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HORI Fighting Commander for Xbox One Officially Licensed by Microsoft
Officially Licensed by MicrosoftDesigned for 2D fighting games with 6-button layoutCompatible with Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC (through Xinput)Custom input settingsWired controller for instant response
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34 Reddit comments about HORI Fighting Commander for Xbox One Officially Licensed by Microsoft:

u/_Nibelheim_ · 6 pointsr/Fighters

PS4/PS3 & PC - I own this fightpad, many people say its the best fightpad on the market, I would concur.

XBONE/360 & PC

Fusion by PowerA is also releasing a wired fightpad this fall you may wanna check out.

u/Night_Eye · 5 pointsr/dbfz

Using numpad notation: (5 = neutral, 6 is toward the opponent, 8 up, etc.)


IAD: 8 6 6 and 8 4 4 are pretty inefficient try:


IAD forward: 9->6 (wait a little in between, going back to neutral before 6. the cleaner/faster you get with this the closer to the ground you'll be when you dash - which is preferable because it gives less time for the opponent to react)


IAD backward: 7->4 (again neutral in between)


Other people have pointed out the shortcut for airdashing - I've always found those kinda hit or miss, so i prefer the above. Up to you though.


Long Jump: input: 2 8 (neutral) or 2 9 (forward) or 2 7 (backward)


TBH i don't really use this as much as I should(? idk i just play for fun and self-improvement, i'm not competitive), but it's just a practice thing - getting used to your controller. To practice, a good setup is to see if you can do a move/combo (or in this case jump) all the way from one side of the screen to the other (multiple times if it's a far-moving move) without messing up. IAD is the perfect example, start from one corner and IAD repeatedly until you get to the other corner. Do it until you can go the whole screen without missing the input. (don't just grind for it though, probably best to do this as a warm-up for 20 mins or less per day for a bit)


If you're open to getting a different controller (it's not required at all, but it may be more comfortable or more consistent for you, it is for me), I really like [this one for ps4]( and while i don't personally use the xbox variant [here it is]( Fightsticks are really nice too, but they're expensive.


Let me know if you have any other questions or if I didn't explain something properly, i'm happy to help.




Edit: Idk what's happening with the formatting, that usually works :/

u/TheForlornGamer · 5 pointsr/Tekken

Just get the Fighting Commander. It's like a couple more dollars expensive than this one but it's much bigger and has a better D-pad altogether. They even have one for Xbox, too.

u/teapot_RGB_color · 4 pointsr/Tekken

Never seen anyone with a 360 controller, but I know a lot of people that use ps3 controller by watching Tekken tournaments.

Viable alternative for xbox: Hori Fighting Commander

Have one myself, can recommend, albeit don't use it anymore.. trying to learn stick...

u/NoChart · 4 pointsr/pcgaming

The Xbox d-pads are nearly all terrible for precise inputs. Grab up a controller that was made for fighting games, like these ones.

u/Abmahnanwalt · 3 pointsr/Roms

I can recommend anything from 8BitDo, especially the SNES ones.

Since a few months i use the HORI Fighting Commander for most retro systems up to PSX. It feels great + there's a PS version, if you prefer that.

u/KNOWKUSH · 2 pointsr/Guiltygear I use this thing and I really like it. Definitely improved my inputs coming from a xbox one controller.

u/[deleted] · 2 pointsr/dragonballfighterz

Do yourself a favor and get this.

HORI Fighting Commander for Xbox One Officially Licensed by Microsoft

u/00Nothing · 2 pointsr/StreetFighter

Second on the Fighting Commander! If you're playing on PC, I recommend the PS4 one over the XBone one. The XBone controller is technically more customizable, but it's also a bigger pain, and the PS4 commander will just do what you need. It's also a great pad for emulators, platformers, and anything else that just needs a d-pad and some face buttons.

u/adamswagem · 2 pointsr/Tekken

this one that someone else linked looks better exclusively for fighting games, whereas the one you linked is more versatile for other games too, so it depends on what you're gonna be playing.

u/indie_mcemopants · 2 pointsr/INJUSTICE

You could pick up the Hori Fighting Commander for Xbox. I haven't used one myself, but from reading around, a lot of people say it has one of the best d-pads for fighting games you can buy (DS4 included).

u/billysauce · 1 pointr/Tekken

I am awaiting it as well, was originally for Xbox one but after I found out about my 34" ultrawide being able to run it I switched to PC. Wasn't sure whether to keep the fight commander preorder or get a ds4. Think I will stick with the commander.

Here is link

u/Lord_Baine · 1 pointr/StreetFighter

My buddy has this one and won't shut up about how great it is.

They also have one for xbox

u/BlueDawn007 · 1 pointr/SonicTheHedgehog

I use this HORI Fighting Commander for Xbox One Officially Licensed by Microsoft

For me this is the closest I'll get to using a Saturn like controller and it's pretty great so far.

u/taxi_drivr · 1 pointr/ShieldAndroidTV

sadly I can't find any of these for a reasonable price, all going for a lotta dough online.

there was this ugly wwe model that I can't bear to have lying around my place lol

close second though missing that sweet d-pad and doesn't come in black..

u/MasoFFXIV · 1 pointr/speedrun

I've been using a Hori Fighting Commander for a long while and the D-pad hasn't let me down so far. There's an Xbox version with Xinput now. PS4 version is Dinput.

u/AGreatOldOne · 1 pointr/dbfz

I much perfer the d-pad over the analogue stick. However, I don't really like the Xbox or PS4 controllers, I personally use a Hori Fighting Commander. I've been using it since I started playing and I feel like it's a very well made controller for people who like to use the d-pad for fighting games.

Amazon link

There is nothing wrong with using whatever controller is comfortable for you.

u/drtycho · 1 pointr/dbfz

then start by doing the two actions slowly, then speeding up incrementally until it works, then practice that timing until its memorized. also consider switching to a different controller, consider this, i've had one for months now and its great

u/sauerbraten42 · 1 pointr/INJUSTICE

Ordered this one i don't have it yet but i heard good things about it. Price is ok and i prefer dpad to stick.

u/Sankohuy · 1 pointr/Tekken

You can get the new DS4, which supports Bluetooth.
Or you can also buy the Hori Fighting Commander, it's also pretty good.

For the DS4 I use InputMapper as I can't get Steam to work with it. For the Fighting Commander, if you get the Xbox version, it should be plug and play.

u/Post_Toasties · 1 pointr/Fighters

Hori is putting out an xbox compatible Fighting Commander at the end of the month. Same price as the Playstation version. Can check out on amazon.

u/Zefirus · 1 pointr/StreetFighter

Don't think of them as remembering what letter is on the button. Think of them as positions. Top buttons are punches. Bottom buttons are kicks. Left side is weaker, right side (in the case of a controller, right most side is the triggers) is stronger.

Something like this can really help some people because all of your punches and kicks are face buttons, though they're definitely not necessary.

u/FaeeLOL · 1 pointr/Tekken

I have this one

And yes its set on PC/360. My PC does recognize that something was plugged in but the controller itself just does not work with the same drivers that 360 controller does, even when it should. It just says that a driver wasn't found.

u/bryan_bar · 0 pointsr/INJUSTICE

I play with this do you think it'll work with this or just the regular pad?