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Hydrofarm Agrobrite FLC32D Compact Fluorescent Spiral Grow Lamp, 32 Watt, 6400K
Produces 1800 lumens and will last an average of 10,000 hoursFits any light fixture with a medium baseUL Listed9 year Bulb life based on 3 hours per day
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10 Reddit comments about Hydrofarm Agrobrite FLC32D Compact Fluorescent Spiral Grow Lamp, 32 Watt, 6400K:

u/organelle · 8 pointsr/succulents

I totally get it. When I had less budget I bought regular old clip lights and a couple of really high lumen bulbs, just enough for a couple of plants (more if you have only small plants, which is mostly what my collection consists of now.) Here's my old setup, you can just see the clip and how close I put super needy plants. Used
this light.
Just bought these at a recommendation from ewwmayo on gardenweb, wonderful so far. If your semps are still alive you can try putting them out now, more likely to survive in cold than no light.

u/Pizzabagelpizza · 2 pointsr/houseplants

I have a similar situation, I think. I do have windows, but not the greatest light. Some plants, especially further from the windows, need a little extra boost.

I’ve been using a white CFL bulb for plants in a regular floor lamp. I have them on timers so they’re on 12 hours per day, and they look very unobtrusive in the house.

u/donut_warfare · 2 pointsr/plants

That guy is pretty etiolated. Just because they are near a window doesn't mean they are getting adequate light. I have my succulents on a west-facing windowsill that gets blasted with super bright sunset light and yet they are STILL etiolating. You might want to either invest in a grow light or put in on a south-facing window. If you want to do a grow light (which I realize you are in an office and space is valuable), this clip lamp and this bulb.

u/crossfox98 · 2 pointsr/IndoorGarden

Hey! I have a completely indoor Meyer as well next to a window that doesn't get a lot of light. I use an Agrosun CFL bulb in one of those cheap shop clip lights on a 12 hr timer. Works great, tree has produced multiple rounds of lemons. I have the bulb about 1 foot above the center of the tree.

u/fearswindowlessdoors · 2 pointsr/succulents

Look at Agrobrite CFLs, they make higher watt ones. This one, for example.

And yeah, I don't trust most red/blue LEDs.. I think a lot of folks buy them for the price point and find later that their plants etiolate quite a bit.

u/aerogrower · 1 pointr/microgrowery

I guess the led on the aerogarden is only 20w. Their directions say you can keep it extremely close however. I am guessing I will probably want to use some of these other lights I have to help out... I have 2 reflectors and 3 bulbs, so I guess I should get a splitter to get 2 bulbs into a reflector.



Would it really help to use all these lights? It will only be 32w LED and 64w CFL total with all bulbs. From what I've been reading that is still low. Seems crazy that a single plant could use so much light. I had 5 herbs in here before and it seemed like the one light did a pretty good job.

From what I'm reading, I should use all of these, plus a couple more 40-42w softwhite (2700k) light.

Should I grab a couple more lights and another reflector and splitter, and use all 7 of these lights the entire time?

This is an autostrain and the aerogarden has a time for 17/7. Originally I was just going to use that and turn on my other supplemental bulb or two when I woke up, and before I went to sleep. Now I'm thinking I should buy a timer and put all these on a power strip.... I was hoping to keep this simple but it's looking like if I want and real yield I gotta get a lot more light.

If no-one responds by tomorrow I will probably take a pic and condense all my ramblings so far into a new post that will hopefully get more attention from the pic lol

u/Current_Selection · 1 pointr/succulents

I've been browsing the grow light thread and thinking about getting more succulents before winter, and would like some input on which setup seems better or if you would recommend something else entirely. This adjustable growlight which has a gooseneck and clip (also comes with option for timer) or this bulb and this clamp light? I currently don't have many succulents at all (which obviously can change) so I don't need the light to cover a huge area. Should I set up a specific area to do this with shelving etc (please recommend if so) or is on top of a cedar chest on trays fine?

I'm pretty new to this and appreciate any advice I can get here.

u/PostFPV · 1 pointr/succulents

I don't have the box anymore but I'm fairly confident this is close to what I have.

u/abumbleandabee · 1 pointr/succulents

No worries! Have you looked in to this type of bulb:

I have a pack sitting in my closet right now in case my leds end up not being enough and I notice signs of etiolation. You can fit in a desk lamp or a clamp lamp. I don’t know how bright they are though, haven’t plugged any in. But I’ve heard good reviews on here about them.