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True Crime
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In Cold Blood (Modern Library 100 Best Nonfiction Books)
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5 Reddit comments about In Cold Blood (Modern Library 100 Best Nonfiction Books):

u/madducks · 5 pointsr/thebookclub

In Cold Blood by Truman Capote.

u/lorax_I_Speak · 5 pointsr/FortWorth

The Picture of Dorian Gray is one I've wanted to read. It is a bit short at only ~220 pages.

In Cold Blood by Capote is another one I've been meaning to read.

And last night was fun. Great to meet everyone!

u/waitingforbatman · 4 pointsr/booksuggestions
  • Invisible Man vs. Native Son; each takes a different approach to the same topic and time period
  • Beowulf (any translation) vs. Grendel; alternate perspectives on the same event... for example, you could talk about how modern literature has ultimately become more character-centric and detailed rather than actions-based
  • Following this train of thought, you could also do The Wonderful Wizard of Oz and Wicked.
  • Any two novels dealing with the Holocaust (e.g. Night and The Painted Bird)
  • In Cold Blood and Devil in the White City; compare and contrast dramatic nonfiction execution
  • Interview with the Vampire and Dracula; detail how portrayal of vampires parallels societal attitudes towards homosexuals and how vampire novels from different time periods deal with vampires differently; PM me if you'd like more info on this, as I'm currently taking a class on it. Alternatively, you could do Interview and then The Vampire Lestat, the next book in the Vampire Chronicles, and analyze how the vampire characters change after the post-AIDS crisis.
  • I second the suggestion of The Great Gatsby and The Sun Also Rises.
  • Prozac Nation and The Bell Jar; two women of two different decades writing about their depression. Of course, The Bell Jar is fictional, but thought to be highly autobiographical.

    Please let us know which ones you end up doing!
u/sassy_lion · 2 pointsr/books
u/levi_biff · 1 pointr/lgbt

Let's take a trip through history shall we:

Truman Capote, Queen. Any questions?