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Household Essentials 6706 Grooming Toiletry Travel Bag Organizer for Men and Women, Black, Pack of 1
PORTABLE TOILETRY BAG to carry your shaving kit or cosmetics on the goZIPPERED BAG allows you to safely transport your bathroom goodsCARRY EASILY with durable handle or hang the bag from a hook when not in usePADDED INNER LAYER protects against breakageMEASURES: 4"H x 10"W x 6.75"D
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3 Reddit comments about Household Essentials 6706 Grooming Toiletry Travel Bag Organizer for Men and Women, Black, Pack of 1:

u/BeatMastaD · 18 pointsr/bugout

You just need to have what you might need, BOBs are generally for evacuations whereas what you are describing is just normal day to day things. I'll try to make a list anyway but you'll have to add things you want to have.

Since you don't plan on carrying this the bag could just be a large backpack, or even a duffle bag. You don't need the tacticool hi-speed lo-drag coolest BOB out there.

I would divide things into categories and keep them in their own dividers. For instance, you could get 2 of something like this and some sort of larger bag for all your clothing. It will make it much easier than just having a bag full of stuff. You could probably fit most clothing in one, and just have the jacket and jeans outside of it. You could also vacuum seal your clothing into compact flat bags to make them easier to handle.


3 - comfortable t-shirts. You could even just buy a pack of 3 hanes shirts for the purpose.

1 - Jacket - just in case it's winter time

3 - underwear, whatever kind you wear

1 - athletic shorts

1 - pair of jeans

3 - pairs of socks

1 - towel? If they will provide showers but not towels


(all this should be travel sized, they sell everything I will name at walmart in travel sizes for $1)

1 - toothpaste

1 - toothbrush

1 - Shampoo/conditioner

1 - body wash (bar soap sucks to store after 1 use)

1 - deoderant (will melt and leak in a hot car, even the white powder kind. Keep this in mind

1 - pack of baby wipes. These are good for a 'hobo shower' which is likely what will be available to you. I would still bring the other stuff though just in case, and you can always wash your hair with a bucket of water to rinse.


These will spoil in a hot car, but you should keep a few days supply of any medications you might need on you somehow, or if there is a way to store them at the office do that (maybe they can be locked in a cabinet or something?) I'd keep them in an old prescription bottle with your info on it, you can scratch out the medicine name if you want.)

EXTRA GLASSES if you wear contacts or glasses.


A completely spare phone charger that you will never remove from the bag unless you literally have no other choice. This cannot be left at home because you took it out and forgot to put it back in.

Other chargers for whatever you might need. If you might have your iPad for instance, bring a charger for that if it's different than phone.

You can consider a charging battery pack like this (I am not recommending that model though, it's first on Amazon)


Don't know what kind of facilities they would have, but you can bring dehydrated food if there will be a way to boil water. If not you're going to have to stick with ready to eat foods like jerky, pop-tarts, tuna packets, granola bars, etc. Whatever you like, you won't want to be eating shitty food you hate in this situation.


Typical recommendations are 1 gallon/person/day so that's 3 gallons. That's a lot of water to store, but if you need to then I'd recommend a case or two of water in the car. You want to switch these out every once in a while as plastic leeches into the water after a while. Just switch it every few months or so. You can also get a nalgene bottle and keep that full, but that's not even a days worth of drinking water.

If you somehow think you'll have non-potable water available and need a filter then I'd recommend this for cheap, this for a more pricey option that can also be more easily shared with others.

If you think you'll need to boil water/cook food you should be fine with this and a can of butane fuel for it. This you don't want to leave in a florida car in the summer either though.

u/ghb_throwaway · 2 pointsr/bugout

Those were hard to find! I wanted something fairly inexpensive since I have up to 5 of them that I can put in depending on the situation I am in. I found these and they are a perfect fit:

I compress them down with two ranger bands which you can see in the photos, just makes them easier to get in and out and prevent items from shifting or making noise.

u/29401 · 2 pointsr/SkincareAddiction

I have two of these: one for my skincare products and one for my shower products. It's surprisingly spacious. I also use a separate train case for my makeup products. Check on Amazon to see if there are minis of your hairstyling products!