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IKEA Akerkulla Shower Curtain, Multicolor
Size: 71" x 71"Densely-Woven polyester fabric with water-repellent coatingThe elastic sewn into the bottom edge adds weight to the curtain and assures that it hangs straightMachine wash, warmiron medium temperature100% polyester
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u/mrfunktastik ยท 1 pointr/Decor

Personally I'd start with a long shelf along the wall there behind the table. What's nice about these is you can start out slow by putting out knick-knacks from around your house you already have. And you can even stand up framed pictures on it, leaning against the wall. That was you get to try out and see what art starts to feel good without hammering holes into the wall and committing.

Oh and put some curtains over that glass door. Something colorful or patterned, like this maybe :)