Neutral Protein Filler from Sally's and add a couple of drops to my leave-in conditioner every time I apply it. Less time hunting down protein-rich products (which are often on the high price end), and way more control over how much or how little protein I add to my hair on any given wash day, depending on what it needs.
  • Time. The transition period is real, and you will absolutely be tempted to go back to dish soap because of how greasy your hair gets. Resist! Lean into ponytails, ball caps, buns, and braids! It will get better as your scalp adjusts to how much oil your hair needs when you aren't using such a harsh cleanser.

    I hope this helps! In my experience, CGM requires a time investment upfront to learn about the method and what products/techniques work for you, but the overall amount of time I spend worrying about my hair is way less and my hair is also way more healthy.
u/PourMeTea · 2 pointsr/AsianBeauty

I feel your pain, I've been having dandruff since as long as I can remember, but got worse during my early 20s. I use this one and it really helps not just my flakes, but the gunk that builds up on my scalp.

It's a manual one, not electric and the rubber bristles are soft/firm enough to get a nice massage.

u/emeeez · 2 pointsr/CrohnsDisease

I had a similar problem (to be honest not to the degree you have) and started getting a rash on my arms and legs and was diagnosed with remicade induced eczema. I also now use neutrogena t sal. The dermatologist said to let the t sal sit on my scalp for an hour (you can use a shower cap if you want to roam around the house). What also really helped my scalp was a scalp massager, which I use when washing the shampoo out of my hair. Here’s a link to a $6 one I bought on amazon.

Hair Scalp Massager, Heeta Scalp...

There are prescription strength shampoos dermatologists can prescribe so I’d recommend seeing one.

Best of luck!

u/TheScienceOfSkincare · 1 pointr/SkincareAddiction

I use a [scalp massager](Hair Scalp Massager, Heeta Scalp... when I wash my hair and I leave the ketoconozale shampoo on for about 5 minutes. I don’t put any product on my scalp at all.

u/yeaokbb · 1 pointr/GavinMcInnes

I like using baking soda to wash then ACV to rinse. It’s good for flakes and you can add some oil drops to scent the vinegar but it rinses out without smelling on its own. My hair wasn’t as sleek as it had been using conditioner but it was soft and fluffy as fuck. And get one of these scrubbers if you don’t have one already!

u/kelsiJK · 1 pointr/curlyhair

Have you tried a scalp scrubber/massager? I bought the one below and love it. I’ve noticed that it helps a lot and I find that I don’t have the itching that I used to have.

Scalp Massager

u/ninakix · 1 pointr/scacjdiscussion

Ah yeah. I have a silicone one, the bristles are just further apart/deeper than the one you have:

u/theboysaccount · 1 pointr/SebDerm

hello everyone!! so here is my routine (i’ll admit it’s pretty simple and mostly stolen from others on this subreddit so don’t credit me for this stuff!! just passing it along)

-First of all, this shampoo brush has been a game changer. So my basic understanding is that you really want to get those flakes off your scalp when you shampoo, but you also don’t want to scrub so hard that you scratch your scalp with your sharp nails which is why this brush is perfect. It does a fantastic job of massaging the scalp and just feels amazing. Don’t scrub too hard with it either!!


Okay so pretty much i’m alternating between three different shampoos:

  1. Nizoral A-D Anti-Dandruff Shampoo, 7 Fl. Oz

    • Monday, Wednesday, Saturday

    • Right now I use this 3 times a week because it’s early on in my sebderm treatment. Pretty soon i’ll be reducing how much I use it once my sebderm is really more fully in control for a while. It’s pretty strong so you really shouldn’t use it daily which is why i’ll be switching up my routine soon. I’ll include what i’ll be changing my routine to at the bottom of this post.

  2. Dr. Eddie's Happy Cappy Medicated Shampoo for Children, Treats Dandruff and Seborrheic Dermatitis, Clinically Tested, Fragrance Free, Stops Flakes and Redness on Sensitive Scalps and Skin, 8 oz

    • Tuesday, Friday, Sunday

    • This has really become my favorite shampoo by a long shot. It’s gentle because it’s generally for babies but as you can see in the comments, great for adults too. Doesn’t strip the oils in your hair so I also highly recommend this on days you don’t want frizzy hair but feel like you should wash your hair.

  3. Neutrogena T/Gel Therapeutic Shampoo Original Formula

    • Thursdays

    • So while this has helped my scalp in the past a bit, I mostly still use it because I have a few bottles left over and it’s smart to switch up shampoos so you don’t become immune to one. Someone on this sub recommended the generic amazon brand of this shampoo which i’ll probably be trying soon once I run out of the name brand stuff.

      Okay so, although I really want to nuke the shit out of my scalp, I know it’s not smart in the long term so i’m going to translation into a new routine pretty soon. The only new product i’ll be adding to my routine is:

  • Dr. Eddie's Happy Cappy Daily Shampoo & Body Wash for Children, Soothes Dry, Itchy, Irritated, Sensitive Skin, Dermatologist Tested, Fragrance Free, Dye Free, Sulfate Free, 8 oz

    • This is just a daily, not medicated version of the Dr. Eddie’s shampoo i’m using right now.

      I’ll update if it changes but as of right now my projected routine will be:

      -Monday: Nizoral
      -Tuesday: Dr. Eddie’s Daily Shampoo
      -Wednesday: Dr. Eddie’s Medicated Shampoo
      -Thursday: Dr. Eddie’s Daily Shampoo
      -Friday: Dr. Eddie’s Medicated Shampoo
      -Saturday; Dr. Eddie’s Daily Shampoo
      -Sunday: T-Gel

      I’m hoping even to only do this routine for just a bit if my sebderm is fully in control. My IDEAL routine will eventually be:

      -Monday: Nizoral/T-gel (Switching back and forth between these)
      -Tuesday: No Shampoo
      -Wednesday: Dr. Eddie’s Medicated shampoo
      -Thursday: Dr. Eddie’s Daily shampoo
      -Friday: No shampoo
      -Saturday: Dr. Eddie’s Daily shampoo
      -Sunday: Dr. Eddie’s Medicated shampoo

      Hope this helps! My sebderm and shedding isn’t completely gone yet, but it’s DRAMATICALLY improved. I honestly almost want to cry tears of joy when I run my hands through my hair without a BUNCH of hairs on my hands afterward. I’m also going to experimenting with tea tree oil on my scalp soon to retain moisture. DO NOT SLEEP ON THE SHAMPOO BRUSH!!! Let me know if ya have any questions!

      I also just want to mention that this has been after a long journey of seeing several doctors who didn’t have a clue how to help, dermatologists who claimed to know how to help, and hair transplant specialists that had to assure me I most likely did not have male pattern baldness when I was freaking out that I might. Don’t give up! Treat your scalp well and eat well! Also avoid hairloss subreddits lol even if your hairloss IS genetic lol
u/drift_off · 1 pointr/tifu

Hope this helps at least one person; for anyone with stupid thick hair this shampoo brush is amazing for cleaning your scalp

u/conqueredkings · 1 pointr/curlyhair

I’m not entirely CG anymore.
I have fine, relatively thin hair that’s porous (color treated; however, I chopped most of the dead stuff earlier this year, well before discovering that my hair wasn’t “frizzy wavey straight”). It’s about to the bottom of my shoulder blades/a little higher, depending how much curl it’s feelin’ that day.

My routine is definitely a work in progress (and open to CC and recommendations, noting I’m a non-paid working student that’s broke as a US American joke), but goes something like this:

I haven’t had my hair actually dyed since May (y’kno, MONIES) or cut. It could certainly use a trim, but it’s not bad considering it’s been three months.

Every two weeks, I use a clarifying sulphate shampoo (VO5 kiwi Lomé currently, snagged from Dollar Tree). I usually lather up twice, and I use my shampoo brush (this one, definitely recommend ) to scrub the roots gently.
I follow that up with a mix of this Texture ID masque (noting its a little strong for my hair type) and Arctic Fox color depositing conditioner. I let that sit ~1-2 hours, sometimes overnight if I’m feelin’ it. The rest is mentioned below, sans the additional washing portion.

My “every day” routine is I try to only wet it once every 2-3 days, dependent upon how nasty it feels in this heat.
I like this Shea Moisture low-poo every 2-3 washes (I do some form of washing every time I wet my hair).
Otherwise, I’ll use either this protein-enhanced VO5 conditioner or Suave clarifying conditioner to cowash. Unless my hair feels like seaweed, I follow up with a non-CG friendly OGX tea tree conditioner (honestly purchased on smell alone, but gives the BEST slip). I’ll brush through my hair with a wet brush and generally try to rinse everything out so it doesn’t weigh it down. I’ve been experimenting with herbal essence mousse - but I found the day I tried to only use mousse, I used HALF of a bottle of V05 conditioner to detangle and I was still shredding my hair apart. I’ve been experimenting with it just at the roots.

After it’s rinsed, while in the shower, I spray down my wet hair with the Renpure leave in spray and brush it through to keep it in 1 clump. With my hair dripping wet, I add an emulsified palm full ofLA Looks Sports Gel and plop as long as I want. Sometimes I try to diffuse, but I try to wash it at night and plop overnight.

Then I just SOTC when it’s dry and go about my business.

Edit: I meant to add, I think this spray balances out excessive moisture for my waves if cowash with some protein, but my hair digs protein!

u/marshmallowlips · 1 pointr/notliketheothergirls

Have you tried something like this?

Hair Scalp Massager:

I’ve thought about getting one because I hate my hair snagging on chipping nail polish.