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How to Deal with Difficult People
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u/PriusCop · 1 pointr/securityguards

There’s not much training that would help you in situations with such a diverse group of people. Blanket statements using empathy isn’t fullproof.

I worked with people who had serious mental issues and drug related problems. The only thing I can recommend is being genuine and learning from situations you encounter. Don’t be condescending and don’t act uninterested, most of these people just want someone to talk to, giving them some humility and respect goes a long way. Especially if they create issues. Don’t be too passive and let them understand and know the issues they’re causing, what the end situation might be, and how to give them the illusion of them making a choice.

Transients, young kids, disabled and people with mental issues are all different. People act in different ways and there’s no way of treating everyone the same. These people are considered, just like everyone else in life, difficult to deal with.

I would look into reading How to Deal With Difficult People. There are also a plethora of other books that work on improving your self help and problem solving skills with individuals who are going to be much more confrontational.