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Indestructo Pill Box - 6 Per Package (Color May Vary)
Easily transport your medicationLid snaps tightly to avoid accidental openingAssorted solid colors
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3 Reddit comments about Indestructo Pill Box - 6 Per Package (Color May Vary):

u/km3k · 2 pointsr/CysticFibrosis

I use these pill boxes: They hold about 7-8 Creon 24000 pills and are small enough not to be a problem. They do rattle a little at times, but not enough to bother me.

Luckily, I usually only need 1 creon pill per meal/snack, or 2 with a larger fatty meal, so I can get by with a smaller case. Others here might need to carry more at a time.

I'm open to other options though. I think efficiency in volume and ease of opening/closing would be the most important things for me. The case that lach88 uses looks interesting, but I don't need to carry that many at once and don't want to take up that much space.

u/bestephe · 1 pointr/pics

Ha. Don't feel bad about your work out. I haven't been swimming in a few months.

Also, If your salt cravings have gone away and your blood pressure is up, then why do you say the fludro isn't working? As for me, I'm actually currently trying a little time without fludro for a while to try to see if that helps my blood pressure, which is a bit high right now.

As for stress management, I tend to not have as difficult problems at night or in the evening. For me, its mornings that are worse, with them usually starting out with some wretching. I drink grapefruit juice, which helps as it actually increases cortisol availability, but still mornings usually take an hour or more till I'm ready to go do something. However, once I'm up, I tend to be able to make it through the entire rest of the day without that much trouble, as long as I get my afternoon dosing done, and a phone alarm and a good pocket sized pill container make that pretty easy.

That being said, I think the number one thing I do to manage my health is sleep for as long as my body wants to, i.e., waking up without an alarm. I know that not everybody can do that, but I notice that when I cut my sleep schedule short I get my more symptomatic. Fortunately, I'm a graduate student, so my schedule is not a big concern as I can set my own hours.