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iDog Soft Speaker White
Meet I-Dog Soft Speaker - the snuggly, squeezable pooch that loves to get down to your musicTry placing him near a speaker, then press his nose and watch him dance along as he grooves to the beatI-Dog even changes his mood to suit your music, as he gets down to your favorite tunes, watch his ears move and grooveOnce the music starts, this perky pooch becomes a music-groovin machineI-Dog works with most portable and non-portable electronic audio devices (not included)Just plug him in to your music player (not included) and I-Dog plays your music through his built-in speaker or your headphones (not included)Plus he easily connects to any standard Headphone jack with the included plug cable
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u/torisanod · 92 pointsr/Frat

Personally I like to use a few of these. Great for parties and the girls go crazy for these speakers!!

u/coffeefuelledtechie · 1 pointr/ipod

Ah I gotcha now, it’s one of these?

I’m not sure it’s something we’re able to help with as it’s not an iPod. My guess is the electrics in the iDog are screwed but I’ve never heard of one before so I’ve no idea