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Hamilton Beach 37530A Digital Food Steamer, 5.5 Quart, Silver & Black
Versatile, stackable 2-tier steaming,Nested storage - fits neatly in cabinetUse 1 tier for small quantities, stack 2 tiers for a whole meal, or remove the center divider to fit a variety of large foodsAutomatic warm - switches to warm when food is readyDigital touchpad - makes setting the countdown timer and other functions easyThe food containers are to be hand-washed in soapy water, not to clean in Dishwasher Only the Drip Tray and Rice Bowl are Dishwasher safe
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7 Reddit comments about Hamilton Beach 37530A Digital Food Steamer, 5.5 Quart, Silver & Black:

u/vengefultacos · 4 pointsr/Cooking

Our steamer is probably the appliance that gets used the most, outside of the stove itself. We have something similar to this. Yeah, you can steam on a stovetop, but I feel the steamer has a bunch of advantages:

  • You can "set it and forget it." I know it takes about 12 minutes to steam broccoli, for example. So, I can load the steamer up and have it ready to go. When I'm about 12 minutes from wrapping up all my other cooking, I turn it on. I don't have to worry about it from then on. It cooks, and when it finishes, turns itself off. It even periodically cycles on to keep the food warm after it finishes cooking. One less thing to think about.

  • It's also great for making large batches of hard/soft boiled eggs.

  • It takes the place of a rice cooker for us. It does take longer to cook than a dedicated rice cooker (about an hour for brown rice). But once you've gotten into the habit of starting the rice as the first step in dinner prep, you're pretty much good to go. Personally, I had mixed results with dedicated rice cookers... I'd often get scorched rice at the bottom of the pot. With the steamer, you can't burn the rice.

  • The steamer is more efficient. It doesn't heat up the kitchen as much as a pot filled with boiling water. Which is good during the summer.

  • I find it much more pleasant to use. With a traditional pot-based steamer, you are often adding or removing stuff from a steaming pot of boiling water, running the risk of burning yourself. With the steamer, you usually aren't messing with the food as it is in the steamer. You just set it up and then start it. And even when I need to mess with something (like adding a second steamer basket for food that doesn't need to cook as long) I am just handling the plastic steamer baskets... the handles don't get too hot to touch.

    The downside is, of course, it takes up more room than a folding steamer. Even so, I think it's worth it.
u/ImCrius · 2 pointsr/EatCheapAndHealthy

I've radically altered my diet (and exercise) in the last year, and one of the main keys was that I bought a rice steamer. It's freakin' amazing (and not expensive).

At this point I hardly even use it for rice, because I've been dropping the calories, but I can get bags of frozen mixed veggies from the grocery store, toss them in one of the trays, steam them for 20 minutes, throw them in a bowl, and since I've dropped pasta from my diet, I treat the veggies (or veggies w rice) essentially like I would have done pasta... sauces plus cheeses and some ranch....

Cleanup is SUPER easy. Before I eat I just take the components right to the sink and spray it down and set it to dry (with a more careful cleaning every few days).

In all, it's less than 10 minutes total for prep and cleanup, and 20 minutes to steam.

It's been a game-changer for me.

Addition: Brown rice takes an hour total to steam, but it turns out great, and is much healthier than white rice.

u/someinvisiblehand · 2 pointsr/xxfitness

Pro tip: Invest in a steamer - you can make hard boiled eggs in here AND a steam veggies, corn, fish too (apparently..?). It has way more options :)

u/mkwash02 · 1 pointr/cookingforbeginners

Yea, on mobile so sorry about the link but they are talking about this:

Hamilton Beach 37530A Digital Food Steamer, 5.5 Quart, Silver & Black

If you wanna buy one go for it. I have one but they taste exactly the same either way tbh

u/runningoutofdaylight · 1 pointr/Cooking


Also, get yourself an insta pot. I use a normal steamer but insta pots save tons of time. Use pre portioned frozen healthy stuff you can set and then serve.

Hamilton Beach Digital Food Steamer - 5.5 Quart (37530A)

That’s what I use but I’m just a girl with a giant boyfriend. So you’re dealing with more. Sunday meal prep can help you especially with an insta pot to get awesome healthy food ready for the whole week whether someone is being picky or you’re being lazy or whatever.