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I Hope it's Sunny Out - A Guide to Meeting Women in the Day Time
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5 Reddit comments about I Hope it's Sunny Out - A Guide to Meeting Women in the Day Time:

u/TonyDAbsolute · 9 pointsr/seduction

It doesn't matter whether you go direct or indirect. If you are new to cold approach daygame, 10% is a very reasonable success rate, meaning 10% of women you number close will actually meet you again. That's not so bad, 1 in 10. Considering you can easily get ten phone numbers a week.

The thing is you have blind spots, things you can't see yourself doing wrong. It is probably in your body language, vocal tonality or verbal game. Maybe you have a rising inflection, maybe you talk too fast, maybe you aren't leading the interaction, maybe you are just a little bit nervous.

I would suggest recording yourself on a phone, or getting a friend or professional coach to critique you in-field.

I wrote a book about daygame. I've been teaching it in-field for over four years. Check it out.

u/revolved · 5 pointsr/seduction

My mini review: This book is a brutally honest story that tracks the journey from a hormonally imbalanced asshole teen to a pickup coach. Tony has a unique sense of humour (Would you rather fight 100 midgets with pitchforks or a T-Rex?) and drops a lot of knowledge in a fun, quick, easy read (just like any good lay)

He's got another book on day game:

u/NotMyReal-ID123 · 1 pointr/dating_advice I just read this. Free download. It's a real short and sweet read that addresses this troubling issue. I found it through r/seduction which has also has a lot of useful info.

There's a lot of innocent ways to approach her. You could go with, 'You seem like a friendly girl, so I just wanted to say Hi. I'm kiwidong123'." Or, simply ask her for the time or a random question about anything insignificant. The hardest part is just starting the conversation, and after that weight is lifted, it's a whole lot easier.

If you want to read something that will change your life for the better and get you thinking about yourself and women in a much healthier way, read the book Models by Mark Manson. It should almost be mandatory reading for men.

edit: "Here's an excerpt from that first book: Often my students see an approach opportunity, but they don't take it, because people will see or hear them. this might be on a crowded bus, or a busy park. Their fear manifests through their body language and vocal tonality. Instead of speaking loudly, they squeak in a quiet, embarrassed tone.

If you want to be great with women, you have to learn to NOT GIVE A FLYING FUCK what anyone thinks of you. If you're overridden with social fear, you will be stifled. When you're stifled, it's like wearing a mask. You're not showing the girls your true, confident self. How can you be truly confident if you're worried about other people think of you?

One exercise I use to gauge a students social fear is to have them stand on a park bench and yell, as loud as they can, 'I'm the king of the world!' Most guys are barely audible; some even refuse to try the drill.

Then I get up, and in my loudest voice, a veritable war cry, I yell, 'I'm the king of the fucking world!!!' People three blocks down stop to look at me, shrug, and continue on with their day.

u/TonyDCoaching · 1 pointr/seduction

I'd say start with Mystery Method videos, and Annihilation by Style, aka Neil Strauss. You could also read Double Your Dating by David Deangelo, or my book for daygame, I Hope It's Sunny Out.

Most newer stuff focuses on inner game because in reality, all game comes down to confidence, self-esteem, and belief, with a dash of technique. All your techniques are useless if you have panic attacks just thinking of approaching. But approaching is the only way to develop game, outer and inner.

Another good product for newbs is Foundations by RSD. Maybe The Natural by Richard Laruina.

Those are a bit dated but will give you some training wheels until you realize the truth of game.

u/lonestandingone · 1 pointr/seduction

I liked /u/TonyDAbsolute's I Hope It's Sunny Out, 'cause it is so simple.