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HORI Nintendo Switch Real Arcade Pro V Hayabusa Fight Stick Officially Licensed by Nintendo - Nintendo Switch;
HORI original HAYABUSA joystics and buttonsHORI Original Hayabusa joystick and buttonsProfessional grade steel base arcade cabinetCompatible with Nintendo Switch and PC through XinputOfficially licensed by Nintendo
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24 Reddit comments about HORI Nintendo Switch Real Arcade Pro V Hayabusa Fight Stick Officially Licensed by Nintendo - Nintendo Switch;:

u/sourpatchjames · 6 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

This is what I use.

HORI Nintendo Switch Real Arcade Pro V Hayabusa

I recently got into fighting games this year and picked this up. A bit pricey compared to the ones you list but I think its worth it. I play on both PC and Switch. Not sure about the 8bitdo Arcade stick, but I've heard the Mayflash is a solid entry level stick.

u/devLyfe · 3 pointsr/Blazblue

If you already have a stick that you like brooks is making a converter that will take a ps3/ps4 or a xb360/xb1 stick and convert it to switch. Or if you want a stick especially for the switch, hori does make one.

u/sageredwood · 2 pointsr/blazbluextagbattle

I own the Hori arcade stick. I really like it and it works very well.

I also own a PS3 mad cats TE stick (mine has different art than this, best match I could find), I really like that one too. I use this usb stick to make mine work with my switch

I find that these sticks each have their own pros and cons.

|Soft plastic round buttons. Very Good|Hard plastic sawa style buttons. Perfect|
|Very hard clicking, very mechanical feeling stick. I love it. Just slightly better for change/charge moves|Softer smother stick, I also love it.|
|No lock feature, however the home button is all the way on the side so it is hard to press by accident. However I do hit start by mistake sometimes when going for a L1|Has a lock out switch, never accidentally press start or the system menu button again! Love It|
|Light weight and easy to put in your lap. Great|Heaviest stick I have every held. Still good for the lap, but I prefer a table. Also Great, but a little different|
|USB cord stores in controller. Feels Cheap|USB cord stores in controller. Feels Great|
|It's RED!|Lots of artwork options available. Pick a style that suits you!|
|Works on Switch and PC (x-input)! Change between the two with a hidden switch on the arcade stick! Wonderful Feature|Works on PS3 (and ps4 games with legacy support). Works on PC only if you set up a custom controller profile in steam. Works with switch when using the usb stick linked above. Not perfect but it will work|
|$150 New and feels like a $150 in your hands|$300-400 new and feels like $300-400 in your hands; but you won't get yours new. I don't think they are made anymore. Hunt for one on amazon or ebay, condition may very. I linked to a OEM/stock one that was going for 280 when in stock.|

I use the MadCatz on my pc as my main steam controller. I use the Hori on my switch. The adapter is used for when a friend comes over. I would never take the MadCatz stick to a competition. It only takes one drunk dudebro spilling a beer to ruin my irreplaceable controller.

If I were you, I would pick the Hori controller for simplicity and price. However if you want to try the MadCatz I found this for about 85-100, it may pair well with the use this usb stick for a very good $120-130 price tag. However the $85 sticks are stated to be in what amazon calls "acceptable condition" and may be missing packaging, manuals, or other pieces.

u/TotalSpeech · 2 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

Yup, I use the Hori RAP V.

u/SculptedPizza · 2 pointsr/ARMS

Try this one OP. I just don't think a fight stick would be too beneficial for arms due to the multiple move points. It's like the FPS of fighting games. I'm sure once mastered it'll work wonders.

u/Kano523 · 2 pointsr/Games

Hori real arcade pro 5 for the switch. I highly recommend it.

u/MTeson · 2 pointsr/KillerQueen

check out /r/NintendoSwitch - great sub with a lot of info. AFAIK, any decent fighting stick from Hori or something works with Switch. like this one:

But I imagine people have their own opinions on which is the best.

u/BenkiTheBuilder · 2 pointsr/disabledgamers

Have you tried a fightstick like this
The buttons are a lot easier to actuate than on a gamepad, especially using multiple fingers. If you are able to exert just a little bit of force that might be an option. The buttons are also large enough that one can easily paste cloth or something onto them if the surface itself is your issue. With Microsoft's adaptive controller there's also the option mix and match other types of actuators such as foot pedals.

u/greenturnip · 2 pointsr/dragonballfighterz

there's already one (semi-quality) switch-specific stick, but there are also adapters you can use with any other ps4 or xb1 stick. i personally use a custom stick with a brook universal board for the widest compatibility but if you only want to play on switch/pc the hori rap v will do you just fine.

u/megamanxtc · 1 pointr/NintendoSwitch

Which Fight Sticks are compatible with the Switch? I'm leaning toward the Hori.

u/kiwisaurus1 · 1 pointr/gaming

There is an arcade stick. But I kinda doubt a lot of people would be willing to shell out for this

u/PinkClefairy · 1 pointr/dragonquest

It's probably not the most elegant solution, but you could consider a fight stick.

For example, Hori makes one:
HORI Nintendo Switch Real Arcade Pro V Hayabusa Fight Stick Officially Licensed by Nintendo - Nintendo Switch;

My only concern with these is that I'm not sure how the camera/movement will be since there's no dual analog sticks.

Since the game is a turn based RPG and not an action one, you could also consider a game pad pro or using one of those joy con comfort grip holders.

u/nbmtx · 1 pointr/NintendoSwitch

I'm guessing a PC one should work, considering the official stick for Switch says it's PC compatible, and seems to just have a Switch theme to it. Not sure if anything else is going on with it.

u/Spockrocket · 1 pointr/NintendoSwitch

Not sure, sorry :/ All I know is that they've announced that they're making a RAP stick for the Switch, not sure what regions it will be sold in though.

EDIT: Looks like it will be available in the US on Amazon on July 31st!

u/Lorben · 1 pointr/NintendoSwitch

If you're talking about this stick, it has a joystick\dpad toggle like the other sticks do.

u/TheTaoDragon · 1 pointr/mvci

The Switch has multiple different controller options that could work for a game like MvC. The Pro Controller comes to mind, and this is also without mentioning the officially licensed HORI RAP.V fightstick that exists for it.

u/CubitsTNE · 1 pointr/PokkenGame

I'm not certain which retail sticks work on the switch, I've only used custom built stuff for the last few years. The switch has very open usb controller compatibility, so anything that can pose as a generic gamepad should work.

The last i saw, hori made a switch-specific version of the RAP V, which is a very well built stick:

My brother uses the ps4 version of that and it's as much stick as you'll ever need. I find the buttons a bit sensitive, but I'm a big seimitsu fan (many people prefer quick buttons). At any rate they're very easy and cheap to swap out.

u/SkillCappa · 0 pointsr/Games

I think the joycons off the console look comfortable enough. I mean, you just hold them in your hands, all good. When they're mounted, it looks uncomfortable.

>And for peripherals I guess I don't really get what you mean

To play online, I'd want to use voice chat. I'd need a Switch specific headset, right? Something that plugs into my phone and my Switch. And I'll want a different controller, like the pro controller. And what about friends? I might actually need 3-4 pro-like controllers. And what if I want the Switch to be my primary gaming platform, as it is for so many? I'd need to buy an arcade stick similar to the one I have on PC.