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Hatch Baby Rest Sound Machine, Night Light and Time-to-Rise
MULTI-FUNCTIONAL: Rest combines nightlight, sound machine, and time-to-rise alert in one easy-to-use device that you can control from your phone! Customize color, brightness, sound, and volume level. Set programs to turn off and on automatically based on your family’s sleep schedule.EASY TO USE: Rest can be programmed to turn on automatically, can be adjusted remotely via phone, or can be tapped on manually as needed. Control remotely via easy-to-use Hatch Baby Rest app. No need to disrupt a sleeping baby!GROWS WITH YOUR CHILD: Rest grows with your child’s needs - providing soft light and white noise for midnight newborn feeding sessions, the comfort of a nightlight for a preschooler, plus a time-to-rise setting for your older child! Includes toddler lock feature and stays cool throughout the night for safety.ENCOURAGES BETTER SLEEP: Create the ideal sleep environment for your child. Choose from preset sound and color combinations recommended by sleep experts! Requirements: Smartphone or tablet running iOS (11 or higher) or Android (Lollipop or higher)
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20 Reddit comments about Hatch Baby Rest Sound Machine, Night Light and Time-to-Rise:

u/aka_____ · 61 pointsr/BabyBumps

Nope. Not a typo. My daughter’s 2nd birthday was this weekend and I *finally* got to put together the “nursery” of my Pinterest dreams. At what age do we stop calling it a nursery? 🤔

The irony is that I *just* got this space together and she’s literally weeks away from outsmarting that crib. Toddler bed already in the works.

Why did it take so long? In short, we bought this house in a bit of a rush due to impending baby, and it was a fixer upper so we shared a room while the projects were ongoing. It still needs some work. We plan to replace her carpet and base trim (please excuse the carpet ripple),but that will have to wait until we can replenish our house project fund and energy.

Top Five Product/Gear List

1. Crib: IKEA

I know a lot of people choose this crib for budget reasons, but I honestly prefer its simplicity to many others I’ve seen that cost 2-6x as much. It’s a great minimalist nursery pick and you can’t beat the price.

2. Book Baskets: Amazon

We have these same ones in our kitchen as fruit baskets, and I mainly like that they match. But they also hold a lot of books, which is great. I think I might add a fourth basket because we’re currently at capacity.

3. Wall Decals: Amazon

These were super easy to apply and one pack was the exact quantity that I needed for the whole wall, which made my OCD happy.

4. Hatch Baby Rest: Amazon

This was a gift from my dad last xmas and I honestly wish I had set it up sooner (we were pretty short on space with the renovations in progress). I love that I can control it from my phone and I’m excited for the “time to rise” feature as she gets older.

5. Tent: DIY Tutorial

I followed this tutorial for the main frame, but I wanted a more minimal look for the fabric portion so just made some simple channels for the dowels to pass through at the bottom. I also added some holes near the top to pass a string through and secured it with wood beads, to prevent it from splaying open too far and collapsing. This project requires beginner sewing and woodshop skills, but the end result is awesome. This was our birthday gift to our daughter and she loves it so far.

u/blinkeredlights · 32 pointsr/BabyBumps

Here are a couple more pictures.

Top Five that money can buy:

  1. Babyletto Hudson 3-in-1 crib. I’ve seen this crib in lots of nursery pics. It is easy to put together and sturdy. We picked ours up off Facebook Marketplace for $125, including the conversion kit.

  2. Hatch Rest sound machine and night light. we got a chance to trial run this little gadget a couple days ago when a friend’s toddler napped at our house. It was nice being able to change the sounds and light colors and turn up the sound using an app on my phone. Toddler was fussing and we turned up the sound a little and he went to sleep! Magic!

  3. Jellycat stuffed animals. They are just so cute. I give one to all the new babies in my life. My brother and SIL gifted this baby with one.

  4. Ubbi diaper pail. I don’t have experience using it, but it calms my nerves about poop. 🤷‍♀️

  5. Nambe photo frame. This was a gift. It is the sweetest little frame ever and not something I think I would have splurged on for myself, but seeing it in person, I think it would be an amazing gift for new parents and even worth buying for yourself. It’s so precious.

    Top Five that money can’t buy:

  6. The quilt hanging in the wall was made by my great grandmother and was my baby quilt! My mom surprised me with it at my shower.

  7. The framed art and picture. The top is a painting of baby garibaldis (sooooo cute!), which is the state fish of California. The bottom is a photo of my husband riding on his dad’s shoulders as a toddler.

  8. This book collection. We asked people to just gift baby with a book (they gave us soooo much more in addition), and we ended up with the most wonderful collection of funny and sweet books that will continue to remind us that we have an amazing family and network of friends.

  9. Box full of Beany Babies. Sentimental gift to baby from my mom.

  10. The yellow giraffe basket. My best friend gave us this and told me that she had bought when I was pregnant the first time (with a baby I lost to miscarriage). For some reason it just makes me so happy that there’s something meant for that baby in this room. ❤️🌈
u/bbfev · 30 pointsr/beyondthebump

We use the Hatch Rest.

It has a multicolored light that allows you to pick the color or brightness. And there’s several noise options built in including nature noises, static, and lullabies.

You control it with your phone and can set up schedules for bed time, nap time, morning wake up. Or you can just adjust it as needed.

It’s $60, which seems steep, but for all of the options and how long we plan to use it, I think it’s worth the investment.

u/tryingketotoTTC · 10 pointsr/beyondthebump

The Hatch Rest. Color and noise, programmable but possible to be on indefinitely, good easy app. here

u/murphieca · 9 pointsr/toddlers

Hatch baby rest. You decide the color, brightness, sound (or none), and volume and can change it from your phone or on the clock.

Hatch Baby Rest Sound Machine, Night Light and Time-to-Rise

u/sailingllamas · 9 pointsr/BabyBumps

As of today I'm 39 weeks and our nursery is complete! The quilt was handmade by my husband's late grandmother, the crocheted blanket and punch needle embroidery piece was made by me, and the orange abstract print was made my husband during his time in undergrad BFA.

I've loved seeing everyone's nurseries come together over the last few months while I've followed this sub. Good luck to all those still working on theirs :)

A few more pictures here:

Favorite products

1 Second hand Dutailier glider from FB marketplace

2 Skip Hop changing mat Skip Hop Changing Pad: Nursery Style, Easy-Clean Cushioned Foam Diaper Changing Pad

3 Hatch Baby Hatch Baby Rest Sound Machine, Night Light and Time-to-Rise

4 Happiest Baby Snoo Sleeper

5 Alex Rug Pottery Barn

u/Rehsuhs · 5 pointsr/toddlers

YES! We got this one.

My kids will be 2 next month. Before we got the clock they would wake up and immediately start screaming and crying. Now they wake up and see that it isn't green yet and either go back to sleep or talk to themselves or each other until it turns green. As soon as it turns they excitedly start talking about the light.

This light has made my mornings so much better!

u/Kevmonator · 4 pointsr/daddit

This is what worked for us when our son started that phase:
Hatch Baby Rest Sound Machine, Night Light and Time-to-Rise

We programmed it to be red during his "sleeping time" and used different colors for when it was ok to get up/ask to cuddle etc, and essentially told him that when it's red it's time to stay in bed unless you have to go potty. Took a couple weeks of "your light is red, go back to bed", but then worked like a charm. Not sure if it'll work with others, just thought I'd share. Good luck!

u/0bv10u5thr0w4w4y · 4 pointsr/BabyBumps

Top 5 Favorites!

  1. Crib mattress! We did tons of research and ended up going with this one based on reviews and affordability.

  2. Not really pictured well in photo because it's folded up, but I'm so excited about this portable pack and play! Fisher Price On the Go Baby Dome:

  3. 4 Moms Momaroo Swing, I got this secondhand for like $35.

  4. Baby ballpit/ activity mat. Another registry gift I was so excited to receive! It is an activity mat with sides to contain baby and also has balls to play with for when she's older.

  5. Hatch Sound Machine and Night Light - this thing is AWESOME. There's an app so you can control it from your phone, it plays music and white noise sounds, it has calming lights to light up nursery, and there's also a tap on/ tap off feature. We've been using it already!

    I hope you guys like my bumblebee nursery! Most of the stuff was secondhand/ hand me downs other than what we got for the baby shower. The thing I'm most proud of is the decorations above the crib. The flowers were my husband's idea! I hot glued sparkly scrapbook bee stickers into them and also painted the sign. The honeycomb decor by the couch didn't turn out quite as well as I hoped but I'm still proud! And the "sweet as can bee" sign that's hard to see on the bedside table was hand painted by one of my childhood friends, I can't believe how adorable it is!

    Now we're just missing a baby!
u/seffend · 3 pointsr/toddlers

I have a Hatch Baby Rest that has several colors you can use as a nightlight. When the light is red, my son knows it's time to "sleep in bed," but if it's green, he's ok to come get me. You set the time for the lights to come on and off. It's also got white noise and lullaby sounds if that's your jam.

This thing has been life changing for us.

u/Mathochistic · 3 pointsr/breakingmom

It's called the hatch.

And it's pretty awesome.

u/motleyblondie · 2 pointsr/toddlers

I wound up getting a hatch clock: Link Here

This made a HUGE difference in sleep routines, because it automatically turns on and off based upon bedtimes and wake times.

u/kerida1 · 2 pointsr/beyondthebump

We use this one
Mirari OK to Wake! Alarm Clock & Night-Light
He accepted it pretty easily because he loved the light up and little smile the clock did. We set it to show him what to look for and when the light went on we did a little dance saying ooooo he is smiling and dancing ready to wake up! My neighbor has a 2.5 yr old and just had a baby and she uses an okay to wake too but hers changes the color for when it is time to wake. My kid likes it dark so the Mirari works great for him since it only lights up when it is time to get up.
This is what my neighbor uses
Hatch Baby Rest Sound Machine, Night Light and Time-to-Rise

u/swalker09 · 2 pointsr/parentsofmultiples

Just something to consider: music actually stimulates babies, not necessarily helps them sleep. If you want something to help them sleep, a white noise sound machine is the way to go. Pretty much any sleep training guide you can find will recommend one.

We love our Hatch Baby Rest Sound Machine. It doubles as a nightlight with different colors supposedly helping for different stages of the day or sleep and has a ton of white noise options as well as music so you have the option of sleep or stimulation.

u/JMerriken · 2 pointsr/Cortex

I’ve no side hustle or self-employment at the moment so I don’t have any Cortexy advice, but what I do have like you is a 4yo and a nearly-1yo.
One thing I’ll say is that our key for our mornings is having a hatch white noise machine/nightlight for our toddler (paired with only quiet toys in her bedroom). It’s app-connected and you can schedule different schemes for it, so it turns on (ocean sounds, and it can do any hue so she picked a soft pink/purple) at bedtime every night, and it turns green with no sound at 8am every morning. That way, no matter what time she wakes up, she knows she has to stay in her room and stay quiet until her light turns green. She’s grown out of her afternoon naps now but we also had a separate scheme for that so she could differentiate naps from nighttime when she was getting old enough to still need a nap but not want to be shut in her room forever during the day. It helped her to know it was just ‘a short nap not a long nap’ (her words) like going to bed for the whole night. And further into that transition period, the afternoon light just meant ‘quiet time’ so whether she felt like sleeping or wanted to stay up and read, she still had to stay in her room and quiet for an hour or two until her light turned green.

u/god_loves_a_lefty · 1 pointr/daddit

One of my take aways from the books was establishing connections between sleep and environment. Happiest baby recommended always using white noise for naps/sleeping because it’s soothing for babies and creates a healthy sleep association. Like being in a darkened room or swaddled. Basically you wouldn’t want to do any of these associations during alert time because it would confuse them, but naps and deep sleep you want to use similar triggers. Adding things like a bath or massage to the bedtime routine will help them learn more about the difference between naps and nighttime sleep. We use this

It’s a little more expensive but has Bluetooth so I can adjust while she’s in my lap, timers, and an adjustable nightlight.

u/savagemonitor · 1 pointr/Parenting

My wife and I recommend the Hatch Baby Rest:

You can get a sound machine for less BUT I love two things about this: I can control it from my phone without Internet and the company is amazing. The only issue that we've had so far is that the white noise setting fades in and out on our original one. They shipped us a replacement that turned out to be defective and then shipped out a replacement for that defective one. I kept the original one to use as a travel light and will be buying another one after our second child is born.

u/susie_bennett · 1 pointr/baby

What are you looking to spend? If money is no object, get a Snoo bassinet! If that’s not realistic, we’ve loved this light/white noise machine- Hatch Baby Rest Sound Machine, Night Light and Time-to-Rise It’s programmable and you can turn it on remotely to help get your baby back to sleep without going into its room. We love ours!

u/BigWillyBurns · 1 pointr/alexa

Hatch Baby Rest Sound Machine, Night Light and Time-to-Rise

I have one of those and it works great. Bluetooth so you can control with your phone and it has schedules. You can also use it when they get older to signal when they can get out of bed. It has color changing capability.

u/CharPeiMama · 1 pointr/BabyBumps

So this is baby # 2 and we were all about the hand me downs this time around. Would’ve liked to paint but we rent and I didn’t feel like dealing with all that. We did have a baby sprinkle and scored some big ticket items like a double stroller, infant car seat, diapers, and swing. First time mamas, let me encourage you to buy secondhand. I could’ve saved literally over a $1,000 on my first born’s nursery had I been a little more open to used items. IMO, both nurseries are just as nice except this one was substantially cheaper to create.

Not easily seen from my poor quality video are Babar prints. If you can just look past the fact that it’s a story endorsing French imperialism, one can’t resist having an elephant nursery without Babar the elephant!

Top five items:

1.) Secondhand IKEA crib; my friend used this with all three of her kids. It is the Snigler crib. Super basic but super reliable.

2.) Dresser: secondhand, purchased on Facebook marketplace. Also has changing table topper but we omitted using that and just secured the changing pad to back of dresser.

3.) Elephant decals: Wall Pops WPK0841 WPK0841 Tag...

LUCKKYY Elephant Family Wall Decal Removable Vinyl Wall Art Elephant Bubbles Wall Stickers Baby Nursery Wall Decor (Grey)

4.) Hatch sound machine: we used this with our first (still do) and it was a sleep game changer. In my opinion, the best white noise machine on market. Also doubles as an ok to wake clock and is operable from your smart phone!

Hatch Baby Rest Sound Machine, Night Light and Time-to-Rise

5.) Ubbi diaper pail: we’ve tried several diaper pails over the years and this is the most smell proof and easy to use. It has a lock mechanism to prevent curious hands from digging through dirty diapers and can use regular garbage bags.

Ubbi Steel Odor Locking, No Special Bag Required Money Saving, Awards-Winning, Modern Design Registry Must-Have Diaper Pail, Gray