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High Friction Build Polish
This product cannot ship to a PO box. Delivery requires street address.500ml bottleBuilds quickly, drying almost instantly, complementing the natural beauty of the woodWhen used without a sealer, a smooth sheen resultsWhen used with a cellulose sealer, a brilliant high gloss finish is easily attained
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u/k_alva · 2 pointsr/turning

Cellulose Sanding Sealer

Mylands High Build Friction Polish, 500 ml

These are what I use. Ends up shiny like CA but is way easier to do. Sealer first and be generous with it, then polish. Both are done at speed on the lathe, but I like to work it in first then turn on the lathe on larger pieces.

u/basserman · 1 pointr/turning

Thanks! I used [these] ( to finish it. I sand through 600, then applied [EEE Ultrashine] ( follow-ed up with a few coats of [Mylands High Build Friction Polish] (

I'm just starting to experiment with the CA glue finish technique, but my results have been mixed.

u/Joeysmac · 1 pointr/turning

Yeah man. No problem. The sanding sealer is made by Behlen and rub on (not the spray). Couldn't find it on Amazon, a wood yard near my house in Atlanta carries it. Mylands, who makes the friction polish, also makes a sanding sealer.

Here is a link to the polish on Amazon

Application is super easy. Just use a paper towel (not a rag! In case it snags while turning you want the paper to tear and not your finger). Takes about 20 minutes between sanding sealer coats and then only about 2 minutes between polish coats.

I've only started turning and finishing on the lathe recently so I'm still learning. You have to get the piece super smooth before and during sanding. I'll see things that I think I can just sand out and then it looks fine after sanding and then I finish it shows back up. I also may try lightly sanding between coats of the polish.