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6 Reddit comments about Harry the Dirty Dog (Harry the Dog):

u/tigrrbaby · 10 pointsr/suggestmeabook

Board books :

  • Bright Baby series by Roger Priddy is the best set of "first books" / "learn words" books. Animals (yellow book), colors (pink) are two of the best.
  • Leslie Patricelli: Baby Happy Baby Sad No No Yes Yes and yummy yucky, huggy kissy are also good. (note, do not just read the words, use them for discussion of the pictures)
  • guess how much I love you
  • [Barnyard Dance!] ( and others by Sandra Boynton
  • Goodnight Moon by Margaret wise brown

    Picture books:

  • Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site (also, the train book is lame, skip it)
  • mommy do you love me by Jeanne Willis
  • The Maggie b by Irene haas
  • [tough chicks] ( by cece meng
  • sweet briar goes to school (and goes to camp) by karma wilson
  • [Move It!: Motion, Forces and You] (

    Early readers:

  • Elephant and Piggie series by Mo Willems (bird on your head, broke my trunk, play the trumpet are faves)
  • Mr Putter and Tabby series by Ryland (faves are paint the porch, feed the fish, run the race)
  • Harry the Dirty Dog
  • Ready-Set-Grow series by Joy Wilt Berry (eg Mine and Yours: A Children's Book About Rights and Responsibilities ) are the most impactful series of books I have ever encountered. They cover emotional and social issues and life skills in a simple, clear way with silly illustrations, and were the major contributors to my emotional maturity.

    Chapter books to read together in early elementary:

  • The first three little house books: little house in the big woods, little house on the prairie, farmer boy. Should be read together to discuss issues like racial prejudice/native American displacement, and discipline in the 1800s, but they are super valuable books to understanding how pioneers and farmers lived. The later books are for more mature kids, due to the hardships the family goes through.
  • EB White books : Charlotte's web, trumpet of the swan

    Chapter books for later elementary or middle school:

  • in general, Newbury award books
  • Island of the blue dolphins
  • The slave dancer
  • my side of the mountain (high reading level due to archaic style)
  • The False Prince Jennifer Nielsen
  • The Shamer's Daughter series by Lene Kaaberbol is a great series to use for thinking about compassion and responsibility for those we care about, how guilt and shame require the guilty person to agree with an assessment that their actions were wrong; truth, lies, and stories; assumptions and false accusations; and other ways in which right and wrong may be determined.... But it is a very exciting and compelling story. It does have some cursing (damn, hell) and abusive behavior (brother beating and calling his tween sister a whore, evil ruler locking people up and feeding to a dragon), so check for maturity. But it is an absolutely amazing series that I can not recommend enough.

    Am posting on phone so will be submitting and editing. This will be a long post.
u/pittipat · 7 pointsr/tippytaps

It checks out.

u/Male_Librarian · 5 pointsr/aww

I think he's taking Harry the Dirty Dog too literally!

u/Whitey_Bulger · 3 pointsr/aww

He's just cosplaying as Harry the Dirty Dog.

u/[deleted] · 1 pointr/AskReddit

Did you know that Harry the Dirty Dog is a childrens book?

u/Shine_On_Your_Chevy · 1 pointr/funny

This is basically the plot of Harry The Dirty Dog.