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Hardy Boys Starter Set - Books 1-5 (The Hardy Boys)
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2 Reddit comments about Hardy Boys Starter Set - Books 1-5 (The Hardy Boys):

u/BigTitsOMM · 23 pointsr/SquaredCircle

That's weird, usually 1st grade teachers love the Hardy Boys. Did you have a raging clue as to why she hated him?

u/elinordash · 2 pointsr/HomeDecorating

BOOKS!! Ideally, hardcover.

It doesn't have to be the only thing there, but I think shelves like that look best with a decent number of books.

There are a couple of ways to easily and fairly cheaply fill your bookshelves.

If you have kids under age 10, there sets of Nancy Drew, Hardy Boys and Boxcar Children books that run about $20 for 5 books. That's a reasonable price and if you have kids, someone will probably read them eventually.

The Strand Bookstore offers a couple of ways to buy a bunch of secondhand books for cheap without having to go through the stacks yourself. There's Books by the foot which offers bargain hardcovers for $15/ft and bargain hardcover fiction for $35/ft.

A lot of etsy and ebay sellers offer bulk books.

And (obviously) you could always go to bookstores yourself.

Your shelves look to narrow for bins, but you could fit magazine files. A row of them can look very nice, if you have a use for them.

Considering your overall color scheme, I would focus on lighter natural colored items. The purple pitcher is hard to see on the shelf and would probably work better elsewhere. I'd change the photos you have now into lighter, slighter bigger, maybe matted frames so they stand out. All the same frame might work best (and you could buy one or two extras for future use)

Possibilities: Chestnut magazine file, Off-white Fjalla magazine file, Puffin in Bloom collection, Barnes and Noble Collectible Editions, Barnes and Noble Classic Hardcovers, Anne of Green Gables set, Christmas Classic set, Nancy Drew Starter Set, Hardy Boys Starter Set, Ivory Mosaic frame, Copper frame, Darjeeling Carved Frame, Raised-Interior Frame, Small Volcanic Ash Vase, Spirit Stem Vase, Brass Duck Bookends, Brass Duck sculpture, Brass Swan Family, Brass Apple Paperweight, MCM plate, Lenox Vase, Lenox Bud Vase, Dragonfly Trinket Box, Florentine Box, Set of 2 Florentine Boxes, Hull Moon Basket, Brass Cricket Box, Pair of Shawnee Vases.