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Honeywell HT-900 TurboForce Air Circulator Fan Black
Small fan for table or floor:The Honeywell turbo force air circulator fan has 3 speeds & a 90 degree pivoting head. This quiet fan is compact enough for on a table or wall mount & powerful enough to help provide comfortable cooling in small-medium rooms.Feel the Power: Honeywell's TurboForce line of fans have an aerodynamic turbo design to maximize air movement, offering the power for intense cooling or energy-saving air circulation. The ease of a small fan with power you can feel from 27 feet awayIncrease your comfort: Using fans for air circulation in your home can help Increase your comfort, and help reduce energy costs as well. Honeywell carries a range of tower fans, floor fans, and oscillating fans -- find one for every room in the house.Honeywell fans: The right fan helps cool you off & improves airflow in your room or home. Give your air conditioner & wallet a break by using fans to help reduce your energy consumption & costs. Honeywell carries a variety of fans to meet your home needs.Honeywell quality: Help Improve Air Circulation & Energy Savings in Your Home, Bedroom or Office With Honeywell Fans.
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64 Reddit comments about Honeywell HT-900 TurboForce Air Circulator Fan Black:

u/sirblastalot · 12 pointsr/fursuit

General Storage:

Get a big storage box, one of the ones that looks like this. (Not recommending that particular one, just an example of the style I'm talking about.) You'll probably be traveling with this, for furcons and such, so make sure it fits in the trunk of your car and/or meets the requirements for a checked bag on your airline of choice. I also highly recommend getting one with wheels so it doesn't take both hands and brute strength to move it around.

Head Storage:

Get one of these styrofoam heads, and keep your fursuit head on it. I got one for a buck or two from a nearby Ulta. This will keep the inside in shape. If your real-life head is bigger than the styrofoam one, you can bulk it out some with duct tape and scrap cardboard. Wherever you keep your fursuit head, make sure it's not squished at all. If your box is big enough, you can just leave it in there. I keep mine on top of a bookshelf.

Bodysuit Storage:

You want to hang your bodysuit up. If you fold it, the fur can get kinked, and it will never brush out soft and smooth again. I use one of these wetsuit dryers, and I highly recommend them. It's made for holding heavier clothes than a regular coat hanger, the shoulders are rounded such that you won't stretch it the same way a regular coat hanger would, and, most importantly, it has a built-in fan in the top of it, which really helps your suit dry out before it can get funky. Which leads me to suit care...


Getting your suit dry after you use it is really really important. Get a cheapo desk fan ( I have one of these ) and put your head on it after you wear it. (Without the styrofoam wig head inserted, of course.) Hang the bodysuit up (ideally using the wetsuit dryer mentioned above) and lay the paws and miscellaneous bits out where they can dry. Never EVER just take the suit off and leave it in a pile, or stuff it in your box. Stuff will grow in it right away, and you will stink to high heaven.

It may be overkill, but I also keep some of these desiccant packs in my box, just to make sure it stays dry.


Get a little spray bottle from a drug store and fill it with a 50/50 solution of rubbing alcohol and water. Whenever you take your suit off, spray every surface down with this mixture, especially the inside. This will help keep unpleasant things from growing in it. Don't use undiluted rubbing alcohol, because it will actually evaporate too quick to finish killing everything. Don't use febreeze, perfumes, or other sanitizers. The febreeze and perfumes will just (badly) mask all the nasty smells without killing the source. Other cleaners can leave residue, and most of them you really, really don't want to be breathing in the next time you wear your suit.


You'll want to brush your suit after you wear it, so that the fur doesn't get kinked and you don't look mangy. Get a wire cat brush and run it down the fur with the hooks facing backwards, such that they don't catch. You'll still pull out a little fluff, but it shouldn't be real bad, and you'll end up yanking out a lot more if you let the fur get matted anyway.


Washing fursuits is hard, and to be avoided if possible. If your fursuit smells noticeably, you need to wash it, but if you're letting it dry and spraying it with alcohol, you can go a long time before it needs to be washed. Everytime you wash it, you'll inevitably lose a bit of the fluff.

Anything with foam in it is going to be problematic. If parts of your costume are just fur fabric, you can machine-wash them. Washing temperature depends on the fabric your suitbuilder used; consult them, or the store you got the fabric from. Turn the pieces inside-out. To dry, you can machine-dry them on NO HEAT/AIRDRY, or you can hang them up to dry. Never use a dryer with the heat on; it's pretty easy to melt the fur together, ruining the suit. You may be able to get away with the 'low heat' setting, but it's highly dependent on your dryer and the fabric, and I don't suggest risking it.

Pieces that contain foam should be spot-cleaned. (Get a damp washcloth or something and just dab the insides, rinsing the washcloth out repeatedly.) If that's not enough, you can submerge them in your bathtub and do some cleaning there, but don't do so if you don't have to. You run a good chance of messing up your head if you submerge it. Also, it will take a very long time for foam to dry; spray it with the alcohol and use whatever fans you have around to expedite the process. Never machine-dry any foam parts; they'll likely break from the tumbling.

u/impecuniousyouth · 7 pointsr/college

Is your apartment unfurnished? If so you will need some basic furnishings:

  • a table
  • some chairs to go with that table
  • comfortable seating of some sort- possibly a couch (a futon is nice if you are going to possibly have guests sleep over) or love seat or upholstered chair of some sort
  • a TV if you feel like you want one (optional)
  • a bed and a mattress and some bedding and sheets (obviously)
  • a bedside table (optional)
  • somewhere to store your clothing if your room does not come with a closet already

    As far as basic living supplies go:

  • 4 spoons, knives, forks
  • mugs
  • 2 dinner plates, bowls
  • some knives for cooking
  • cutting board
  • mixing bowl
  • spatula (HEAT RESISTANT) and turner and spoons for mixing. Also possibly a whisk but really you could usually get the job done with a fork
  • cheap set of pots & pans
  • a cookie sheet
  • a fan is usually useful for some airflow
  • microwave if this is already not included
  • books just for fun
  • cleaning supplies: shower cleaner, clorox wipes, swiffer, toilet cleaner, dish soap, windex
  • plunger & toilet brush

    School supplies in college are pretty basic- you don't need much, but depending on your major this could go waaay up or down. But as far as I'm concerned your basic supplies are as follows:

  • laptop (optional- there are always computers everywhere anyway, laptops are just convenient)

  • notebooks and folders OR binder with looseleaf paper, depending on your organizational preference

  • stapler

  • pens and pencils (I like to have two different colors for pens)

  • calculator (if you will be taking math courses- go for scientific because a lot of the time graphing is not allowed)

    Things to consider:

  • Will you be paying for wifi and/or basic cable (if you want a TV)?

  • Is your lease for a year or X months? If it is a year, will you have to sublease while you're away for the summer (if you are going away)?

  • How far from campus do you live? What does the general area look like? Are you going to have to take public transportation different places? Know the area.

    I know its scary, but living alone is great, and studying in a university is really not a huge deal once you get into the rhythm of things. You'll do great, kid.
u/Tuuulllyyy · 5 pointsr/malelivingspace

It doesn't look like much but I got this fan in college and I still have it a few years later. A few of my friends also had it and everyone always says how powerful it is for such a small fan.

u/marthor · 5 pointsr/NiceHash

Just put one of these directly in front of your video cards. You'll probably need two for a 6+ GPU rig.

u/r2002 · 5 pointsr/answers

Hi Professor. I've been dying to ask this question but never met the right person. Hope you don't mind me asking an impromptu question. Let's say I have a standard two car garage that I use for an home office. I also have 4 small fans like this one.

I can open the garage door almost as far as 4 feet tall, but no taller (for privacy reasons).

What should I do? For example, do I:

  • Put all the fans on one side and blow OUT?
  • Put all the fans on one side and blow IN?
  • Put two on one side to blow OUT and two on the other side to blow IN?
u/LazyGrower · 5 pointsr/microgrowery

I have a 1000w and this is what I have gotten to after many hours of pain and grief:

  • Have the bottom vents open on the left and right side
  • Have one fan for light going fast
  • Have one fan for the carbon filter going slower
  • Insulated ducting on the lights for heat and sound (on carbon filter for sound)
  • To mix the air properly I have an expensive fancy floor fan in the corner shooting air straight up. Think of how a ceiling fan works better than a box fan in a room. I am replacing this fan with 1 or 2 cheap light-weight fans that I will hang front left and right. The fans will hang just above the canopy high enough not to affect the light footprint.
  • Having the fans shoot up means I don't have the fans directly blasting air onto the canopy and the air goes through the canopy to the floor. This works much better than blowing directly on the canopy and having a supplemental fan under the canopy when the tent is full.
  • For heat I have gotten a Heat Bud Personal Heater and an Inkbird controller for when the tent goes below 65.

    These are the fans I am waiting on:
u/piggychuu · 4 pointsr/UCSantaBarbara

I've used this fan for the past few years. Quieter than a lot of other fans I've used, and a bit cheaper than my last one that the maintenance crew stole.

u/tbest3 · 3 pointsr/microgrowery


Few packages of these to hang lights and filter:

Extension cords
Plenty of options


Fabric pots:

Air control


Outlet timer:


Carbon filter

4 inch duct
Can find anywhere

Jewelers loop (super important)

To dry your buds

Surge protectors and ext cords
Find anywhere

Inline fans

Soil probe

A few other things I got locally from grow shops. Quality seeds are important. is always having bomb sales, ship from Colorado, and are top quality. Soil from local grow shops but can also buy from online. I went cheaper on light, but I wouldn't do that again. Get good quality lights.

u/the_chols · 3 pointsr/Beatmatch

I have a portable fan I put either on my table or down on the floor. Link to item on Amazon. I get lots of compliments on it from guests and photographers.

I also bring 3 changes of clothes. One to setup in, one to perform in, and one to tear down/drive home in.

I pack a roll of paper towels, but my next gig this weekend (outdoor barn venue in Georgia) I am bringing a small towel. The paper towels get soaked instantly and sometimes leave lint on my face.

Lastly, I would recommend dressing up in vest, shirt, and tie only if the clients requested it. My go-to is dress slacks and a golf style polo (the dry thread type). I got 3 of them at Sam's for $20 each and they are sharp. I have some long sleeve button down shirts that don't show sweat much I will wear if I want to really dress up. I have yet to wear a tie.

Don't be shy about how hard you are working. Other vendors and guests understand. If they see you pushing through it and not letting up they will be more inclined to party, too!

Good luck and stay hydrated!

u/Brom42 · 3 pointsr/woodstoving

It doesn't even need to be a big fan. I use one of these on the floor to push the cold air back to the room with my stove. Small and quiet and it does the job.

But like you say, it works better to move the cold air toward the stove than to move the warm air to the other rooms.

u/Nparallelopposite · 3 pointsr/axolotls

I'll just give you my generalize copy/pasta I usually hand out in situations like these so if you wanna read it when you got a chance, then you have it! Also has tips and purchase links for Amazon as well for different axolotl stuffs.


  1. Set up tank with clean conditioned water. 2. Add recommended amount of beneficial bacteria per label

  2. Add "waste" to the tank, so a little bit of say fish flakes ( they're cheap and you need a waste source since you DO NOT put a fish or axolotl in a uncycled tank. The flakes are gonna break down into ammonia. The goal with cycling is to get benefical bacteria to build up so they can change (eat) the waste & breaks down the ammonia into nitrite then finally break it down further into nitrate. All these chemicals can hurt axolotl.

  3. Test tank a couple days later with a testing kit ( avoid strips, they will lie to you and give false results) if there is ANY ammonia or nitrite present, you arent cycled. If there is no nitrate present either, you arent cycled.

  4. If you find ammonia or nitrite, take 50% of the water out and add clean treated water. Add more seachem stability ( benefical bacteria) ( add these each time you change water. Even if it's cycled)

  5. Add a pinch more flakes & Continue to do this until your tank is cycled. Meaning you have no ammonia, no nitrite and a presence of 40ppm or less of nitrate.

    1.If your tank isn't cycled, you are going to chemical burn them with ammonia in the water. And they will suffer. Nitrate ( the final of the chemical process) can also burn the fish/axolotl. This is why we keep this number under 40ppm. If it is higher than 40ppm, change the water 75%.

  6. This beneficial bacteria lives in the filter. If you change your filter, you just ruined your cycle. Don't do this. If it gets nasty/clogged & you have to replace the cartirage, leave the old cartirage in with the new one for a few days so the beneficial bacteria can inhabit the new filter. If you can avoid replacing that, just rinse/gently squeeze out the filter in old tank water when you do clean the tank to keep from murdering the bacteria
  7. Letting the filter dry out will also kill a cycle.

  8. *NOTE: Most bottles of beneficial bacteria say they cycle a tank in a day. Cycling can take up to a month in some cases but usually just two weeks if you keep on it. This requires constantly monitoring, testing and replacing most of the water in the tank when you get high ammonia/nitrite levels. You need ammonia/nitrite to be 0 and nitrate to be more than 0. Definitely less <40. If all your levels are higher than this, or if nitrate remains 0, your tank isn't cycled.***

    So basically, cycling builds beneficial bacteria which makes these waste breakdown chemicals go through a cycle of breaking down into a less dangerous form which keeps fish/axolotl from getting sick/dying. ... Most new fish people don't do this. And fish store employees try & tell them just adding something like seachem stability fixes this. It doesn't. An uncycled tank is basically new tank syndrome and it kills animals.

    You still are going to need to keep an eye on chemical levels after the cycle..Occasionally different things can cause the cycle to "crash", like changing the filters or a high tempeture, or the filters becoming dry..

    Once your tank is cycled, and you have an axolotl, honestly it's not that much work. The cycles the worst part. I feed my adult axolotls once every other day, I change 75% of their water twice a month, and add water to top it off / spot clean occasionally two-three other times a month due to the water I lose due to evaporation.

    Stuff you'll need:
  9. Air stone+ airline+ air pump ( cheap ones are at Walmart.
  10. Seachem stability ( beneficial bacteria)
  11. Seachem prime ( it's a water conditioner I just prefer seachem)
  12. A tank, 10 gallon minimum for 1 axolotl. But the bigger the better.
  13. A filter
  14. Hides for the axolotl
  15. A syphon / water vacuum ( to suck out the poo/change water easy. I have a long food grade plastic hose I got from Ace hardware. I syphon and let it drain into the yard
  16. A bucket
  17. A Tupperware
  18. A fan. Literally any fan you can put on top the tank and point at it will work. I have a table fan sitting on top my tank and blowing at the water to help keep it cool. A chiller is best, but they are expensive.
  19. A tank thermometer ( don't get the thermometer strips, they lie
  20. A master fresh water test kit.
  21. Worms or repashy or pellets

  22. Test kit

  23. Fan suggestion

  24. Tank thermometer

    Air pump + line + stone.

  25. Filter ( basic the tank you have probably already has one)

  26. Shower poof ( hang these so they slow the flow of water coming out of filter. Axolotls don't like a lot of heavy water flow. Get these at the dollar store and rinse them before going in tank. You don't have to get these online. I'm just showing you)

  27. Seachem stuff


  28. Food


    Ice cube trays for repashy( frozen is better. It's a jello. It will really trash your tank. So frozen is better):

  29. Hides. Here's a good example..I soemthing similar. Just go to the reptile section at your pet store. Get one that's not rough but smooth. Plastics a good option. Just rinse it well before you put it in tank

  30. Water vacuum. This is what I have + I have a big long hose for big water changes. I use this to spot clean poo and "vacuum' it into a 10 gallon bucket

    Feeding tongs: They're actually tweezers for planting a planted fish tank. These can grip worms very well.. The Amazon ones that are silver suck and will make your life hell. Don't waste your money on ones on amazon unless you can find these on Amazon.
u/GaryGeneric · 3 pointsr/Maine

My advice as well. Doesn't even have to be a big fucking one, though. This is a good fly-b-gone with some really decent power, and the base allows for various mounting options.

u/BetaCoffee · 3 pointsr/uwaterloo

lived on the first floor of a UWP court during fall and spring term. highly recommend bringing a fan or two, especially a (reversible) window fan. had a small honeywell fan to circulate air around and a reversible window fan that fits in your sliding window.

i used my window fan to exhaust the air out in the morning or when it got hot. at night past 12:00 AM, the temperature would dip to below 20 degrees so i would use my window fan to blow air in to cool my room down by a huge factor. my room went from a sauna to a standard room with AC in 20 minutes. a window fan is very useful for a decent amount of temperature control in your room. very helpful for sleeping at night.

general ways of beating the heat would be to only go to your room to cook, shower, drop stuff off, or sleep. go to a place with AC (like grand commons or CMH) to study or do whatever instead. close all of your blinds and keep the lights off to keep your room as cool as possible. sleeping without a blanket became a necessity during the first couple weeks of september and all of july and august.

TL;DR - buy a reversible window fan

edit: formatting

u/Jessiesmind · 2 pointsr/Teachers

I have two of these in my house. They're small, powerful, quiet and can be angled up/down to push the air where you need it to go.

I bought them several months back for about $13.00 each and see they are now $10.00 each. I felt the price I paid was excellent - for $10.00 these are a steal.

Edited to add - I bought the black, 11 inch ones.

u/boomerFranck · 2 pointsr/Fitness

Get a small fan for under your desk.

I'm in Florida and workout before going to a professional office. Also, I am a world-class sweater. This made the difference for me.

u/i_heart_blondes · 2 pointsr/AskMen

I got one of these off of amazon and it's pretty good for the price. There's a larger 15 inch model.

If the factory is super hot + humid and you'd probably want to invest in a blower fan.

u/CBML50 · 2 pointsr/dogs

haha. I just have a really small table-top fan like this one that I move around the apartment depending. If it's a weekend and there's someone moving (lots of hallway noise) I plug it in near the door. At night it's in my bedroom.

u/yellsie · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

This one is pretty nice Also Target has a box fan for 15 bucks and works well.

u/Hazreal · 2 pointsr/Cruise

Something I rarely see suggested is bringing a fan for your room. Something like this. depending on your room some can get a little stuffy and having the fan to help circulate air around really helps.

u/johnnychronicseed · 2 pointsr/microgrowery

You might want a little bigger fan for flowering. Something like this maybe.

What is your plan for controlling the smell?

u/Doomnahct · 2 pointsr/pcmasterrace

How about one of these? Bigger is better right?

u/AhmadCBR · 2 pointsr/Trackdays

It feels much better when you put the helmet on and it is very cool. This is the one I have, it rotates up and I just place my helmet on it until the next session.

u/Cyno01 · 2 pointsr/interestingasfuck

Yeah, once i saw them in person it took about five seconds to figure out how they worked and were instantly less impressive.

I think maybe without even realizing it Dyson is playing on peoples memories of that Sharper Image thing from a while back and they think its some crazy sci fi stuff with charged wires moving the air.

If you need a small fan i can guarantee this is better than the dysons by any metric.

u/Deathnerd · 2 pointsr/misophonia

I use just a standard Lasko box fan in my current room. Back when I was relegated to a desk fan, the black Honeywell fans are awesome machines that won't break the bank.

u/Pseudogenesis · 2 pointsr/ADHD

Okay, listen. I know The Truth. The One Great Truth. and I'm going to share it with you. Ready? Here it is:


Yes, fans. Those things that push air around. Get a reliable little 10+ inch personal fan for ~15 bucks, like this or this. It'll last you years.

Now, I know what you're thinking. Fans, really? That's the ultimate truth of the universe?

Yes. Fans are everything.

You only need one. Put it on a stand next to your bed, about 1-2 feet away from where your face will be. Aim it properly, turn it on, wrap yourself up and enjoy pure bliss. Your body will be warm and your face will be caressed by a pleasant cool breeze for the entire night. Hot flashes? Who gives a shit? Just turn that baby up one notch and go back to sleep. Boom, done.

It's not an exaggeration when to say that for me, sleeping with a fan is at least twice as easy and enjoyable as without. I've been sleeping this way for at least a decade.

Here are just a few bullet points in case you're not completely head over your heels in love with fans yet.

  • They practically block out all noise, cutting through distractions and allowing you to sleep through everything but your alarm clock.

  • They keep your face pleasantly cool, and provide a little cooling to your upper body as well, depending on how many covers you have.*

  • They make it easier and more comfortable to breathe

  • They astound your friends and make your enemies jealous

  • They provide a soothing canvas of white noise for you to project your dreams upon.

  • They cure cancer

    Don't listen to the Koreans. Sleeping with a fan on won't hurt you. If anything it will make you stronger. Praise the fan.
    * ^(Note: Depending on your climate this may not necessarily be a good thing. I am not responsible for any bodily injury, psychological damage, or freezing you may incur)
u/nonconformistnugget · 2 pointsr/college

Swiffer's are pretty great for cleaning floors and they aren't expensive. Also get a small vacuum for any carpeting. If you like coffee, definitely get a Keurig. If you're in an area that has cold winters, a comforter for your bed will be important (there are some really cute ones at Target). For when it's warmer out, having a small fan will help the air in your room circulate better. As for LED light strips, this one from Amazon worked really well for me.

u/ZombieRapist · 2 pointsr/microgrowery

You might want a fan speed controller, unless you just want to always run it full blast.

Ratchet rope hanger can be helpful for adjusting light height. Also something to hang your fan... I went with paracord since I already had a bunch.

Smart/fabric pots are a popular option.

Some sort of fan(s), the small clip on ones are popular, can also go for the standing oscillating ones or a small one like this

A tent that small will limit you, I'd spring for a slightly larger one unless you really have space constraints.

u/frolf_for_daze · 1 pointr/microgrowery

I just have this fan in the corner of the tent and run the light at night so it stays cool.

u/Poowatereater · 1 pointr/microgrowery

Im not a fan of those clip fans. I have one in my tent and next grow i'll have none. They don't move enough air imo.

this fan is better than almost all the clip fans

I have one of those now and a big boy version of it. Your tent could get away with this and the clip fan.

Most new growers are terrified to cut their plants. It can, most of the time, be beneficial. The plant has a natural response to any type of mutilation that causes it to heal and grow slightly stronger.

for topping, this guide may help. im too lazy atm to do a full write up on how/why/when i top. AVOID MAINLINING IF YOU CARE ABOUT SEED TO HARVEST TIME! that site promotes the shit of mainlining and its silly imo.

u/HighStrBlues · 1 pointr/microgrowery

This is the filter I was gonna buy for flowering. What do you think? I know its probably not the best but its affordable plus delivery to my country :) I hope it will be enough for a very small grow room for 1 or max 2 plants at a time. How does it work really? Do I just put it top of the room and leave it there so as to "circulate" and purify the air inside the grow room?

Do you think a similar fan to this would be enough or shall I buy 2 of them just in case? (I will buy a 250W HPS light so that would make up a bit of heat)

u/nickferr · 1 pointr/sleep

Not sure if these are loud enough for you, I wouldn't consider them "quiet" but they last for years even using them every night:

u/cmcg1227 · 1 pointr/breakingmom

My SO sleeps significantly better with a loud fan or white noise. When he travels he uses an app on his phone. I could take the fan or leave it. The fan just simply keeps me from waking up because it drowns out noise. I'm definitely not "addicted" to it or anything like that. My kid doesn't appear to be addicted to it either, but I have a small fan (specifically this one) in her room that travels with her. Its small enough that it travels easily, but loud enough that it works.

u/snmnky9490 · 1 pointr/microgrowery

Those three seem like a pretty good start.

I'd also get an internal air circulation fan like this or this, and a fan speed controller for your main ventilation fan so it doesn't always have to be on 100% super loud full blast all day.

Are you growing in soil or hydro? Do you have your nutrients, soil or grow media, and pots or net buckets picked out already too?

u/Michaelscot8 · 1 pointr/buildapc

Open up your computer case and install one of these badboys just outside of it, I just saved you $80.

(But in all seriousness just install some corsair Case fans for about $10 per fan, the AF 120 series is all you need. Here's the Link)

u/eleanor110781 · 1 pointr/overclocking

It's not powerful at all, it's a little $12 fan. The blown air is definitely cooler than the air in the case, the air is simply coming from the direction of the living room.

u/R3bel · 1 pointr/microgrowery

The Background:

My tentative setup right now has a two gallon reservoir watering a three gallon Smart Pot. I have a 5-10 gal fish tank filter that I've also added an [activated carbon/ammonia neutralizing crystal] ( filter and leveled filter to. I let my water set at room temperature (cycling through the filter) for several days before giving it to the plant. The water is exposed to 388 watts (~84,000lm) of warm and cool white LEDs in a Carbon Dioxide rich environment with filtered airflow.

My city water report is as follows, with ideal levels, followed by current city water levels:

  • Haloacetic Acids (HAA5)(ppb): <60, 25.1
  • Bromate (ppb): <10, 1.8
  • Total Organic Carbon (% Removal): TT, 52.57
  • Barium (ppm): <2, 0.3
  • Flouride (ppm): <4, 0.7
  • Nitrate [measured as Nitrogen] (ppm): <10, 2.4
  • Sodium (ppm): MPL, 16
  • Thallium (ppb): <2, 0.8
  • Alpha emitters (pCi/L): <15, 4.7
  • Uranium (ug/L): <30, 1.4
  • Copper (ppm): <1.3, 0.257
  • Lead (ppb): <15, 0.003

    I presume the Haloacetic Acids are the chlorine they use in the water treatment.

    The Questions:

  • My hope is that the Chlorine will evaporate off over a few days, and that the filters I have will grab onto other problematic elements. Is this reasonable to assume?
  • Should I add anything to my water (pH balance, nutrients, things to help filter contaminants)?
  • How will temperature of water affect my plants? Should I try to cool or warm it before being added to the grow?
  • Does light have any effect on water (or microbial life in the water)? Is it just UV, or can wide spectrum or white lights also have an effect?

u/_good_apollo · 1 pointr/microgrowery

NPK: AN Sensi A+B veg. Si: Dyna-gro. B52: AN. Ca+Mg: Botanicare. H+ : General Hydroponics

Yes, oscillator in the back and the /r/microgrow prescribed Honeywell at my feet pointing up. This one is great for the price so I'll need to get a couple more for bloom room.

thanks for looking!

u/MaapuSeeSore · 1 pointr/vaporents

You will be fine, if anything , get a small fan.

My personal fan I have been using for years .


u/AbsoluteZeroes · 1 pointr/oculus

I bought a $23 desk fan from Amazon to help with the sweating issue when using the Rift. It works reasonably well...

It is only $13 USD from

I am using the thin velour padding upgrade for the Rift's face plate from I no longer get the red ring around my face, even after a couple hours of gaming.

u/eriffodrol · 1 pointr/beermoney

get some wood or even cardboard

make a simple frame box with vertical slots to hold tablets

attach pc fan to the end so it blows across the surface, or use small desk fan; this is good

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Are you talking about this? I got one in addition to this Vornado and I have to admit I'm a bit underwhelmed, but it's so cheap that I really can't complain. The vornado on the other hand it's pretty good, but maybe not as powerful at the Lasko that they suggested you below.

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How about this one

12.59 with free shipping on orders over $25.

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I'm actually using this right now to try and keep things cool on my desk/hand, as well as a giant tower fan to cool the area. Thankfully the extreme summer heat is coming to an end and won't have to worry about it as much, but then I'll be able to complain about my joints being so cold that it slows down my play! The joys of being an older gamer.

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Pull the side cover on your case off. Point a fan blowing into the case ( something like this ) Raise your CPU fan to max speed.

Play your games and see if they crash.

If not you know your problem is temp related. If they continue to crash you have another problem.

Also check out this video

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As mentioned, on many ships there is a retractable line. If there isn't I also recommend getting some heavy duty small magnetic hooks on Amazon (at least 25lbs strength or so probably) and some paracord and use that. The hooks come in super handy for other things too...we hung our key card lanyards on them so they didn't get lost and we'd pass them on the way out reminding us to grab them.

Anyway, no matter where we hung our clothes, they never seemed to dry. So the last time I cruised I brought a small fan in my carry on LIKE THIS . Best decision ever! Worth the spot it took up in my duffel bag. Very light, doesn't weigh much.

I'd aim the fan to where the clothes were hanging overnight, it helped give some nice air circulation in the cabin and also helps drown out hallway noises. We brought a small extension cord to make it easier to aim it where we wanted (in our case into the bathroom) And that was handy as well for the extra outlets to charge phones too. Just a regular extension cord, make sure it does not have a surge protecter.

With the fan the clothes would get dry no prob! You can leave fan on when you leave your cabin as well, just make sure to have a peace of paper or card in the switch by door so your elec doesn't turn off while gone. Our room steward said this was no problem.

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Alternatively, a semi-powerful desk fan in front of a fog machine filled with translucent haze fluid works well in a pinch. Directional Honeywell Desk Fan let's you point where things go too.

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I have open plastic shelves in my laundry room that I store all of my gear on. I just run one of these smaller fans to keep the air flowing. I run it over night and turn it off in the morning.

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Get a good fan. Something like this, though I'm sure there are cheaper alternatives. I don't even live in a noisy environment anymore but I've conditioned myself to sleeping with a fan on. I just turn it toward the wall because I don't want the air blowing directly on me, and let the noise drown out everything else. It's very peaceful once you get used to it.

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Thanks for all the suggestions!

I was originally going to go on amazon and get a grow tent. My living situation changed since then which is why it took me a few months to get to this point. I now need a smaller solution which is why I thought about building the grow box. I looked for pre-built ones but anything half-decent is $500+ which is unacceptable for me at the moment.

Regarding the nutrients, I found plenty of "weed specialized" nutrients on the internet, but they are incredibly expensive to ship here and it's just more fluff. I read the same about the "time released" nutrients being no good, I will try to see if I can find that Fox starting soil everyone says is so great at ACE Hardware, and then see if they have non-time delayed nutrients like Dyna-Grow, but I doubt it.

I wrote down what you said about the pot sizes, this is what I've done least amount of research on, will try to get at least 4 plastic 10+ inch pots in the box. I really only want 4 plants max in this, so the biggest 4 pots I can squeeze in there will do.

Regarding the inline fan, I responded to /u/Cuicos above and I think I will get this inline fan instead:

Using the same ducting technique I described in my post.

I will also have this fan somewhere in the middle of the box or at the bottom where the intake is:

I really really can't spend anymore on this box, we're looking at 300 dollars now for the entire setup with the new fans. CFLs would be a good extra for my next grow, if my first grow is successful.

Thanks for all the advice!

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Run it with the side panel off and the fan pointed inside. It is 100% going to fuck up the airflow in your case, but the static pressure of a desk fan is going to be orders of magnitude higher than most case fans, that the sloppy airflow matters a lot less.

I'm assuming you mean something like this:

Honeywell HT-900 TurboForce Air Circulator Fan, Black

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Fuck that. I'll spend $15 and get the same damn thing.

A 12" device that moves air.

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Looks like one of these without the stand.