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High Power USB-Yagi Plug and Play directional WiFi Antenna 802.11n 2200mW
High Power NextG USB-Yagi WiFi antenna. It works with desktop PC and laptop ONLY.Pull in WiFi signal from the neighbourhood and across the streetSupports Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, VISTA, XP, Linux. No support for Apple MAC OS X Yosemite and El CapitanCompliant to IEEE 802.11b/g and the latest 802.11n MAX High Speed 300MbpsOutput power adjustable to meet various applications within EIRP
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11 Reddit comments about High Power USB-Yagi Plug and Play directional WiFi Antenna 802.11n 2200mW:

u/ponchato · 1315 pointsr/askscience

So what we need to do is get some high-power directional antennas (which are almost certainly not FCC legal) or just put a bunch of cheap wireless-G routers from Goodwill with parabolic reflectors on the antennas in a circle (sphere?) and direct them at a something in a room. Preferably a banana, for scale.

I studied electrical engineering, so this uh... should work.

Power draw might become an issue though; typical household circuit breakers are rated for 20 amps. The power brick for my router says it can draw 0.25 amps. It won't draw that much but for the sake of simplicity, we'll say 20 A breaker / 0.25 A router = 80, so that gives you 80 routers per breaker. I suppose an average house would probably have 10-15 breakers actually connected to outlets, so if you got enough extension cords, theoretically, you could do this in a residential house. That's only 13 20A+ extension cords to get to our magic number of 1000 routers (13*80 = 1040). To get enough plugs though...

Say we're gonna use 6 outlet power strips. To plug in 80 routers we'll need 14 (technically 13.3, but you gotta round up). To plug in those 14 power strips we'll need 3 (14 plugs required / 6 plugs per strip = 2.3 strips -> 3 strips required). We still only have one plug from the extension cord so we'll need a final power strip to plug those 3 in. That leaves us with 1 strip + 3 strips + 14 strips so 17 power strips per extension cord, times 13 extension cords... 221. We need 221 6-outlet power strips and 13 minimum 20A rated extension cords.

Looks like 20A rated power strips are kinda pricey. This is important though, so $19,000 for power strips is immaterial. 20A extension cords are even more expensive, but we only need 13 so that's a mere $2,100. I'm sure if you looked long enough you could find some old 802.11g routers for $5 or $10, so we'll say another $10,000 for the routers.

Guys if we can pool $31,000 together I can definitely cook a banana with WiFi in my living room

u/rosipov · 2 pointsr/vandwellers

I know nothing on the subject, so noob questions below:

Is it this?

What's the difference between that and

What booster do I need? What is a booster? How do I convert whatever jack is there to USB?

u/AmericanKryptonite · 2 pointsr/rit

Go to the nearest UC apartment, ask them to hook this up and point it at your apartment window:

u/Remo_253 · 1 pointr/techsupport

A higher sensitivity antenna is the most important component. A good antenna can only do so much though if the chipset it's connected to doesn't do a good job of processing the signal.

Amazon has a couple options that are well reviewed, here and here.

Neither one of these are something you're going to carry around in your pocket, at over 2lbs each :)

They're both directional though so you can change the orientation to get the best signal.

And then there's this from RadioLabs. It's only 5oz......the price is a bit heavy though.

u/raip · 1 pointr/techsupport

Something along these lines would probably be best for your scenario:

u/hellor00t · 1 pointr/HowToHack

Here are some terms you should be aware of when looking at antennas: (Note: The links there are affiliate links, but the longest range antenna from that list is the one I posted up there ^")

u/rottenscotty · 1 pointr/HowToHack

Alfas are strange with drivers depending on which one you get. Especially with VM's.

This one has worked with Kali and is super sensitive. Plus its B/G/N

u/MJtheMC · 1 pointr/vandwellers

I used one of these
at the house for about 2-3 years. Left it out in the rain, sleet, snow. Pretty sure it still works but I have since paid for internet. The distance on this thing is incredable. HIGHLY recomended and uses USB power!

u/AllAboutTheKnee · 1 pointr/buildapc

I'm trying to get wifi through 3 floors. I have dual 5 db wifi adapters right now, but I get occasional ping spikes (from 2ms to 25ms) to the router, about every 15 seconds. I've been looking at this yagi router but it's directional not omni. Is this a big problem when indoors (where I don't have line of sight) or will the large db gains outweigh this? If the yagi is not a good idea, are there any really high gain omni wifi adapters? Or should I try and grab higher gain antenna for the router?

u/ModularPersona · 1 pointr/computers

Just FYI, Powerline and Power over Ethernet (PoE) are two completely different things.

The thing with powerline is that it is hit or miss - it depends a lot on your home wiring and it sounds like your wiring just isn't cutting it. If running a cable isn't an option then I'd say that your best bet is to either boost the wireless signal from your router, or use a high power wireless adapter.

If your router has external antennas then you should be able to either buy higher gain replacement antennas or create your own DIY signal booster. If the antennas are all internal then I'm not sure if there's anything you can do to boost the signal.

Otherwise, a high power adapter like this one may help. Slap on a cantenna if you need an extra boost. If you have money to burn then a yagi wifi antenna will give you incredible range. Basically, you'll need something much better than your run of the mill USB dongle.

Of course, if you're using a 5 GHz signal then you'll want to make sure that the adapter you get supports 5 GHz.

u/cdemi · 0 pointsr/snowden

I have this one. It looks very similar to the one in the Snowden movie but it's too difficult to see if it's the exact one