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Harbinger 360890 4-Inch Nylon Weightlifting Belt, Medium,Black
4 inch weightlifting belt with extra wide 3 inch support strap provides maximum lower back and abdominal support for heavier liftsParallel lines of 346 count nylon stitching run the entire belt length to stabilize the belt body for uniform supportHeavy gauge steel roller buckle makes tensioning simple and easyThick, flexible heavy duty nylon web provides maximum comfort and durability while maintaining muscle warmthAvailable in four waist sizes: s (24 29 inches), m (29 33 inches), l (33 37 inches), xl (37 42 inches); measure around waist to determine size
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12 Reddit comments about Harbinger 360890 4-Inch Nylon Weightlifting Belt, Medium,Black:

u/barbellicious · 4 pointsr/xxfitness

What will you be using it for?

I've read that tapered belts are better / more comfortable for olympic lifting, but I don't have any experience with that.

If you plan to ever compete in powerlifting, you'll need a belt that meets specs.

If you want a belt just for general lifting, a velcro belt is probably fine. I used to have one like this before I started powerlifting:

Once I started powerlifting, I tried a pronged leather belt and found it annoying to put on / take off. I got an SBD belt which I love, but it's definitely $$$$. I like that it's adjustable on the fly and has a lever for quick on / off.

SBD belt:

If you have a short torso, lots of people rave about the 3" belt from Best Belts. Most other belts for powerlifting are 4".

Best Belts:

u/gixxiepoo · 4 pointsr/weightlifting

Harbinger 360890 4-Inch Nylon Weightlifting Belt

u/asiangoliath · 3 pointsr/xxfitness

I spent under $20 on a nylon velcro belt: here, and have been using it pretty regularly for about a year and a half. It works just fine for my purpose. I lift and do crossfit recreationally and plan on starting to do some olympic weightlifting competitions soon. I have no plans to switch to a nicer belt until I need to, and there's been no noticeable wear or tear on the belt using it 1-2x a week.

What I looked for: I mainly wanted a belt to help provide feedback for the valsalva maneuver. I strap it on tight and I push against it and it works just fine. It doesn't provide that much support for my back but I found that my core being tighter helps a lot with that.

u/OiledPelicanEgg · 3 pointsr/nSuns

Depends on your budget. I recently made my first belt purchase and went with this harbinger belt. I went cheap just to see how a belt feels before dropping serious cash down. Now that I've use this belt for a month now I don't see needing to upgrade anytime soon, feels great on heavy deadlifts and squats. A lot of the more experience lifters recommend Inzer Belts if you don't mind spending the cash.

u/KalFromCal · 3 pointsr/weightlifting

I personally use a Harbringer 243 4-inch belt I bought it off amazon for around $15. [Link] (

Ilya Ilyin used this belt in the 2012 Olympics.

Another good belt is the eleiko weightlifting belt that is around $50 but it's seems that it is always sold out.

u/freakazeud · 2 pointsr/crossfit

I have this Harbinger one and love it. It stays nice and tight for pure lifting but isn't obtrusive for WODing. The buckle is small enough to not be annoying and press somewhere but strong enough to hold it nice and tight. The velcro is solid and comes in very handy when you just want to rip of the belt and put it back on fast during some WODs like deadlifts/running or something like that. Would highly recommend especially for the price. It's similar to the valeo one but doesn't have a plastic buckle which I've heard is the point of failure on that one and I like that the Harbinger one is uniform width all around and not going wider towards the back. Just fits better for me and again less obtrusive.

u/fu_gravity · 2 pointsr/weightlifting

The nylon and velcro Harbinger belts have the benefit of not being super thick or overly supportive, light weight, and they have a very simple overlap buckle + velcro closure. You can also pick one up at Walmart, Target, Amazon, etc... and they are very inexpensive (plus I've seen them used by a lot of really strong folks).

Many of the ones sold online are the 5-inch which is 7mm over IWF regulations. Go for the 4-inch model like this one

u/BrianBeNice · 2 pointsr/udub

If it's not too expensive you can always buy a solid Velcro belt from Amazon. I've seen some guys squat 200+ kilos in them and they hold up well. It's a solid investment if you are getting into weightlifting.

u/BraveryDave · 2 pointsr/weightlifting
u/Jesusfarted · 1 pointr/weightlifting

Try a velcro belt, I I got this one and it's been great. For myself, velcro belts fit better while in the start position and Ilya even used the exact model in 2012.

u/[deleted] · 1 pointr/crossfit

Yeah, I have that belt. You get get them off Amazon for quite cheap:

I'm really not sure about the sizing guide.

I'd say they aren't quite as good as a normal pin hole belt as the nylon strap can sort of slide in the hoop. It only really happens when you aren't stable, but when you aren't stable is when you need the belt the most :p