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Holy Bible, King James Version
Larger print.Words of Christ in red lettering.Pew bible - handy size.Sturdy binding.
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u/z932074 · 4 pointsr/computertechs

None of the below links are affilliate.

  • PSU Tester

  • Cat-5 (or 6) Tester
  • Type 2032 CMOS batteries
  • Compressed Air
  • AA / AAA Batteries (When the client can't figure out why their wireless keyboard and mouse just won't work anymore ;) )
  • USB image of latest Mac OS release (Sierra) and Yosemite.
  • Patience

    If you're getting into more network layer stuff, you'll want a cable toner, RJ-45 Ends, Cat 5 or 6 Cable, RJ-45 Crimper as well.
u/Agrona · 2 pointsr/Christianity

It was always there from 1611 until about 1800, yes.

Now both options are readily available, in print or online.

With. And online.

(Probably) Without. And online. (I have no idea why BibleGateway doesn't have the KJV Apocrypha; it's annoying.)

u/caducus · 2 pointsr/funny

That's a great fact. Way to keep your wife on her toes.

You should add the bible to your cart. I'm slowly going to build a campaign so Amazon says they're frequently bought together.

u/maxelrod · 1 pointr/asoiaf

Well, there's another book that did it a little while before.

u/redroguetech · 1 pointr/atheism

Amazon has a copy so it truly exists.