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Historic Walks of Calgary
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u/NapAfternoon · 3 pointsr/Calgary

There are a lot of great walking tour books about Calgary. I really suggest everyone pick one up and start exploring some neighbourhoods! They have great information, historical facts, and some pretty interesting stories about early Calgary. If you are not inclined to buy a book (or you don't have a friend to borrow a copy) you could always see if there is a walking tour running while your friend is in town. If not, take them around the communities of Kensington, Inglewood, Mission & 17th Ave. The river walk from Kensington to Princes Island is nice at any time of the year.

u/Aplicado · 2 pointsr/Calgary

This is a great book about Heritage Buildings here in Calgary by Harry Sanders. I have worked on many of the buildings in there, so may be biased....